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Thread: nintendo MA trend!!??

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    these are usually after school programs. and they can bring in a good amount of extra money. i was thinking of doing it, but i need to get all kinds of certifications.
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    umm they stretch
    do forms etc
    for two hours? won't happen.
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    this is actually a pretty good idea. Im thinking about starting somehting similar. Would one need to employ a care taker / teacher to help the kids with homework?
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    because that kind of drive is rare. if it wasnt you wouldnt be so proud of her.

    LOL!! True, you are right about that!!

    Hey, what is the Cost of Gymnastics compared to MA anyway?

    We had her in one of the top gyms in the country. Tuition was $250-$350 a month for most of her life.

    We did that on top of Private schooling too...and people wonder why i don't have a Vette!

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    physical and mental development of the young mind

    [QUOTE=PangQuan;761709]i always liked to see the kids playing games. physical games. There are so many things kids can do that will benefit thier MA and are just games to play.[QUOTE=PangQuan;761709]

    I agree.
    Thanks everyone for chiming in with your view points.

    I don't have anything against after school baby sitting. Even if it is in a MA school.

    I have a 7 year old and I know how it is. I would like a place for him to go after school where he can learn things and hang with kids doing exercise or using their mind.

    The problem that I see is that the schools that are trying to make money off this age group do not provide a good service of taking care of the kids through mental and physical development outside of the training time.

    That is ok if the parents take the kids to MA class and take the kids home when it is over. But I think it is a different story when the school is offering to 'watch' the kids for an additional several hours.

    That is why I ask what the schools do for kids both before and after class. I mean those schools that have this daycare thing going on(even if they don't like to use the name 'daycare').

    In Taiwan, my uncles and brothers schools had the kids run around after class or practice other cultural things like CHinese Yo Yo. It is a like gymnastics and juggling at the same time.

    For the overall mental and physical development of children's mind and body tv is not to good.

    So I don't like to see them used in a place of education where the parent is paying money for an education service.

    On another note, doesn't it seem to anyone else here that soda machines and blaring tv's disrupt the focused mind and concentration that a characterizes a MA school?

    I get the feeling that a lot of people at the board go to schools that don't have a lot of little children classes.

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    At the dojo I go to they have a program wher kids who are at risk (from bad economic background) train for free, the thing being they MUST keep up their grades, and there are volunteer tutors that come to the club. I think it is realy awesome.

    If you're too lazy to browze through the site, here is the program I'm talking about:

    There are some kids that are truely great judoka because of this.
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    I think if more people had Master's Degrees requirements like I do at my Shao-lin Ninjitsu commune, this sort of dilemma wouldn't be so common.

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    A really fun game for martial artists of any age is to kick a birdie/shuttle**** around before class. Take a birdie and glue a quarter to the inside with caulk or glue and that gives it little more weight. At my first Hung Ga school we used to really get into that game and we'd play it like badminton without a net. Great fun and a way to work on the timing and accuracy of kicks and sweeps.

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