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Thread: How do you perfer to train at your school?

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    How do you perfer to train at your school?

    Today, I had an awsome training session! There were three students, music, and I learned a lot. This was my best training day yet, improved by the fact my brother was gone for a whole day! No complaints of big classes (At most we have 12) but What I couldn't stand were children's class'. There are about 20 kids in one room!

    I'd like to hear yours.

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    some days i prefer to train with lots of students
    some days i prefer small classes
    they each have their own benefits

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    I would never train at a place that had music or kids classes. Small groups are good, though. They can be intense.

    Then, again: any training is better than none.

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    I sometimes like to condition with music in the background, but for more Kung Fu type stuff I prefer to just be outside in the park, or by the little waterfall in the local forest preserve.

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    If I'm training in a small group, maybe 4 or so and we're sparring then I like to have some good music to jam to. Something like AC/DC or Metalica. Something to get you hyped up. For traditional froms I don't like any music, Wu Shu forms sometimes I like music. Depends on how many are there training.

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    at my place we alwayus have music

    usually something old like phil collins or the theme music from dragonball z
    or rocky 1 to 4 or iron maiden or immortal technique and sometimes we let ppl put there own stuff on so we get a real mix and i think it makes the training better i dont know why but it gets u in the mood especially slipknot or bmth

    but yeah my cclass is 3 quaters sparring and thats the way i likes it
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