Date: four Thursdays in July from 7-8:30pm
Place: Chelsa, NY
Topic: inner Mechanics of Sun Internal
Teacher: Ping Zhen Cheng & other Enlightened Martial
Studies instructors
Fee: Free for individuals who are attending the bottom
competition in China in which Ping will serve as
a head judge in the internal division , for others:
$100 for the sery
Contact: or

Chinese Martial Cultural Festival-WenWu ZhongGuo
The World Cup Sanshou King
& The 2nd International Traditional Kung Fu/Wushu Invitational
With Traditional Calligraphy and Painting Demo
Celebrating the 1st anniversary of the World Cultural Heritage Award received by the City of Macau

WenWu Zhonguo, The Chinese Martial Cultural Festival---the World Cup Sanshou King & the 2ndInternational Traditional Kung Fu/Wushu Invitational Competition at Macau, with Traditional Calligraphy and Painting Demonstrations will be held from August 23 to 26, 2007, as a Celebration of the 1st anniversary of the World Cultural Heritage Award received by the City of Macau.

Unlike other 'martial-only' competitions, this festival is one of the first that is aiming to fuse the tangible and the intangible cultural heritages, bridging the physical & the spiritual, and to display an union between the Western influenced culture of Macau & the 5000 years of Kung fu/Wushu traditions of the East through competitions of sharing and exchanging, a true union of culture and martial arts.

The competitions are held by many cultural and wushu organizations of Macau,mainland China and US to promote the traditional Chinese culture, and to display the arts of the physical and non-physical traditions, to build a platform for Macaus international cultural exchanges. Overall, in todays 'global village culture', skills in martial arts and skills in paintings are only means to an end: through sharing and exchanging, mutual advancements and social, racial, cultural harmonies can be actualized.

The competition has diverse divisions including form, Sanshou & sparring, WuKung &Qigong, calligraphy and paintings, etc. It is indeed a Wen Wu China Festival. The grand competition will have many available rewards and prizes. All participating artists at the calligraphy & painting competitions will be receiving official certificates eligible for charity auction. A portion of charity sales of the awarded works will be honored as funds for development & research of Chinese martial arts. All the great works will be collected by the Chinese Art Museum in Macau.

During the competition, the General Assembly will invite elites of martial arts, calligraphy and painting to meet with the audiences. Participants not only will be experiencing Macaus leisure comfort and warm-hosting atmosphere, you will also appreciate her world-famous, unique architectural & scenery attractions. Of course, for artists, you will have close contact with many famous masters.

The Association of Macau and Shanxi
The Association of Chinese Artists

The Art and Culture Communication Limited of World Sanshou King
Macau International Chinese Martial arts & combat
Sponsors and Assistant Organizers:
Macau Tourism Bureau
Macau Venice Taipa Resort
Macau Culture Bureau
Zhuhai Sports Bureau
The Association of China Macau Martial Artists
Sun Yat-sen University Zhuhai Campus

Enlightened Martial Studies New York Branch
Liaoning Oriental Wushu Training Center
Xibei Wushu College
The General Taijiquan Health Association of Guangxi Yumen
Wuhan Sports College Associates degree Campus
Zhuhai Wushu Association
Zhuhai Taijiquan Association
Hong Kong Yang Taijiquan General Association

Hong Kong China Wushu Abroad Training School
Qinghua Science Park ( Zhuhai), sports stadium
The Association of Artists in West China
CCTV Grand Martial Arts Competition Program
Phoenix Weekly Magazine
Wudang Magazine
Chinese Kungfu Magazine