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    Tea question

    I've been reading the forums for a bit now and I've noticed a few tea connoisseurs here. I had a quick question about buying online. I've noticed a couple places they list the date (month/year) that their "premium" teas have been harvested. Was wondering if this is just marketing tactic or what. The specific site I was looking at was

    Appreciate any info. Thank you


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    It is not a marketing gimic. These kinds of loose tea are more for the serious tea drinker who knows. I am learning but understand some of the concepts involved. My favs are Green Oolongs that have decent flavor but still light colored compared to the darker traditional Oolongs you see in the most stores and restaurants.

    The prices are not bad for a pound of tea which will make some serious large amounts of brewed tea.

    Thanks for the link.

    Be well,

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    If you live near any major chinatown, you are better off buying from a tea shop tan online. Any oolong in the 100.00 price range is going to be medium-high quality (if the seller is honest).

    Also, ask the shop keepr or if online, send a description of the taste you want, they should know there tea's.

    Also, I dont belive there is any benifit to taking oolongs with ginseng, as froma TCM standpoint the tea affects the quality of ginsengs properties and they really shouldnt be taken together.

    Allthough, if you like the taste then that is your personal decision.

    High grade oolongs can get quite expensive, the most ive tried is about 350.00 per pound, but there are some ive seen up to 500.00lb

    again, better to get a sample if possible. If your going to pay around a hundred dollars a pound, you should get to try it out.

    Make sure you get a clay tea pot to dedicate to each style of tea you brew, so if you brew oolongs, use oolongs only in that pot, or jasmine, or green etc....the flavors will stay in the pot as the the oils from the tea vaporize into the steam and absorb into the pores of the pot.

    I just bought a low medium grade ( 70.00lb ) ti quan yin (a bit darker than green oolongs ) that was well worth it. I live close to Los Angels Chinatown so I can check out the tea up close. lucky me.

    good luck in your tea hunting.
    Bryan Davis

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    Thank you for the tip Dale. From my (limited) understanding so far is teas like the green and white can only be picked (or should rather) at very specific times of the year. So I wasn't sure if they were just listing "common" knowledge or helpful info. Looking around some more, I see that you are indeed correct as I've found a few shops now that list havesting times. And not always can you go by what "should be".

    I'll check around town for shops. I was personally looking at the white tea (Silver Needle), but I would also like to find others for more of a "casual" type of consumption. Yes I saw one online shop, for 1/4 pound of Silver Needle the price is $671.00. Didn't know they could get that expensive!

    Thanks for pointing out about using different pots. I figured just use one pot, but what you said about the pots makes perfect sense. My cast iron pans are the same way

    Appreciate the help so far, definitely some useful information for me (and anyone else new to tea). Take care.


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    check out
    i know one of the owners and the manager, both are my "siblings" in taijiquan. i have had their tea on several different occasions, and it rocks! now, generally i am a coffee snob, but if i do drink tea, it's theirs. they do internet orders, also (if you can't get to the bay area).
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    red blossom - good bi lo chun and li shan.

    teance - i had one called four seasons oolong once at a friends house from them. It was really good. I dont think they carry it anymore though. lots of good pu-erh - a good gyokuro too. - great sencha and matcha

    i wish i could order more tea...

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    a new garden that will be opened around chinese new year.

    a must visit.

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    Which Tea do you drink?

    Hello All,

    I am tired of just drinking green tea, I love the stuff but please tell me which tea do you recommend. If it is green tea , Which kind do you drink. I am looking for something benefecial but tasteful.

    I would greatly appreciate your input........... Thank You

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    I'm a big green tea fan...I have to say, my all-time favorite is genmaicha (Japanese green tea with toasted rice and barley), which is especially good after a rough workout. Jasmine green is also very nice, and available practically everywhere. I'm also becoming quite fond of golden monkey (an oolong, I believe) since my brother sent me some looseleaf. Two others I'm just starting to get into are puerh (double-oxidized black tea...rather tanniny, but a very good complex flavor and supposed to be quite good for you) and matcha (Japanese powdered green tea, the same stuff used as the flavoring agent in good green tea ice cream).

    Of course, I do not do as the heathens do and adulterate my tea with milk or sugar.

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    Jasmine green is nice, pomergrante green is good too.
    Some "herbal" teas can make you feel real good.
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