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Thread: Chakra meditation

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    joedoe Guest

    Chakra meditation

    Does anyone do chakra meditations, and inparticular opening of the chakras? If so, how do you 'visualise' the chakras opening?

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    prana Guest

    Chakra meditation (THIS IS NOT AN INSTRUCTION, PLEASE)

    We both know the practise I do is different from yours, but very similar actually.

    Well here goes...

    I visualise the chakras a bright spots of sesame seed size along the central channel of this empty shell (corpse). Then I visualise a left and right channels whereby the breath enters the nostril and down unto the navel chakra where the meet at this chakra via a smooth W shape.

    When I meditate, I visualize white light entering via the two channels into the central channel.

    I guess it is very different to say Kundalini or other forms of yoga whereby you imagine the twisted pairs of nadi up and down the body and one via the central channel. Also I do not pay much attention to the so called Kundalini chakra (sexual energy) (fear of practising wrong and ending up in hell).

    I do not pay too much attention (just a little) on the 3 higher chakras but mostly on the two lower ones...

    When I see need, anytime of the day, I visualise the body of the Buddha in front of me radiating brilliant white gold light and passing various lights to clear my kamma's caused by improper speech, thought and action (I have PLENTY BAD kamma, I have big knots in my navel chakra so my meditation is a very slow, practise makes perfect). THen the Buddha meditates on the crown chakra directing brilliant white energy down the central channel and piercing this energy through my outer shell and in all directions for the wish of love for all around.. (doesnt this sound a little like Reiki ? hehe )

    Wonder if this adds to the soup... :D

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    Qiman Guest
    Let me add a few ideas. As Prana stated, this is not an instruction but just stated experience. The best technique I have used is visualizing an eye opening at each center. I also have used chakra tones on CD that resonate at specific frequencies that coordinate with the energy center. I have also read that some visualize a flower opening at the chakras.

    I was fortunate enough to be in a meditation group several years ago that gave me a lot of confidence in trying techniques. Man, I had a lot of strange fears when I first started. The most common was that I feared I would go crazy. Never did though :eek:

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    joedoe Guest
    I was taught to visualise them as flowers opening up. I guess I was wondering how the flowers are oriented - do they all face upwards? Or are they oriented as if they are sitting against your body facing whichever way the particular chakraa faces?

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    Qiman Guest
    Don't know, but when I read your question the idea of the flower being 3D and look at it from all directions. Like some of the 3D PC games.

    With the eyes opening technique I always have seen them as looking out. I was working with a teacher once who had me use the eyes to look around inside my body. Only did it a few times however, looking for specifics in my healing process when my blown L5 disc was very acute.

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    TjD Guest

    opening chakras

    i've practiced this for awhile :) its quite funny, i started during my last summer job because i had nothing to do so i surfed the web for ways to pass time... that blossomed into an interest in astral projection

    anyhow opening your chakras plays a big part in that so i've had my fair share of practice with this

    body position doesnt matter, but i usually do this laying down

    first i usually put myself into a trance state (although this is not needed - basically i lay there, concentrate on FULLY relaxing my body, and feel like im sinking til my whole body feels like its tingling with energy, or i feel very heavy floating sensations... but like i said, this isnt needed)

    then the way i was taught was to try and draw energy up your legs, feel as if your pulling it into your 1st chakra, keep drawing energy into your chakra and then take imaginary hands and try to open it, like tearing a bread roll...
    usually now i only have to concentrate on the chakra, because i know the feeling of it opening - and it will open

    anyhow, after you open your lowest chakra, continue drawing energy into your body, through each progressive chakra, and opening them one by one, until your drawing energy all the way into your crown chakra

    usually after i open the heart chakra, i also pull energy in through my hands/arms as well as my feet and legs

    hope this helps

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    joedoe Guest
    Thanks for all your answers.

    I was taught to imagine a flower bud at the chakra, and imagine the bud growing, then opening into a flower. This seems to work well, but I was a little confused as to the orientation of the flower. I guess it doesn't matter too much because it seems to work either way.

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    woliveri Guest

    Physical or Spiritual Energy

    Does Chakra Meditation affect Physical or Spiritual Energy?

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    prana Guest

    Apparently both and more. Awakening of the chakra's will immediately enhance the health of the practisioner as organ failures are often caused by the blockage of Qi. These are sometimes the cause of Kamma, that have made the energy scattered elsewhere in the other meridians.

    Spiritually, the effects of Chakra meditation provides the opportunity to realise the process of being alive, dream and also the process of death. Being able to recognise the signs via the chakra meditations enables a person to remain equanimous toward the process of death.

    Some yogins are able to cause their own death when the time is near... to be rebirth into a higher realm or a realm destined for englightenment.

    Other objects along the roads are ability to lucid dream, pyschic, detached towards worldly objects, heal etc...

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    TjD Guest


    dont forget that these are the 7 MAJOR chakra, there are minor chakra all over your body :)

    lately when i've practiced chakra meditation i concentrate on opening my whole body up, its quite an interesting experience having your whole body pulsate with energy, as opposed to the 7 chakras :0

    anyhow, what i've mainly used this energy for is projections... but what prana said is correct

    also, i've found that after practicing this type of meditation, im always stimulated and energised and ready to kung fu (or whatever else) to my best ability - it really can invigorate the body


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    harry_the_monk Guest
    Well, I am new to the whole lot, but have been reading loads on the web.
    Will trying any of this effect my kung-fu, as I have heard that if certain chi exercises contradict each other they are bad for you.
    Can anyone recommend some sites or books or even teachers for this???...

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    joedoe Guest
    Do you have a teacher or instructor you could ask this to? As we don't know what you learn in you MA training, it is hard to say what can and cannot work together.

    In my experience meditation will help your MA training. Talk to your teacher and find out what meditation works best with what you are training.

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    harry_the_monk Guest
    Should I ask my sifu?
    My style is WC if that helps, my sifu also teaches tai-chi later( I have only been doing the art for a month.)
    I have no buddhist teacher, as all my buddhist stuff comes from books,I have been reading for over 6 months, and thought I had a good understanding of buddhist practices, although I haven't got one which deals with chakra yet.(chakra meditation is part of buddhism???)
    I also tend to have problems with any form of meditation as I don't know if I'm doing it right, due to the fact that I don't know anyone who meditates...(sorry if I'm sounding a bit clue-less, its just that I am :) )

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    Qiman Guest
    Mr Harry Monk, If your sifu teaches Tai-Chi I am sure he can show you some Qigong that will be very appropriate.

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