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Thread: What does qi feel like?

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    dhyana Guest

    What does qi feel like?

    I've had no formal training in qigong; I just know some very basic stuff that I have read on the Internet. I'd like to relate an experience that I had and ask for some clarifications and explanations as to what you think was happening.

    Here is what I did:

    First, I stood straight with my arms extended out in front of me, a bit lower than parallel to the ground, with my palms facing the floor, for about 5 minutes. At first, it was very difficult for me to hold this position, and I found that I had to stop thinking about my arms and the difficulty in order for me to make it possible for me to continue.

    Next, I turned my palms upward toward the ceiling and again held this for as long as I could ... this time probably only about 3 or 4 minutes. This whole time I was trying to relax and feel exactly what was going on with the energy in my body.

    Finally, I turned my palms toward each other and began to feel a very odd and very real force... it was a swaying force ... first my palms would be attracted to each other, almost like a magnet ... and then they would similarly repel from each other. (they were not actually moving as far as I know ... I simply felt these forces between my hands). I could feel this force changing back and forth, repel and attract, about every 2-3 seconds.

    While it was happening, I was so sure that this was not in my mind. I was so sure that it was real... in fact, the energy was so strong, that I said out loud, "Holy sh1t! This is REAL..." and tears began to pour down my face.

    This was certainly one of the most interesting experiences that I've had in my life, and my lack of knowledge of qigong makes it hard for me to understand exactly what was going on.

    I was hoping the people on this board with more experience in this subject could perhaps point me in the direction of an explanation of what I experienced, and perhaps, what more I can do to begin a more disciplined practice.

    - Joe

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    prana Guest

    Feeling of Qi

    its a wonderful feeling.

    Combination or one or a few of these sensations, I have personally felt...

    hot, like a flame
    touch, like someone's touching you
    forceful, like being pushed
    like a pool of pulsating energy

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    shaolinboxer Guest


    Feels like living.

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    origenx Guest
    But on something most people could perhaps relate to on a more ordinary level, is not the rush during org*sm your qi moving? Or what about goosebumps or spine-tingling chills down your spine say during a moment of extreme fright, excitement or emotion?

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    prana Guest

    yeah, if you remain completely aware during the process prior to orgasm, you will notice a few signs, like heat etc... or course, mostly the a certain region before the energy enters into the secret chakra.

    What is occupying that corpse you call 'I' ?

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    GLW Guest
    and I thought the right answer was "It feels like chicken...." Oops...I am sorry, that is "It tastes like chicken..." :)

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    unclaimed effort Guest
    Inside it feels like a lightbulb turned on. And at the tip of my fingers i feel a shock.

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    origenx Guest
    prana - "yeah, if you remain completely aware during the process prior to orgasm, you will notice a few signs, like heat etc... or course, mostly the a certain region before the energy enters into the secret chakra."

    So, you don't think org*sm ITSELF would be qi flowing?

    And can u please specify more on this heat/bliss one feels in the region prior to the "secret chakra?" Where is this secret chakra? Is it between your root and 2nd chakra (dantien)? Where is this region b4 it u speak of, and this feeling u get there?

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    prana Guest
    ejaculation is energy collected that hasn't been adsorbed into the central channel (like everywhere else in the body for us) and hence the ejaculation.

    Actually, everything IS Qi. Qi is living, and Qi is thought, Qi is consciousness.

    Secret chakra is the energy center at the sexual organs.

    hehehhe :)

    What is occupying that corpse you call 'I' ?

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    Sil Lum Palm Guest
    While doing Chi Gung exercises I feel different sensations from time to time. A few are as follows:
    Sweating lightly in the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands, a light tingling from the blood flowing to the fingers ( which is where chi gathers the most, and throughout training , even in Iron Palm , the fingers will allways remain the strongest point for chi circulation.), sometimes it feels like my feet and rooted deep in the Earth and a state of ultra-clamness comes over me.
    The Kung Fu school I belong to has recently done an article in IKF magazine ( August 2001)about the Internal Iron Palm that shows some interesting images of chi cultivation before Muscle Changing Chi Gung, then before Iron Palm 1st deng training,
    then after 1st deng training , and then after the application of Dit Da Jow. The images were done by a Senior student at our school whom works for Wake Forest School of Medicine. Interesting stuff.

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    Scott Guest



    "Life is hard, but so am I." -- The Eels.

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    phoenix-eye Guest


    The best description I can give of Qi is what I have felt after doing par of a basic Shaolin Dali Jing Gang Gong (Diamond Qi Gong) set. After doing this 2-3 times I hold my hands together opposite the dan tien. I Imagine the Qi gathering at the dan tien when I inhale and imagine it flowing to your hands when I exhale. If I keep the palms of the hands about 4 inches apart it will feel like a ball is inflating beytween my hands - or that they are being repelled like magnets opposed to each other.

    I also get the tingling, hot sensation in the palms.
    I am by no means experienced in Qi Gong but I can really feel this sensation after some basic exercises.

    Also, i attended a tai chi class for a short time - we did an exercise where three people held their hands in a column. after doing some tai-chi forms the persons with their hands at the top and bottom of the column were asked to move their hands up and down when they inhaled/exhaled. I assure you that the person whose hands were in the centre could not help but have their hands moved involuntarily up and down in sync with the others. THIS made me really believe that Qi was real.

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    jhana Guest

    What is Chi?

    Chi is an explosion! It's heat, It's tingles and stars. I have found in my short experience with recognising energy in my body that chi appears in many different forms and feels different from time to time? Would you guys agree to that? But I know there is one experience with chi in meditation that I got which is undoubtly energy in the body but I can only know for sure that its' energy while in meditation, not while awake.

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    Scott R. Brown Guest
    The most common physical sensations of qi are warmth and a slight ********y or electrical sensation at the extreme appendages; fingers, toes, nose and ears and a compression or weighty feeling at your tan tien if you are collecting it there. You can simulate these sensations through friction, muscle tension and hyperventilation; so do not confuse these sensations with qi. Although these sensations are representative of the movement of qi in some circumstances, they are necessarily qi. The sensations you felt are not necessarily the flow of qi because the natural physical reaction of your body under the stress of the exercises will also cause those sensations. The feeling of bliss is not an effect of qi movement; it is caused by a state of mind you attained and under some circumstances accompanies the movement of qi. You can have bliss without the feeling of the movement of qi and you can have the feeling of the movement of qi without the sensation of bliss.



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    Scott R. Brown Guest
    One other thing, under dim light conditions it is also possible to see the qi moving through certain parts of your body, without actually feeling it.



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