One could easily argue that we dont need to practice traditional weaponry to further the effectiveness of martial arts to meet modern concerns and needs.

Though I would tend to agree with this mindset, I also believe that there are many benefits one can gain while in practice with traditional weapons. Enhanced further if you have live sparring included in your weapon training.

From just basic solo exersizes and drills one of the first things i noticed when i initially began weapon training personally, as im sure many others have, wrist strength is constantly being tested and worked when dealing with the majority of weapons out there.

Balance, Coordination, Timing, Strength, Speed, Power are a few more benefits/requirements that quickly come to mind recieved and needed while practicing and advancing with traditional weapon styles.

I dont mean this thread to be a debate on whether we do or do not need weapon training in todays world. that can be left up to each person individually. Rather to bring about discussion of what others may have experienced in regards to the beneficial traits required and honed by weapon training, in conjunction with crossing these aspects over into modern day life. IE: Sport, Self Defense, etc..

ill pick one aspect and touch on it lightly.


There are a variety of weapons out there on the human market. The Chinese alone have developed a vast amount of different weapons for man to choose from.

While of course weight training is a key point for cross training to get a set pattern and system to build and train your muscle groups. Weapons themselves are a great source of strength training. From your staff to your saber, from your spear to your halberd, weapons have proven in the past to be a great aid in building men into mountains of strength.

any thoughts?