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Thread: Any really good books on buddhist meditation?

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    Internal Flow Guest

    Any really good books on buddhist meditation?

    How can i learn how to meditate?
    Is information about meditation included in ancient books (for example Tripitaka)?
    Does anybody know of any good books about meditation?

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    jhana Guest

    Buddhist meditation book

    Internal Flow,

    The Buddha Siddharta Gautama, taught many different ways to meditate in order to attain enlightenment. As you probably already know, there are alot of different meditation techniques but all of them are similar in that they teach you to train your mind to quieten.

    A good book to start with meditation is Vipassana from S.N Goenka. Vipassana meditation is about scanning your body for sensations and remaining equanomous to the sensations.

    If you are interested Tibetan meditation, The Tibetan Book Living and Dying by Soyal Rinpoche is very good. It is a great mannual to help you deal with death and to help others deal with death with wisdom. If you are interested in Tibetan meditation and why the tibetan meditation meditate on certain things, it may be helpful to read The Tibetan Book of the Dead (liberation through the understanding in the between) by Robert A.F Thurman. This book gives a very good introduction to tibetan meditation, the cakras of the body and what happens when you die and how you can reach enlightenment within a life time through training tibetan meditating techniques.

    I hoped this helped you, Good luck

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    hey jhana,

    Nice to see you here :)

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