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Thread: Golden Bell Cover and Iron Shirt Chi Kung

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    redsandpalms Guest

    Golden Bell Cover and Iron Shirt Chi Kung

    I would like to share ideas about training Golden Bell Chi Kung. I am pretty new to the Iron Body training.

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    o Guest

    Teacher is very important in iron shirt qigong

    Some books explain how to do this training. I won't repeat them. A teacher is very necessary for this training.

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    Turiyan Guest


    Iron bull was a skill involving breathing and punching of the abdomen. Later you use a wooden mallet then metal hammer. When you can produce the sound of a drum its said your 80% finished with the skill.

    You then sleep with a rock on the stomach. Increasing in weight gradually. In view of the latter, it can be considered fairly inpractical, primitive and dangerous.

    It seems that people were able to obtain skill with the original, hard techniques, but many of these techniques are ommited in what people teach today.

    With the addition of more sophisticated methodology. Herbs, breathing, ect. Tack on years of guesswork, trial and error and "sharing" from other methods, probably lead to the methods found in use today.

    However, that doesnt nessessarily make them better. Its just that the original descriptions were fairly inaccessable for most normal people. And a de facto methodology could be feasably followed in a 1, 2, 3, step to step manner.

    Which explains the reasons for secrecy.

    Many of the hardening skills call for sleeping on a bed with a wooden plank. The turtle back skill also suggests, as a supplement, sleeping on wooden planks with a chain mail vest.

    More info on these skills can be found in obscure kung fu novels.

    Turiyan, Brahmin caste, Ordos clan

    The REAL taichi:

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    Internal Flow Guest
    What is golden bell Chi Kung?

    All things return to it as to their home, but it does not lord it over them.
    Thus it may be called "The Great"

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    honorisc Guest

    What is Golden Bell Chi Gong?

    It is the practice result of two kung-fus(one for th belly, ond for the back). Which use methodical gradually increased taping to striking, massage and breathing. These combined correctly supposedly make the belly and back impenetrableto blades and the person can't easily if at all be cut in these places. Like wearing a bell ~can't be cut or penetrated by blade or point (spear, knife). A wonderous effect, therefore golden.

    The only name I comprehend refers to this effect for the whole body is Toad. Iron Shirt might be extended to apply to the whole body referring to like covering the person with iron. but might also be limited to the upperbody.

    These people have conditioned their body and closed at least some of their accupuncture points so that chi attacks might not even penetrate to disrupt their system. At best all but one accupressure piont can be closed. There are around four common places to leave open. These should be tried first. Note if your penetrating skill is equal to or less than their defending skill you will be hard pressed to defeat that opponent. This is the theory.

    Very some such,perhaps might have been, likely say some, some not.

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