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Thread: does anybody else think this whole e-zine thing sucks?

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    SanHeChuan Guest

    does anybody else think this whole e-zine thing sucks?

    what the deal with it anyway is it just some trial deal, because i'd rather get a full magazine every month.

    "Civilize the mind but make savage the body"

    "Kung Fu begins with the conquering of the opponent and ends with the conquering of the self."

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    GeneChing Guest

    Why not write a letter to the magazine instead of posting it on our forum?

    Thanks for your criticism, even if you think we suck. :(

    Kungfu Qigong was only monthly for the year of the Dragon (2000). Before that it was bimonthly, and before that it was quarterly. We eagerly wanted to pursue internet publishing because it could reach more readers (even though we are in 40 countries, many countries, like China, can't afford us) and because it was more economical (it costs $20,000/issue just for paper alone). Plus the net is such an awesome media, we couldn't resist exploring its potential.

    Frankly, the Chinese martial arts economy does not provide us enough income at this time to afford to do both an e-zine and a monthly magazine. Perhaps things will change in the future, but until then, check out our e-zine. We just posted out latest update and there a a bunch of new features, with more to come.

    Gene Ching
    Asst. Publisher
    Kungfu Qigong Magazine &

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    Radhnoti Guest
    Kudo's to Gene for not locking or erasing this thread. With all the hubbub on the main boards lately, I was kind of waiting to see this post disappear.
    Back on topic, I think the e-zine is pretty great. And you can't beat the price! ;)


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    GeneChing Guest

    Thank you Radhnoti!

    I'm not into censorship, even if it is bashing our website on our website. Man, I'm a publisher, an American publisher at that. I support freedom of speech more than anyone. What amazes me is how easily martial artists are offended by forum posts. Here we are supposed to be these great, noble warriors, but we are ready to go to blows over the words of trolls. It's such an obvious trap - trolls want attention and reacting to it gives them exactly what they want (just like flashers) but so many forum people fall right into it. And the best way to deal with a flasher is to point and giggle at their smallness.

    Gene Ching
    Asst. Publisher
    Kungfu Qigong Magazine &

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    uncle Guest

    To Gene

    Right on Gene! I recently saw some derogatory remarks about someone,s video tapes on this part of the forum and had the priviledge to meet the makers of said media and found them to be of the highest integrity.I was glad to see that thread dissapear.good job man. just my 2pennies worth. peace Bob

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    handsome Guest
    Gene Ching-- I am behind you guys 100% ,thank for all the good stuffs, I think you guys has been great and much better than black belt and inside kung fu...please keep up the good work and looking forword to see more juice stuffs from you...thank you again!

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    GeneChing Guest

    uncle handsome

    Well, thanks for the props, guys. It really is encouraging. The entire TC Media crew works really hard - it's a lot of overtime with not nearly enough pay, but we do it out of our love of the arts.
    Not to get too preachy, but the best way you can support our work and research is by helping us spread the word. Tell your friends about our website e-zine and our magazine, and give your good business. Our e-zine is free for everyone, but it is funded by e-commmerce, so we hope you continue to shop with us online too!

    Gene Ching
    Asst. Publisher
    Kungfu Qigong Magazine &

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    Eight Diagram Boxer Guest

    I think the ezine is great

    Every issue has articles I find interesting, I think you guys are doing a great job with it. It's not like you're paying for it, so why complain? I appreciate a site with good articles that are actually updated on a regular basis. Keep up the good work!

    Knowing others is wisdom, Knowing the self is enlightenment- Lao Tzu

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    Wongsifu Guest

    man what you said kind of sux

    these guys go through trouble to give us a free e-zine we can read and you go bashing it, i say never look a gift horse in the mouth, and for some of us its the only kung fu news we get to hear...
    thanks a lot gene and keep up the good work

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    GeneChing Guest

    Thanks again

    After working in the martial arts trade for over a decade, I've gotten pretty used to the random bashing - it's par for the course amongst warriors and I accept and understand that. But I must say it is really encouraging to hear from the rest of you coming out in support of our work.

    Now go get mafuyee's dissing our eZine on the our last announcement on the main forum. :mad:

    Gene Ching
    Asst. Publisher
    Kungfu Qigong Magazine &

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    illusionfist Guest
    The e-zine would be a whole lot cooler if the second part of the Tit Kiu Sam article would come out while i'm still alive ;) :D

    Peace :D

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    GeneChing Guest

    bon touche mon ami

    illusionfist - That was a really good shot, and I'm the first to admit when I'm hit. I'll probably have to write that article myself just to make amends now, but I fear I won't be able to meet with your expectations.
    Thanks for keeping me honest.


    Gene Ching
    Asst. Publisher
    Kungfu Qigong Magazine &

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