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Thread: Where does the tongue go ?

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    mad taoist Guest

    Where does the tongue go ?

    I feel a little silly asking this, but here goes. I know that in all Qi practises to keep the tongue against the roof of the mouth -- but were exactly on the roof of the mouth?

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    woliveri Guest

    3 positions

    As far as I know there are 3 main positions of the
    tongue in Qi Gong.

    1. Just lift the up to the palette from it's resting position in the mouth.

    2. Curl the tongue back so the tip/underside rests midway back on the roof of the mouth.

    3. Curl the tongue fully back to reach the back of the palette.

    Each are suppose to have different effects. I believe the curled positions generate more saliva than the flat tongue but I'm just guessing at that.

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    AsianSifu Guest
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    mad taoist Guest
    Thanks wolveri, that helped heaps... as for you AsianSifu... very profound.

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    origenx Guest
    woliveri - do you really have to curl it back?

    BTW, the theory of tongue-to-roof is to connect the Ren and Du meridian channels and complete the micrcosmic circuit. However, I've also heard another theory on this. Basically, if you touch your tongue to roof, you're actually short-circuiting the circuit and qi will no longer travel up through your head and past the baihui point. Anyone else heard this?

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    Braden Guest
    Mad Taoist - just raise your tongue gently so that it's up behind your front teeth. If you relax completely, this is where it should be anyway. Don't press it up there, if you have to use any force at all to keep it there, it should be very, very gentle. I wouldn't recommend curling it back at all.

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    woliveri Guest


    If I told you there were three ways to rest, sitting on a couch, sitting in chair, and sitting on the floor, would you ask me if you really had to sit on the floor? I have Taoist Qi Gong exercises that use both the tongue flat against the pallet and curled back so I know they're authentic. I have read about the middle position but I can't remember where I read it.

    Braden is correct in his description on how to place the tongue and also correct in his comment regarding curling the tongue IF you do not have exercises that request that position.

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    origenx Guest
    woliveri - oops, sorry, didn't read your post fully...

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