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Thread: Happy mid autumn festival

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    Originally posted by Mat
    Er, what is the moon festival?!
    I think it coincides with O-Tsuki-Mi in Japan.

    But it might be a bit off as the Chinese and japanese O-Bon are also held a slightly different times.


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    I like lotus paste moon cake! mmmmmmmmmmmm

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    Happy mid autumn festival

    It is the mid autumn festival today.

    I am too tired from work.

    so just ate some moon cake and shared some stories with friends.


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    I was in phillie some years ago.

    they had dragon/lion dance and free moon cakes.

    they also had tai chi and southern fist performances.

    some chinese folk songs and folk dance from kids of chinese school.


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    it is a tradition holiday in china and taiwan.

    no matter how far you are, you are supposed to travel back and be with your family.

    if not, you are alone, some family may host you as a guest and celebrate together.

    it is almost a small chinese new year.

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    some celebrated with tong bei demo.


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    "the moon represents my heart"

    if we miss someone far away, just look at the moon.

    we all do. dun we?

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    Mid-autumn's pretty close to the equinox this year... fortuitous.

    So, is it a man's face, a woman, or a rabbit that you see? (that's me looking up at the moon)

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    Happy Mid-Autuum Festival to you all too.

    Well, before the advent of modern science equipments, the sun and the moon (Yin-yang) were so important in Chinese daily life on so many level. But now oh well...

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    It is amazing that people may record the day that the moon will be closest to us or biggest and full each year over 3000 years ago.

    There are many versions of legend that the archer Hou Yi shot down 9 of 10 suns from the sky.

    He saved people with his power.

    but he also was a violent ruler.

    He may not live forever b/c people will suffer under his rule.

    so the wife Chang Er took the exilir of eternal life and flew to the moon with the jade rabbit.

    A power may be used to save life. A power may also be used to destroy life.


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    Many countries have plans to go back to the moon and build permanent stations on the moon.


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    Happy Autumn Moon !!!

    Wishing everyone a happy Autumn Moon!
    Enjoy your Moon Cakes!!!yum~!
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    favorite time of the year.
    Originally posted by Bawang
    i had an old taichi lady talk smack behind my back. i mean comon man, come on. if it was 200 years ago,, mebbe i wouldve smacked her and took all her monehs.
    Originally posted by Bawang
    i am manly and strong. do not insult me cracker.

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    Harvest Moon was awesome last night here at home!
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