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Thread: Panty Ninja!!!!

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    Panty Ninja!!!!

    Police Find Huge Cache of Stolen Underwear
    TOKYO (March 14) - Police found more than 4,000 pieces of lingerie in the home of a Japanese construction worker who used climbing skills developed on his job to steal women's underwear.

    Police believe that Shigeo Kodama, 54, amassed the 3,977 panties, 355 bras and 10 pairs of stockings over a six-year period. He was arrested in February after he stole underwear from two houses, and police later raided his home.

    "Since he was a construction worker, as long as he had a place to put his feet he was able to climb, so he had no trouble getting up to the second floor of apartment buildings," a police spokesman in the western Japanese city of Hiroshima said.

    "He didn't steal any other kinds of clothing. But as long as it was underwear, apparently anything would do," the spokesman added.

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    lol, that reminds me of happousai from ranma 1/2...
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    4000? Hold my Tsingtao...

    How about 10K?

    Over 10,000 pairs of stolen women's underwear found inside one man's room
    BY ALEX LINDER IN NEWS ON APR 13, 2017 6:00 PM

    Police in Jiujiang have caught a particularly prolific panty thief who had managed to amass a collection of over 10,000 pieces of stolen women's clothing inside his small dorm room.
    The perv was exposed by one of his own victims who while taking a walk in the neighborhood happened to notice a pair of her own underwear, which had gone missing, hanging from the balcony of a nearby factory dormitory.
    Police raided the man's room, finding it short on furniture and electronics, but absolutely filled with panties. Inside the room were 10 bags stuffed full of underwear, along with boxes and cabinets containing neatly stacked women's undergarments and clothes.

    Jiangnan City News reports that the suspect, a man in his forties surnamed Xing who has been divorced for many years, admitted to police that he had stolen all of the clothing over the last 10 years. He confessed that ever since he was young, he had liked women's clothes. At school, his classmates even treated him like he was a girl.
    He said that every night he would gather up a pile of stolen underwear to cuddle with as he fell asleep. Because of this habit, he had to regularly wash and dry the stolen clothes.
    According to a preliminary police estimate, Xing had over 10,000 pieces of women's clothing in his possession. A tricycle that police had called in to transport the haul back to the station was only able to fit one-third of the stockpile.

    [Images via Jiangnan City News]
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    Hahah that is fun! I would wear nice sexy men underwear, something from this store They are high quality and you're going to stand out of the crowd.
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