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Thread: #Circle Walking#

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    Tomo Guest

    #Circle Walking#

    This is said to be marvellous for developing free flow of energy, good posture and strength.
    Could some one tell me what it entails? :confused:


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    honorisc Guest

    Circle walking

    In Eight Diagram Boxing (Pa Kua...), there is an original practice. Using the Pa Kua Principles (forever and for most to be learned...then forgotten), assume the posture that you can.

    Some might say the depth matters and to progress, the depth/level of the posture changes. For you, merely walking as you can or choose, after assuming the Pa Kua posture (specific/general guidelines on alignment and body mechanics (positionings))

    Having assumed the Pa Kua posture, walk. Walk in a circle. A circle as big as enough room for your feet or a stadium; whichever size. You imagine that you are being chased by someone on the oppiste side of the circle. When you complete a circle change direction to walk the circle in the opposite direction. There are certain ways to turn. Theoretically, practice whichever you know. What I'm talking from has nine thingies~.

    The changing direction and going into a different way, like what makes a rock in a sling shot have force, these things make stuff happen theoretically some might say it was your Qi doing(or not doing) something.

    There are three stages of circle walking. You only need bother with walking a circle this Now. changing direction and walking the circle promotesstrong er arms body abdominals legs feet ankles shoulders wrists fingers and neck by means of gravity. The changing direction (after completed third stage-ish) is for multiple attacker with which dealing and eventually having the ability to strike an opponent Anywhere~. Also chee flow theoretically, is promoted. and the tinge of stress works ones system to promote greater Strength (Power)~, greater health; perhaps through improved efficiency of circulation/metabolism.

    The circle is to be walked at least (I would think at least) an hour each day at least in the mid morning or early after waking) 5 a.m. ...7 a.m. and the like.

    One looks in one direction, walks in a different direction and body faces a different way~.

    Hopefully, I haven't told you anything. Whatever one gets out of whatever, whatever whatever. :~>

    Very some such,perhaps might have been, likely say some, some not.

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    Tomo Guest


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    Tomo Guest
    i think or dont think i understand
    No Know
    in deed


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    I circle walk a lot ~ with a clock ~ I walk for the same amount of time in each direction to keep my practice balanced ~

    It's very simple ~ when you start a bigger circle is better ~ because a smaller circle is painful ~ but a smaller circle isn't painful anymore

    I hold the palms as energy postures as a walking chi kung exercise

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