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Thread: Twitching of the fingers

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    lloyd Guest

    Twitching of the fingers


    I have had this problem with one finger of my left hand- sometimes during practice (nothing hard, just stances) and sometimes by itself without no apparent reason one finger of my left hand starts to twitch. It's slightly moving back and forth between the index finger and ring finger, not clenching. It is disturbing. When I move my hand for a while then then it goes back to normal for a while, but can easily start again.
    It usually goes away when I do fast movements.
    Is the position of my palm wrong?
    What's happening?

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    origenx Guest
    Do u do a lot of sudden tightening of your hand (say upon impact when punching)? I heard this done repetitively can cause twitching of the hands even when at rest.

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    nightair Guest
    it might be that you use those musles in your hand with such repetition that it's your body's subconcious habit? :confused:

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    lloyd Guest

    Maybe so

    I used to do such exercises (tightening)with great speed but the twitching didn't start until I once had a really hard workout (a lot of hard ecxercises for the fingers and grip) but I was really exhausted already before the workout. I forced myself really bad and after that it started.
    The funny thing is that the finger doesn't twitch like it is grabbing something, it is lateral twitching. Maybe that is because I am relaxing my hand.
    Another thing is that the problem is related to weather. When it is really hot and a thunderstorm is coming then it usually starts. Is it some kind of nerve damage? What should I do?
    Anyway, thanks for the replies!

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    GLW Guest
    What you describe is probably a misfiring of nerves in the hand. It is not that uncommon but in extreme cases is classified as a form of epilepsy (doubtful for you from what you describe).

    Unless it is getting worse, painful, or you have recently had health problems like a high fever, a head or nerve injury, it is probably no big deal. It will probably go away on its own if it is just misfiring nerves.

    If it persist for a while, to be safe I would say see your could be as simple as a pinched nerve....

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