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Thread: Elimination Pursuit(3 Famous Constables) It's out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Elimination Pursuit(3 Famous Constables) It's out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU HAVE TO SEE IT. Prepare to motherfreaked out. This thing is so crazy I cannot really give anythign away. I thought the Drunkard series(woo ping) from the 80's was crazy, it is nothing compared to this movie!

    I can put up my review if you want, though there is one right on the link, damit.

    Now click on trailer when the page opens and tell me what you think of the music. It is sung by Pearl Chang. Oh yeah, if you know her movies, then you know it is gonna be weird.

    "He doesn't look like a killer, he looks like a merciless king of death". My type of movie! You have to freaking see Roc Tien in this!
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