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Thread: Dragon's Den Film Festival

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    Martial Arts Movie Festival

    Hey Guys

    We're considering staging a movie fest in the UK. If you're at all interested, please could you fill out this questionaire

    we need all the advice we can get.

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    Martial Arts Movie Festival

    Is nobody interested or is nobody from the UK around here?

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    I am

    I am!
    and have filed it in but the locations a bit too far from me
    sorry :-)


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    Dragon's Den Film Festival


    We at are staging our first ever film festival on February 24th in Birmingham, UK. We are screening a mixture of old school and modern kung fu movies, including 2 UK premieres. It'll be a great day of MA action films.

    For more information click on this link -

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    It doesnt appear that people around here are interested but hey I need to try.

    We've just added Drunken Master 2 to our festival line-up.

    It will be a free screening. Check our website for details.

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    No, we don't care. We are serious about our martial arts and we don't care about a stupid movie.

    Just kidding. I would go if i lived in the UK. You post on the stuntman forum that you will also be showign Mystery of Chess Boxing in Mandarin, uncut, and of course widescreened. I wish I could see that.
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    2 years ago I was living in Windsor and would have gladly taken the train over to check this out. Very cool that you guys are putting some martial arts movies up on the big screen -- hope you get a good turnout. I must say I haven't seen the German film you are showing.

    BTW, nice job on the directions -- I like the step by step footpath, each with an accompanying photo to point out landmarks -- quite thorough!

    Make sure you come back and tell us how the event turned out ...
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