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Thread: Shaolin vs. Ninja

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    Angry **** Deceitful Ninjas!!!!


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    China loves saying it's the oldest civilization on earth.

    And you know what, this act of serious alzheimer's just might prove 'em right.
    Many roads. One path.

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    God only knows what would've happened if they read Mega-Foot /John Takeshi's stuff!

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    Do I hear a "sick man of asia" in the wind ?

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    but if all martial arts descend from kung fu and all kung fu comes from shaolin then they beat themselves up...
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    here's the thing. if this were true than they were not beaten by ninja. they may have been beaten by someone that said he was a ninja or someone dressed as ninja. but if it were a ninja they never would have seen him. they'd all be dead and he would be off fighting pirates (the only other known enemy of the ninja).

    aww man does anyone feel a ninjutsu revival coming on? maybe they can make some more of those amazing american ninja movies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TenTigers View Post
    God only knows what would've happened if they read Mega-Foot /John Takeshi's stuff!
    [robot voice] Shaolin Ninjitsu.....Self Destruct [robot voice]
    What's the point

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    Shaolin vs. Ninja

    Thought that was kind of funny... I think Shaolin needs to do a better job in picking their battles, lol. Of all the crap that's talked about them online, they get bent out of shape over an anonymous ninja post? Does that kind of thing actually warrant a response?

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    Oh dear lord!! Even the Shaolin TEMPLE is desintigrating to the level of internet challenge matches!!! This is the first step!!

    Next thing you know, 3 Monks are going to drive the Abbot's Mercedes benz 9 hours to fight 3 Ninjas in a Masonic temple parking lot in Korea (Who has to suffer through this due to being in the middle....literally, look at a map)

    All 6 of them are going to argue, posture around, insult eachother and never actually fight. Then finally some MMA guy with no experience is going to fight someone who is not even involved and all the attention will be shifted to that. Lastly they will all agree to go fight in a feild somewhere nearby, and no one will actually show up there...

    After, Both sides will go home, get online and insult eachother while they set up another Challenge match EVERYONE knows will never happen, so they try to verbally position themselves so that when it doesn't they can blame and ridicule the other party....I can see it all now....
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    thats pretty lame on china's part.
    Quote Originally Posted by Psycho Mantis View Post
    Genes too busy rocking the gang and scarfing down bags of cheetos while beating it to nacho ninjettes and laughing at the ridiculous posts on the kfforum. In a horse stance of course.

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    this is absolutly crazy!!!! what is going on in this world?

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    I'm pretty sure this guy said he would never post on KFM again

    in an argumetn with lama pai sifu and lkfmdc
    there are only masters where there are slaves

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaolin Wookie View Post
    5. The reason you know you're wrong: I'm John Takeshi, and I said so, beeyotch.

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    I just read this on MAP. I revere and honor monks, and they have a right to be angry, but this is rediculouse! And besides, Ninjas are assasins, they won't come and say "We challange your kung fu!"!

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    Quote Originally Posted by golden arhat View Post
    I'm pretty sure this guy said he would never post on KFM again

    in an argumetn with lama pai sifu and lkfmdc
    no, that was just plain old "Green Cloud";

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    Yeah, I mean seriously.

    If they had only logged into KFM online, they'd have known that Ninjas were Shao-lin......
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