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Thread: DOMS. (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

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    DOMS. (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

    Good? Bad? What's your take on it?

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    Bad. I avoid it by training PTP. If I know I'm going to get it (usually from MA training), I will take ice baths - 5 x 90s ice bath/90s hot shower alternating. That's the magic remedy, if your balls can take it.
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    this seems to be a mysterious topic to most or something

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    Not really. I'm sure most would just agree it's bad. If you have another opinion, maybe explain why in more detail and others might contribute.
    "If trolling is an art then I am your yoda.if spelling counts, go elsewhere.........." - BL

    "I don't do much cardio." - Ironfist

    "Grip training is everything. I say this with CoC in hand." - abobo

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    right now i have the worst case of DOMS ive ever had in my life.

    its my calf muslces too so im literally hobbling about, put any weight over my toes and oooouch!

    anyone got any decent info on speeding up recovery? im missing training time

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    Well i actually avoid it sucks all the way around to me...but i've heard some people (who seem like they're just saying it to sound 'old school') say "if you aren't sore you haven't worked hard enough"

    PS: Good tip on getting others to contribute

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    one of my students said her personal trainer reccomended,vitamin e, c and asprin. Not sure of the amounts.I would not attempt this on an empty stomach.
    Soma compound with hydrocodone works, also not on an empty stomach.
    My other student-a pharmacist swears by arnica gel.

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    thanks ten tigers...i personally avoid prescription drugs at all costs (yes i read the 'natural cures' book) but i do appretiate your contribution. For a wrist injury, i should probably be taking asprin though huh? Cuz i know its not broke, i think its just inflamed (and being put in joint locks or taking a fall when the other hand is put in one on a regular basis is probably why i've had it for 2months now huh?) yea i dont have time to goto the doctor

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    The current scientific theory teaches D.O.M.S. is a the result of mirco tears in muscles. Basically, it is 'trauma' from doing an activity that your body was not prepare to handle. It should be expected if you started a new program or activity. DOMS isn't bad in itself unless it becomes chronic. If this continues, than it is definitely a sign of overtraining. You should not measure your results or intensity by DOMS. If anything your DOMS should teach you to wave your intensity or slow it down. Therefore, I recommend working progressively according to your level of fitness and building up work capacity gradually. To recover or prevent DOMS practice a healthy diet, get massage therapy, do active recovery practices, passive recovery (dry and wet) sauna, and last but not least train intelligently (use common sense).
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    moist heat f/b low level straight plane stretches duration .> 30 seconds f/b low level aerobic activity f/b cold pacs x 15 minutes. should do the trick. KC
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    Hmm ok so so far it seems everyone feels DOMS are bad and to be avoided....anybody else feel different? Anybody have any studies on it?

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    Light swimming is good for recovery. Even playing in the pool will help. I have had muscle soreness that normally would take a few days to resolve disappear immediately after some light swimming.

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    I'm always sore. In fact, if I don't feel sore it's like I had a bad workout. But, everyone's different and that's just my body type.
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    I would imagine for those experiencing this consistently, your body is lacking in some element and you may want to consider supplimental care/maintenance.

    It has been my experience the third day is the worst; careful and slow stretching will assist in the healing process, as well as adequate hydration.

    DOMS, as you call it, is not bad and is as natural as being winded after running, and in my experience only occurs when I have attempted something new or done something different physically or after taking a break from exercising and getting back into it. It can also be used to self-critique an exercise program ie) weight resistance. If done even lightly to over-exertion, the following days will reveal which muscle groups are being effected. This will confirm the effectiveness of a type of exercise or technique.

    DOMS is bad when it's a result of recklessness ie) not moderating one's return to a physical activity or allowing time for the body to adjust to an increase in activity.


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    well the way i look at it, you would only get sore when microfibers rip right?

    and muscles respond to micro-rips by growing bigger and stronger?

    so naturally, DOMS must be a good thing as it shows you've worked your muscles hard enough?

    =/ dunno if im right?

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