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Thread: Mass public shootings on the rise, but why?

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    Reality gap...

    My personal belief is that the reason more and more people can't cope with modern living and get really unhinged is simply the reality gap:

    between what people are lead to believe (anything) they can achieve and what they actually can achieve (nothing without hard work and responsibility)

    between what they are taught is right behaviour (protect the environment, tidy up; don't fight; own up for what you've done) and what they see adults doing (driving SUVs; constant wars and terrorism; public figures shirking hard work and responsibility, failing to apologize, lying cheating and stealing - and the consequent tacit acceptance of moral mediocrity by ALL adults)

    And the fact that this reality gap is constantly shown to everyone from a young age through the mass media... it is obvious to children especially.
    its safe to say that I train some martial arts. Im not that good really, but most people really suck, so I feel ok about that - Sunfist

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    I find it interesting that whenever an event like this takes place, may the victims rest in peace, it inevitably turns into an argument on why guns should be kept or why they should be done away with.
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    Agreed. Nobody seems interested in the root cause of the actions, just the results. Kind of treating the symptoms and not the desease.

    Problem is we're breeding to many of these nutcases because we're too busy looking in (being pointed to) the wrong direction,

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    I like this song very much.

    the lyrics is about a girl remembering when she was crying and upset, grandma always sang the sky is dark and it looks like rain.

    when she grows up and met a guy and think that he is the whole world.

    then she found out that she has been misunderstood and lied to.

    wondering if there is always a defect behind every adult (life).


    she was hurt. she remembered the song : ti o o or the sky is dark.

    what grandma meant is to embrace life and be brave no matter what even if it is raining,--

    she is tired and thinks of the little perfect world and little happiness in childhood.


    any way, she is going home.


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    here comes the monkeywrench...

    this and other crime is on the rise because religion is being taken away from the public eye.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SevenStar View Post
    this and other crime is on the rise because religion is being taken away from the public eye.
    You are just saying that because you are the god of war! You are missing all that sacrificing of virgins and stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SevenStar View Post
    this and other crime is on the rise because religion is being taken away from the public eye.
    can't agree more.

    religion or some kind of belief system or core values about how to be and how to interact with others---

    the other point I was trying to make is friends and family.

    the grandma would know grand child.

    ma would know daughter.

    da would know son.

    family would support and provide comfort or consolations.


    friends in the neighbor and school are also something we would fall back on when things seem no better. we talk about it over e-mail, cell phone--


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    a liter of tears.

    for me tons of tears.


    love is about to give and care for--

    love is not about taking--


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    yea well there might be a void that religion once filled now, but we'll adapt soon enough, and we'll be that much better for it.

    people can and should develop other coping mechanisms besides "G-d ordained it so", or by begging for miracles.

    "better to reside in hell knowing the truth than to be blissfully ignorant in heaven."

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    Religion has something to do with it, but again I think it's because of a realism deficit.

    In the old days, even if the pastor or the priest was immoral in some way or if the general behaviour of the religious superiors was repugnant (eg, the Inquisition), the teachings of the church could be corrupted to cover for them. Nowadays with mass media there is no option to continue with such bull. Hypocrisy (religious or political or even just lackadaisical parents) becomes immediately noticeable and yet still people get away with it scott free.

    Without wishing to go into the rights and wrongs of Iraq or whatever again, if you say that this or that regime is barbaric and then imprison people without trial in dubious states of wellbeing, whether you can justify it to yourself is one thing - whether you can explain it to kids is another.

    Who is there to lead by example to young people, when it's easy to see double standards and when it's easier to play video games?
    its safe to say that I train some martial arts. Im not that good really, but most people really suck, so I feel ok about that - Sunfist

    Sometime blog on training esp in Japan

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    can't speak for others.

    my father is ex military and tibetan buddhist. my mom was a 3rd gen christian. we grew up with strong influences of both religions.

    a lot of self dicipline and self exam I supposed.

    each one of us needs to have certain set of values about ourself and how to deal with things and others.

    music, play, poetry, history etc etc.

    they are all part of cultivations about our character and personalities.

    or even learn a new foreign language would open up our door to be acceptable to other things.


    have a big heart, wider views of the world and things.


    and yet sometimes the sky is big enough, we still not see us or find things we like to find.


    if we narrow our views and perceptions, or drilling thru the bull's horn, narrower and narrower, then lost sight of everything else;


    then extremes of things happen.


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    listen to this.

    the music describes mountain and river.

    12 girl band introduced some twists to it.

    I like the faster and faster beats at the end.


    different than I am used to.


    but I like it a lot.


    X'mas music with chinese musical instruments. how odd!

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    if I am tired or emotional stressed or fatigued;

    I usually dun want to talk about it or even think about it--

    I just go to a persian, morrocan, turkish or arabic restaurant and watch belly dancing--

    something about the belly and twisting of the hip--

    I am bewitched.


    I forgot about all my worries, depressions etc


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    ti o o the sky is dark with the flute.

    by piano.

    soorry to derail the thread of why the mass shooting increased into personal resolutions to difficulties in life--

    in general, me think if people learn how to deal with events and things in life especially relative to others;

    then all the violences will be reduced--

    better for us and everyone else--


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    I was told it is a very good story about a guy and 2 girls, love triangle.

    swordplay, fairy tales and all.


    I yet to get a copy of dvd to view.

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