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Thread: Busted Martial Artists

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    René L


    She Fell in Love with a Colleague. Their Boss Was a Cult Leader.
    Elsje and Jeppe met at a rehab clinic, but what she didn't know was that his life was totally controlled by a charismatic founder of a kung fu sect.
    Djanlissa Pringels
    By Djanlissa Pringels
    June 3, 2022, 1:00am

    A version of this article originally appeared on VICE Netherlands.

    In November 2021, a 72-year-old Dutch man named René L. was sentenced to 30 months in prison. The former kung fu teacher was convicted of assault, threatening behaviour and possession of illegal weapons. For over 25 years, he’d kept his students on a short leash in a so-called “kung fu sect”. He recruited sect members by offering them in-depth martial arts classes that promised to go beyond what they’d pick up in more traditional learning environments.

    Former students reported being sexually abused, taken advantage of financially and being intentionally isolated from friends and family. Many of the kung fu students lived with their teacher – in a house they had paid for.

    René couldn’t make money from kung fu classes forever. When that became apparent, he changed tack and turned his attention to other schemes and scams. First came a weed farm. Then there was a rehab clinic.

    Elsje and Jeppe – both of whom wanted to keep their full names private – met and fell in love at the clinic. Elsje was 33 years old at the time.

    “I graduated as a psychologist in February, 2013. A few months later, someone I’d studied with approached me on Facebook to say that a new rehab clinic was looking for staff,” Elsje said. The clinic had been formed by a group of friends who “had a strong belief that the care provided for addicts in the Netherlands could be done differently,” as she put it.

    Run in a seemingly ad hoc manner, the clinic was built atop an isolated old farm close to the German border, 30 kilometres from the Dutch city of Nijmegen. It was remote enough that commuting to work via public transport wasn’t an option. Getting there involved hoping another member of staff could offer Elsje a lift.

    “I worked there for two years. It wasn’t until I left the clinic that I found out it had been run by a sect all along. Once I discovered that, things started to make sense.” It was Elsje’s first job after completing her training and she went into it unsure of her own abilities. She says she worked hard to prove herself, worried that her colleagues looked down on her.

    “The atmosphere at the clinic was strange,” she said. “On the one hand, it felt very intimate. It was immediately obvious that a lot of my colleagues had a strong bond. On the other hand, it was also clear that an outsider would always find it difficult to become part of things.” When she tried to communicate with her colleagues, she was often ignored. The message was clear: They weren’t open to strangers.

    Her team leader Jeppe was part of the in-crowd and often gave Elsje a lift to work. Their friendship blossomed during those journeys. “I liked Jeppe, but I was in a relationship at the time,” she said. Even when that relationship ended, Jeppe held off. “He told me that friendship was enough.”

    What she didn’t know yet, is that like a lot of people involved in the story, he was a kung fu student in thrall, and in debt, to René. Jeppe and his co-workers were happy talk spirituality with Elsje. She said that her colleagues believed in karma and reincarnation and that they also often spoke about the philosophies that underpinned kung fu. They were also strongly against having children “because it would be bad for the planet”, and that no one in the group “had the need for a relationship”.

    With hindsight, it was bizarre that everyone seemed to share the exact same opinions. “At the time, though, I wasn’t suspicious at all,” she admitted. “In fact, I found their version of the world inspiring.”

    René was the clinic’s director. “There’d be change in atmosphere whenever anyone spoke about him,” Elsje, said. “I actually only saw him once. He was unexpectedly in the living room. It is a moment I won’t forget. Everyone was so tense and nervous around him.”


    Elsje learned from Jeppe that René had “enormous power” over his followers. He even managed to convince Jeppe that he was gay. “If Jeppe denied being gay, other members of the sect had to spend hours discussing the matter with him. In the end, he was so worn out by it all that he ‘admitted’ to being gay,” Elsje said. “I think the reason René did that was to prevent men from trying to get into relationships with the women in the sect – because he was sexually abusing them.”

    Despite Jeppe’s tortured relationship with his sexuality, he and Elsje fell in love. “It wasn’t until then that he realised that he really wasn’t into men, and that René was wrong all along,” she said. “Meanwhile, my colleagues felt sorry for me, because they were still convinced that Jeppe didn't like women and that he was only pretending whilst being with me.”

    Bit by bit, Jeppe told Elsje about everything going on behind the scenes at the sect. “Members were regularly beaten up by René. Women were not only beaten but also sexually assaulted,” Elsje said. “He saw the female members of the sect as ‘****s’, and they had to spend the rest of their lives trying to get rid of that label.”

    Jeppe ended up giving a substantial amount of money to René, who managed the group’s finances, claiming it was necessary to ensure they could buy their house. He also encouraged the group to think of money as only having relative value, ending up with some members spending far beyond their means, often on gifts for their master.

    After 15 years, Jeppe owed the bank €100,000. Leaving the sect meant he was temporarily homeless, and Elsje was shocked. Despite all this, she says, Jeppe wouldn’t hear a bad word about René – he’d just decided it was time to leave his friends behind. It was only two years later, after watching a documentary about cults, that he realised the true extent of his experiences with René had been.

    Even after they got together, Elsje says that Jeppe held onto René’s misogynistic, ****-shaming ideology for a long time: “That black and white thinking was present in our relationship.” Jeppe was judgemental with everything and everyone, but was afraid of being judged himself. He was jealous of Elsje’s relationships; he’d often overspend and argue with her about money despite being broke.

    Elsje contemplated ending the relationship but felt too connected to Jeppe to do so: “There were a lot of things broken in him and his life.” Eventually, he started going to therapy and began rebuilding his life. Jeppe and Elsje have two children together and got married earlier this year. Despite the occasional nightmare about his time in the kung fu cult, Elsje says, he’s doing much better.

    “Despite all the trauma he went through, we’re able to talk about everything really well,” she said. “He’s been there for me when I wasn’t doing so well. When I was depressed, he helped me through it. When I started having panic attacks, he was there to listen to me. Ultimately, being with him has enriched my life.”
    your own kung fu cult
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    Here is another class act for your thread

    Ernest Joseph Ramirez Allegations
    Ramirez Arrested, Accused Of Assault. “Ernest Joseph Ramirez, 54, of San Jose, was charged this week with eight felony counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14, based on crimes spanning August 2019 and June 2021, according to a criminal complaint filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court. Ramirez was arrested June 9 and booked into the Elmwood men’s jail in Milpitas, where he is being held without bail, records show. The complaint specifies that the reported victim was between 11 and 13 years old when the alleged assaults occurred. A San Jose Police Department report states that Ramirez’s accuser, who is now 14, has since moved to Ada County, Idaho and confided in her father that Ramirez sexually abused her at Extreme Martial Arts, his San Jose studio.” [East Bay Times]
    Hung Sing Boyz, we gottit on lock down
    when he's around quick to ground and pound a clown
    Bruh we thought you knew better
    when it comes to head huntin, ain't no one can do it better

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    Jae Y. Lim

    Taekwondo instructor accused of sexually abusing student at Sweden studio

    by WHAMWednesday, June 8th 2022

    Jae Lim, 50, the owner of Master Lim's Taekwondo at Sweden Corners, was arrested Tuesday on sex abuse charges. (Photo provided by Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

    Sweden, N.Y. — The Monroe County Sheriff's Office has arrested the owner of Master Lim's Taekwondo on Brockport-Spencerport Road on sex abuse charges.

    Jae Y. Lim, 50, of Sweden, allegedly touched a 12-year-old female student on more than one occasion earlier this year.

    Deputies say the victim was a student there for four years.

    "Don't know if it was a private instruction or if it was before or after class, but I do know it was just the two of them there," Inv. Sgt. David Bolton said.

    Investigators arrested Lim Tuesday on two counts of first-degree sex abuse and one count of endangering the welfare of a child. Deputies from the Orleans County Sheriff's Office located Lim during a traffic stop and took him into custody.

    Lim was arraigned in Sweden Town Court and remanded to Monroe County Jail on $15,000 cash bail.

    The judge also issued an order of protection for the victim.

    Investigators believe the incident was isolated, though anyone with additional information is encouraged to call 911.
    hskwarrior - that guy was from San Jose. Did you know him? I did not.
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    Fineday gets 12

    More on Fineday here.

    Former martial arts teacher gets 12 years on sex charge
    The victims were not students of Pat Fineday, who formerly ran Pat's Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do School and was a longtime martial arts instructor in the Becker County area.

    Patrick Dean Fineday
    By News Staff
    June 30, 2022 12:29 PM

    A former martial arts instructor in Detroit Lakes has been sentenced to 12 years in prison at St. Cloud for sexually assaulting two girls.

    Patrick D. Fineday, 65, was sentenced Wednesday in Becker County District Court on one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. A second charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct was dropped in a plea agreement.

    According to court records, on Feb. 25 an investigator with the Becker County Sheriff's Office received a report from a Becker County elementary school of a sexual assault involving a girl related to Fineday.

    The abuse allegedly occurred at Fineday's home, in multiple incidents over a number of years, ending in the fall of 2021.

    The girl attended a forensic interview at the Red River Children's Advocacy Center in Fargo on March 3. During the interview, she talked about the sexual abuse and said she did not tell anyone at the time because she didn't think anyone would believe her.

    On March 11, officers interviewed Fineday at the Detroit Lakes Police Department, and he admitted to sexually assaulting the girl in the last two years.

    He also admitted to sexually assaulting another girl, also related to him, approximately eight years ago, and said that it had never been investigated by law enforcement.

    The victims were not students of Fineday, who formerly ran Pat's Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do School and was a longtime martial arts instructor in the Becker County area.

    On June 29, Becker County District Judge Gretchen Thilmony sentenced Fineday to 144 months in prison, with credit for 111 days served in jail. He was ordered to pay $250 in court fees and register as a predatory offender.
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    Erik Chen

    Erik Chen, 31, is accused of sexual exploitation of a child (Credit: Castle Rock Police Department)

    Martial arts instructor accused of sexual exploitation of a child
    by: Colleen Flynn

    Posted: Jul 12, 2022 / 01:05 PM MDT
    Updated: Jul 12, 2022 / 02:12 PM MDT

    CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (KDVR) — A former taekwondo instructor is facing several felony charges after being accused of the sexual exploitation of a child.

    Law enforcement from the Castle Rock Police Department, Aurora Police Department and the U.S. Secret Service arrested 31-year-old Erik Chen of Denver in Aurora last week.

    According to CRPD, the incidents occurred between the beginning of 2019 to early 2021 when Chen ran camps as an instructor throughout Douglas County and the city of Aurora at Han Lee’s Taekwondo Academy.

    The owner of the business is working with authorities to help identify other victims from the Castle Rock and Aurora locations.

    Chen’s first court appearance was Friday, July 8, and he is being held on a $250,000 bond.

    Several juvenile victims have been identified during the course of the investigation but detectives believe there could be additional victims. Anyone with information regarding these incidents is asked to contact the CRPD tip line at (720) 733-3517 or
    Creepy looking dude.
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    Jim Robinson

    The owner of a Montco martial arts gym has been charged in the Jan. 6 Capitol attack
    Jim Robinson, a fourth-degree black belt known to students as "Master J," told FBI agents he'd always been trained to render aid to those in need and that's why he joined the mob storming the Capitol.

    Surveillance footage shows a man prosecutors have identified as Jim Robinson, of Schwenksville, inside the Capitol Rotunda during the Jan. 6, 2021 riot.
    Justice Department court filings
    by Jeremy Roebuck
    Updated Aug 9, 2022
    A Montgomery County gym owner said his martial-arts training led him to join the mob of pro-Trump rioters that stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, according to court filings made public this week.

    Jim Robinson, 60, of Schwenksville, told FBI agents that as a fourth-degree master black belt in the Korean fighting style of Tang Soo Do, he had always been taught to help people in need of assistance. He said he’d been drawn inside the building by screams and cries of people inside.

    But prosecutors say the “aid” he rendered that day included shoving his way through a crowd into the Capitol Rotunda, dismantling a roped security stanchion, and chanting along with his fellow insurrectionists.

    He was charged Friday in Washington with federal misdemeanor counts, including knowingly entering a restricted area and illegally demonstrating on Capitol grounds. His arrest makes him the 71st Pennsylvania defendant charged in connection with the Capitol attack — a list that includes former police officers, small-business owners, several members of the Philadelphia Proud Boys, and at least one other gym owner.

    Dawn Bancroft, the former owner of Bucks County Elite Fitness in Doylestown, was sentenced to two months’ incarceration last month for participating in the insurrection and filming a video in which she said she’d been looking for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to “shoot her in the friggin’ brain.”

    Like her, roughly half of the Pennsylvania defendants have pleaded guilty, mainly to misdemeanor crimes, while dozens more await trial on more serious charges from attacking police officers to playing a central role in the planning behind the attack.

    Robinson declined to comment when reached by phone Tuesday. In an email, his attorney, Douglas Dolfman, drew distinctions between his client and those who had been charged with more serious crimes.

    “His actions were certainly more as a curious observer than an active participant or destructive individual,” Dolfman said. “He regrets deeply for being caught up in the mob mentality that was occurring and didn’t cause injury to anyone or damage to any property.”

    Agents identified Robinson — the owner of King of Prussia-based Robinson’s Martial Arts & Fitness, known to his students as “Master J” — in surveillance footage after receiving a tip from a “confidential human source.” According to charging documents in his case, Robinson admitted during a May 3 meeting with the FBI that he had illegally entered the Capitol building

    Images shared on social media show a man prosecutors have identified as Jim Robinson, of Schwenksville, exiting the Capitol building during the Jan. 6, 2021 riot.
    Justice Department court filings
    Dressed in all black with his gray hair pulled back in a ponytail and his face occasionally covered with a black balaclava, Robinson was pictured among a crowd that pushed its way into the Rotunda’s east entrance. Security stills show him spending several minutes inside, pumping his fists in the air, shouting and chanting.

    At one point, he was caught on camera removing a velvet rope from a security post meant to keep people out of unauthorized areas and holding it over his head like a trophy.

    But Dolfman took issue with several of the details in the FBI complaint, saying that the security footage had no sound and it was impossible to tell -- as agents had claimed whether his client was chanting.

    “He was simply following people who were chanting and being loud,” the attorney said.

    In his FBI interview, Robinson said he had initially traveled to Washington with three other people from the Philadelphia area to attend former President Donald Trump’s rally but became separated from them as they joined the crowd marching to the Capitol. He maintained that he had entered the building because he had heard screams coming from inside and that he was “sucked into” a mob that pushed its way into the building, the charging documents say.

    “According to Robinson, his training in martial arts had taught him that when people need assistance, he should do what he could to help,” the FBI wrote . “Robinson [said he] understood that he was not supposed to be making entry into the Capitol, but he felt he could help people who were crying out.”

    Dolfman added Tuesday that while Robinson was inside the building he assisted a lady who had fallen and was being crushed by the crowds.

    U.S. Capitol surveillance footage shows a man prosecutors have identified as Jim Robinson, of Schwenksville, inside the Capitol Rotunda during the Jan. 6, 2021 riot.
    Justice Department court filings
    On his profile page with the American Tang Soo Do Association, Robinson said he began training in the martial art in 1990 after two seasons playing football for a Pottstown team.

    His social media accounts feature photos of him in various martial arts poses as well as one in which he is holding an American flag with the logo of the Three Percenters, an antigovernment militia. Other posts are peppered with right-wing posts railing against everything from inflation and U.S. relations with Russia to COVID-19 precautions and vaccines.

    If convicted, Robinson faces up to a year incarceration. He remains free pending trial and under orders to stay away from Washington.

    Published Aug. 9, 2022
    Jeremy Roebuck
    I cover public corruption, white collar crime and the criminal misuse of power.
    He looks like Terry Silver from Cobra Kai in that top pic
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