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Thread: First Annual TongBei Martial Culture Fesival

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    First Annual TongBei Martial Culture Fesival

    Hosted by many top students of the legendary Ma Brothers, Ma Xianda, Ma Mingda and Ma Lingda, the first Annual Tongbei Tournament will be from 8/23-26 in Macau/Zhuhai of Canton, South China, the tournament is all set, if any of you guys are in HK around that time, it would be great to check it out because this might be the last public gathering of the Ma Brothers, all in their senior ages. I will be one of the division's head judge as well and will also help out the English-speakers.

    Ping Zhen Cheng(

    Ⅰ. Introduction of the competition

    Chinese Martial Cultural Festival-“WenWu ZhongGuo”
    The World Cup Sanshou King
    & The 2nd International Traditional Kung Fu/Wushu Invitational
    With Traditional Calligraphy and Painting Demo
    Celebrating the 1st anniversary of the World Cultural Heritage Award received by the City of Macau

    WenWu Zhonguo, The Chinese Martial Cultural Festival---the World Cup Sanshou King & the 2ndInternational Traditional Kung Fu/Wushu Invitational Competition at Macau, with Traditional Calligraphy and Painting Demonstrations will be held from August 23 to 26, 2007, as a Celebration of the 1st anniversary of the World Cultural Heritage Award received by the City of Macau.

    Unlike other “martial” only competitions, this festival is one of the first aiming to fuse the tangible and the intangible cultural heritage, bridging the physical & the spiritual, and to display an union between the Western influenced culture of Macau & the 5000 years of Kung fu/Wushu traditions of the East through competitions of sharing and exchanging, a true union of culture and martial arts.

    The competitions are held by many cultural and wushu organizations of Macau, mainland China and US to promote the traditional Chinese culture, and to display the arts of the physical and non-physical traditions, to build a platform for Macau’s international cultural exchanges. Overall, in today’s “global village culture”, skills in martial arts and skills in paintings are only means to an end: through sharing and exchanging, mutual advancements and social, racial, cultural harmonies can be actualized.

    The competition has diverse divisions including form, Sanshou & sparring, WuKung &Qigong,calligraphy and paintings, etc. It is indeed a Wen Wu China Festival. The grand competition will have many available rewards and prizes. All participating artists at the calligraphy & painting competitions will be receiving official certificates eligible for charity auction. A portion of charity sales of the awarded works will be honored as funds for development of the martial arts. All the great works will be collected by the Chinese Art Museum in Macau.
    During the competion, the General Assembly will invite elites of martial arts, calligraphy and painting to participate with the audiences. Participants not only will be experiencing Macau’s leisure comfort and warm-hosting atmosphere, you will also appreciate her world-famous, unique architectural & scenery attractions.

    In celebrating the 1st anniversary of anniversary of the World Cultural Heritage Award received by the City of Macau,the chairman of the Competition Organizing Committee, Mr. Luo Deming, would like to invite________ to participate in Wen Wu China------The World Cup Sanshou Championship held in Macau, China, on August 22-26, 2007.

    The Association of Macau and Shanxi
    The Association of Chinese Artists
    The Art and Culture Communication Limited of World Sanshou King
    Macau International Chinese Martial arts & combat
    Sponsors and Assistant Organizers:
    Macau Tourism Bureau
    Macau Venice Taipa Resort
    Macau Culture Bureau
    Zhuhai Sports Bureau
    The Association of China Macau Martial Artists
    Sun Yat-sen University Zhuhai Campus
    Liaoning Oriental Wushu Training Center
    Xibei Wushu College
    The General Taijiquan Health Association of Guangxi Yumen
    Wuhan Sports College Associate’s degree Campus
    Zhuhai Wushu Association
    Zhuhai Taijiquan Association
    Hong Kong Yang’s Taijiquan General Association

    Hong Kong China Wushu Abroad Training School
    Qinghua Science Park ( Zhuhai), sports stadium
    The Association of Artists in West China
    CCTV Grand Martial Arts Competition Program
    Phoenix Weekly Magazine
    Wudang Magazine
    Chinese Kungfu Magazine
    Enlightened Martial Studies New York Branch

    Ⅱ. Time: August 23-26, 2007
    Place: Macau and Zhuhai

    Ⅲ Schedule.

    Morning Afternoon Night Place
    9:00-12:00.a.m. 14:00-17:00.p.m 19:00-22:00.p.m.
    Aug 22
    Registration Meeting of
    team leaders
    and coaches Zhuhai
    Aug 23 Opening ceremony, competition
    Competition Welcome feast Zhuhai
    Aug 24 Arrival in Macau, accommodation
    Competition Gala of the famous Macau
    Aug 25 Competition Competition The world Sanshou Cup competition. Closing ceremony Macau
    Aug 26 Wushu industry forum, lunch Tour the World Heritage, travel around Macau, shopping Macau
    According to the arrangement of the General Assembly, various competition clothes and souvenirs will be given away for participants that register one day before the competition.
    The international competitors go to Macau directly for registration on 23rd, August and the competition begins the next day.

    Ⅳ.Regulations of participation.
    1) Deadline of the registration: August 10, 2007 (according to the local postmark)
    2) Participants
    Kungfu/Wushu organizations of all countries & regions.
    Kungfu/Wushu organizations under the names of sponsors.
    For competitors who are lodging with the General Assembly, up to 4 events/divisions may be registered for free: one team/group division, One pair division & two individual events.
    3) Competitors, who are unable to participate in the competition after registration, may submit refund applications for the amount of registration fee of RMB 100, and other fees. There will be no refund 5 days after the registration deadline.
    4) Competitors who need to change divisions/events after registration should hand in applications and submit RMB 100 for each change.
    Ⅴ.Registration and Financial Conditions
    1. Lodging with the committee
    Fill in the entry form first, then sent the following items to Organizing Committee.
    Remittance documents —--Registration fee RMB 400 for each individual, event fee RMB200. (only required for competitors)
    The copy of ID card (or passport)
    Two photos (with competitors’ names on the back)
    The Organizing Committee will send out official invitations so that participants can easily apply for entry or exit visas. After the procedure, please remit hotel fee (RMB 1950 each person) to the account number given by the committee.
    The Organizing Committee will make a competition card and number for each competitor. The card is used as the admission to the competitions and other activities.
    2.Hotel fee also includes:
    1).form/ Routine competition fee and Sanshou competition fee
    2). Board and lodging (Macau 4-star hotel)
    3). food and souvenirs at the competition site
    4). special unprecedented performance in the opening ceremony
    5). Zhuhai- Macau trips
    6). The tours organized by the committee.
    7). Other transportation fees during the competition
    3.Lodging with the committee has discounts
    1). If a team lodges with the committee and there are 16 or more members in the team, one of the members stays for free, but registration fee is still required. (event fee is also required for a competition).
    2). The usual # of occupancy in the double room is two in Macau’s 4-star hotels. If a third person wants to be added in the same room, please hand in a written application when filling the form. If the application is permitted, the third person would need to pay RMB 800 for lodging, RMB 400 for registration and transportation. RMB 200 for the event fee. A routine/form competitor should also submit RMB 380 for competition fee (with a minimum of two events), Or RMB 680 for Sanshou competitor .
    4.Free service offered by the committee
    Hotel lodging is available from 27th to 30th August, 2007(five days and four nights in total), outside of this period, you would pay on your own. During the competition, the Organizing Committee can book the return tickets. Room and tickets are booked by OC when informed exactly 15 days before the ceremony.
    5.Not lodging with the committee
    Fill in the entry form first, then sent the following items to Organizing Committee.
    Remittance documents ----Registration fee RMB 400 for each person , event fee RMB 200 (only participants are required), Routine competitor ¥380 for competition fee (at least two events) or Sanshou competitor RMB 680.
    The copy of ID card (or passport)
    Two photos (with competitors’ names on the back)
    The Organizing Committee will make a competition card and number for each competitor. The card is used as the admission to the competitions and other activities.

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    Ⅵ. Competition Events and Time
    Competition Events
    (1)Routine events: please refer to schedule one
    (2)Sanshou event: please refer to schedule two.
    (3) Qigong/Wugong event: please refer to schedule three.
    2. Competition time
    (1)The routine/form events are implemented according to 1991 Wushu Competition Regulations and the supplementary regulations of the General Assembly.
    (2)Taijiquan and Martial Dance (YangShengWu): 5~6 minutes.
    (3)Taiji weapons, Mulanquan and Mulan weapons: 3~4 minutes.
    (4) Pair events: not less than 40 seconds. (placement is regardless of gender and category)
    (5)Team events: more than 6 members; time limit : 5 minutes; music is allowed.
    PS. In individual events and pair events with 0.1 second~3 seconds different from the required, 0.1 point shall be taken as penalty, etc.
    In other events with 0.1 second~5 seconds time difference, 0.1 point shall taken as a penalty, etc.
    (6). Gongli(Qigong&Wugong) performance: within 5 minutes.
    (7). Sanshou event: “2 out of 3 rounds“system will be adopted in this competition. There are only 2 minutes in each round, and 1 minute of rest in between.

    Ⅶ. The order
    1. The order is decided by computers under the supervision of the Organizing Committee
    2. Sanshou competition:
    The single knock out system will be adopted in this competition. The present order will be decided by drawing lots. (The one who can not be paired in the same category, will be paired with the next higher category)
    When registering, the weight of the competitor (with the coach’s signature) should be included in the entry form. The day before the opening, all the competitors’ weight measures will be checked by the Organizing Committee. Anyone who cheats will be removed and no fees will be refunded.

    Ⅷ. Dress code and protective gears
    1. Competitors must wear sports gears, but no style requirement.
    2. For Sanshou: head and chest protector and boxing gloves are prepared by the General Assembly; the gum-shield, leg-gears, Groin-guard and Chest-gears must be self-prepared; barefoot during the competition; when the weight of a competitor is 65kg or less, the gloves weight need to be 230g, When greater or equal to 70kg, 280g.
    3. Each team please desigs its own team flag to be used when entering during the opening ceremony.

    Ⅸ. The regulations of competitions.
    1.1991 Wushu Routine Competition Regulations which has been examined and approved by the Chinese Wushu Association is adopted for the Routine Competition. Other supplements approved by the General Assembly are also available.
    2. The current China’s Wushu Sanshou Competition Regulations is adopted for the Sanshou Competition. And other supplements, which are submitted by the chief judge according to the competition situation to the Organizing Committee for approval, are also available.
    3. The arbitrators and judges are selected by the Organizing Committee.

    Ⅹ. Placements
    In routine competition, rank will be determined according to the event, age, category and gender.
    Gongli performance material should be submitted to the Organizing Committee to validate in advance. Only after the approval may the performance proceed. The material used in the performances must to be prepared by yourself.
    In Sanshou competition, rank will be determined according to the age, gender, and category.

    Ⅺ. Places and Awards
    Individual routine separate events
    (1)30%of the total competitors who participate in the individual routine events will be awarded for the first prize, 30% for the second and 30%for the third prize.
    (2)The awards are medals and certificates.

    Individual routine all-around events
    (1) An athlete who intends to participate in competition will enter for 2 events in total (one for bare-hand and one for weapon). The contents are optional.
    Regardless of gender, the first three competitors shall be presented with awards and certificates. Awards are classified into RMB1180, RMB 880, and RMB 680 respectively according to the places.

    Special Prize
    There are 8 special prizes, according to different styles of Martial Arts, and styles of barehans and the numbers of entries.
    The winners will be presented characteristics trophies. They will be honored as signed contractors as coaches of Macau International Traditional Martial Arts Combat Federation.

    Traditional Event Rediscovery Prize
    This prize aims at rewarding on discovered individuals with unique traditional routines, to inspire him/her to enrich and promote the Martial Arts with his/her unique traditional routines.
    After the comprehensive reviews of the jury panel, the result will be determined. The winners will be awarded by characteristics trophies and will be honored as signed, guest professors of Macau International Traditional Martial Arts Combat Federation’s International Promoting Center.

    Martial Arts Promoting Center
    Martial Arts Promoting Contribution Prizes are set specially.
    According to the total gold medals and the numbers of entries, the first three teams will be awarded. The winners will be presented with certificates and awards, which are classified into RMB5000, RMB3000, and RMB1000 respectively.

    International Sanshou Competition
    This competition is divided into two categories, one is the domestic and the other is international.
    In the domestic division, 30% of the total competitors who participate in the domestic category will be awarded for the first prize, 30% for the second and 30% for the third prize.
    In the international division, the first two of each domestic categories, will be entering the International Sanshou Final Competition and challenge the top international competitors for the honor of World Sanshou King title.
    Each champion will be presented a World Sanshou King gold belt and ¥1280 award excluding sponsor’s bonus and gifts. The top competitors will be signed as participators of World Sanshou King Art and Culture Communication Limited, to take part in the Return Cup Venice Annual Competition.

    Calligraphy and Painting Award standards
    The experts in Organizing Committee of Wen Wu China will decide the first place, the second and the third place after comprehensive reviews. The winners will be presented with certificates. The artists of certain excellent works will be invited to take part in the Men Mo China gala to demonstrate live performances.

    Ⅻ. Other regulations
    (1)The competitors of international competition of the World Sanshou Championship must be 18-35 full years reached.
    (2)The Sanshou competitors must hand in the insurance certificates and health certificates endorsed by hospitals of county level upon arrival. They include EEG, ECG, pulse and blood pressure certifications, etc. All the examinations should be taken within 15 days before the competition.
    (3)After all teams have registered, the Medicine Committee will check the health conditions of some competitors, if any illness is found in the checking spot, it will be regarded as a case of default.
    (4)A competitor who defaults without justification will lose what he has already achieved in preceding matches.
    (5) All the needful apparatus and gears for the participants of routine should be self-prepared well.(no style limit on the gears). The head and chest protector, leg-gears are prepared by the General Assembly, while the gum-shield, groin-guard should be self-prepared.
    (6) A competitor who is is found for taking drugs will be penalized according to the relevant rules of State Administration of Sports.
    (7) For the entry form of each team, please make sure that it is carefully and neatly done, and the format is clear, the proof is correct.
    (8) These regulations are explained by the Organizing Committee of this competition. Any additional information uncovered in them shall be provided in due course.

    ⅩⅢ. Method to Macau
    Please take your passport and the invitation to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to apply for the self-traveling permit.

    ⅩⅣ.please send the entry form and fees to:
    Method of consultation. (Chinese)
    Tel (Zhuhai):0086-756-3612556
    QQ: 784324326
    FAX: 0086-756-3668588
    Tel (Macau):00853-6631856
    English: 718-661-3109, 516-384-2682

    ADD: the Sports’ leisure bar, second floor of NO.C comprehensive building, Tsinghua Science Park, Tangjia, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China. (Post: 519080)
    Contacting person(in Chinese): Tian Chunyang(13302875109) Tian Xinjun(13802974489) Pei Gen(13998138335) Yi Qiyong(13377029351)
    E-mail: (in English)

    Method of remittance.
    Bank: Industry and Commercial Bank of China, Zhuhai Tangjia Branch
    Account Number: 200202170108340152*
    Receiver:Tian Chunyang

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    Sounds like a great tournament, thanks for posting it here. You should post some video highlights of the sanshou when its done!
    Bless you

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    thanx for posting.

    please post some videos of the events when they are available.

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