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Thread: Boxing and Wing Chun

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    sparring but not full sparring

    When we train in our first level of sparring we don’t deviate from structure, If one of those punches get through without some gear on, someone could get hurt…

    I don’t teach or condone my student to be wild men or women; they must keep a clear head and have a strong understanding of structure before hitting each other, if you’re full of deviation, then I will ask you to go home; because one has no business being there if doing so, if they want a quick fix they should join another school. There are no slops in my sparring classes…

    There are four levels of sparring in our system and what you’re looking at is part one… And yes they do hit each other when they can and if they can. I've had guys go home with fat lips and some small bloody injuries…

    If I don’t have them put on some protective gear, then I wouldn’t be insured; therefore the classes would have to stop… I don’t sell any pads of any kind just sportswear; all of my student order their stuff online…

    Some of my students have good timing and wouldn’t get hit as often then those who don’t, as seen here and as well as the first one (clip)…
    We all have to start somewhere…

    I don’t like explaining my knowledge of sparring to none student, because if they hadn’t trained with me for at least a year or two they would simply not get it, unless they’re experience with up close fighting… I would never make such a clip (sparring), this one just got away from me and I didn’t catch it…

    I’m not defending it, just explaining it; something I think and feel the poster of the clip should have done…

    Ali Rahim.

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    Point taken, Sifu...
    I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, I understand.

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    wing chun have no bobbing ,weaving ,and no faking ...thats could give a plus for boxing
    whats about the method of training....whats could replace the heavy bag and the speed ball...the wooden dummydoes the shadow boxing is the same of the formshow we could comparated a ring sport to a martial art

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