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Thread: Ionized Bracelet to balance Chi

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    dhyana Guest

    Ionized Bracelet to balance Chi

    I just got done watching an infomercial for this thing called the "Q-Ray Bracelet", which is supposedly some device that balances the negative and positive ions in your body. It is basically a bracelet that is ionized that lets excess positive ions flow away from your body.

    They say that with this balance, it will allow Chi to flow through your body more easily, and you will feel more energized, among other things. has some more info about it.

    Just wondering -- has anyone here had any experience with this product or a similar one? Could this actually be a decent thing to wear, or is it a load of BS?


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    origenx Guest
    First off, I'm not sure there's a connection between ionization and qi. Perhaps qi might have some ionizing effect, but I think it's far more than just that. It's a spiritual and organic energy, a life-force. I don't know that it can be produced by a machine, at least none that exist today...

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    prana Guest
    THe prindiple of negative and positive ions have been around for almost 40 years (I think) as part of a medical research. Most negative ions are crated via a low current high voltage source, typically over 1kV and is emitted via a pinpoint to allow concentration of the ions. These ions spray out and can actually be used as propulsion (see Ion propulsion) (balanced ion rotor experiments).

    Negative ions are said to occur naturally as friction between particles in its natural state brush against each other.

    Ions balancing increases Chi flow, I don't know, I am not that accomplished to sell such a claim. Negative Ions created by expunging Positive ions via a gold coated Nickel bracelet, another one I can't put a hold on. And most of all, "The speed of "Chi" in your
    body is equal to the speed of electricity", I have never measured the speed of Qi, as far as I know, it is very much universal.

    What do others think ? I personally wouldnt buy it, not for those claims but for this...

    "Q-Ray is an exclusive Ionized Bracelet for balancing your body's Yin-Yang
    (Negative & Positive Ions). When your body is balanced, "Chi" (the vital life
    energy) is generated facilitating natural pain relief. The speed of "Chi" in your
    body is equal to the speed of electricity. Q-Ray applies the cutting edge
    exclusive Ionization Technology for 24 hours non-stop performance"

    heheheh.... its humorous (I am not saying it doesnt work..!...)

    What is occupying that corpse you call 'I' ?

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