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Thread: Hung Gar

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    blade Guest

    Hung Gar

    The last thread was getting a bit too long, so i tought of starting a new one and here we are.

    In the last thread we mentioned the common and well known weapons of Hung Gar. How about the other less known/practiced weapons such as the horse bench, daggers, chain whip..etc?

    How about the 10 favourite hand techniques used by famous Wong Fei Hung? What do you think they are?
    And also how about a disscussion on the famous 12 bridges of hung gar?

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    illusionfist Guest
    I have seen an umbrella form that was performed by my friends sifu. It definitely has hung gar flare to it, it also has a lot of carry over from broadsword techniques. The form is called Wong Fei Hung Umbrella (sorry don't know the chinese name for the form).

    I have also been exposed to a hung gar bench form, but it is in no way as fanciful as the stuff we see Jackie and Sammo doing, but that's ok.

    I would love to learn a hung gar dagger form!!! But when i think about it, you can easily use butterfly sword techniques with the daggers.

    Peace [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    blade Guest

    Intresting. I have never actualy seen an umbrella form myself but heard about it. It would make a practical weapon. I think the way its used(application) maybe similar to
    the walking stick (another unusal weapon which is extremly practical to use. As they both have similar shape.
    The bench form like you said is nothing fancy to look at. But i think its a pretty unusal and intresting weapon which requires strenght and coordination. Its a shame that there ae not many people know or practice this unusal weapon.
    I dont think there is a hung gar dagger form well at least not to my knowldge.However Saying that i have seen some hung gar practicioners use this weapon.
    Has anyone else seen or know a dagger form or other not well known weapons?

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    We have one Sifu who is absolutely awesome to watch practice chain whip forms. I don't know if it's hung gar or black tiger combat.We learn both at the same time. We have a cane form and techniques we practice them at half speed because they're really dangerous. They're great because they take very little power.( know I don't want to mess up my hair) It has more to do with leverage. You really could use the cane or umbrella as an old or crippled person quite visciously. As far as the chain whip are you kidding! It's half my weight& about 2ft longer than me.But Jackie Chan looked pretty good doing the techniques with the rope & horseshoe in Shanghai Noon. The out takes are probably what I would look like.

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    madmex Guest
    I have seen a Hung Gar Umbrella form as well as a Hung Gar Dagger form. The dagger form is done as a two man form, a quite pretty form and yet powerful as any other Hung Gar form. The person who starts the the form with the dagger is dis-armed 1/2 way through and the roles are reversed. This results in each person performing most of the same moves in both attack and defense.

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    blade Guest

    How about the 10 famous hand techniques Wong Fei Hong? What do you think they are? I have heard people mention different ones, so i would be intrested to hear what u all think?

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    Je Lei Sifu Guest
    Hi Blade

    If I may, I would like to touch on both issues, Hung Gar weapons and the 10 famous hand techniques of Master Wong Fei Hung. I am a senior student of Cheung Shu Pui Sifu who learned his gung fu from Ho Lap Tin Sigung. Ho Lap Tin is one of Tang Fung top students. In our curriculum, we learn several solo weapon sets as well as two-man weapon sets. the weapons we learn are: 1.Hun Je Pon(monkey stick) 2.Jaw sao moy fa churn(left-hand plum blossom spear) 3.Siu Lum Dan Do(we have two different sets for this weapon) 4.Gum Gon Gim(Golden Hard Sword) 5.Gow wan do(nine ring do) 6.Sam Jeet kwan(3-sectional staff) 7.Lung Fu Chal Tao(dragon/tiger farmer's hoe) 8.Tit Yip Sin(iron leaf fan) 9.lung fu san(dragon/tiger umbrella) 10.Kiu Don(bench) 11.Sune Bun Gwai(Sune Bun's Cane) 12.Gee Mo Seung Do(mother and son double swords) 13 Yiu Ga Dih Pah(Yiu Family big fork) 14.Ng long Bat gwa kwun(5th brother 8 triagram staff) 15.Ching Lung Yim Yut Do(Green Dragon looking at the Moon Sword/Guan Do) 16. Fook Fu Bean(taming tiger whip) 17.Poon Lung seung bean(Whirling Dragon double whip) 18.Dan do bean(sword and steel whip). We also teach two-man sets for these weapons as well as defense against single dagger and double dagger. My sifu doesn't teach a double dagger set. However his Sidi in Hong Kong does. As far as Wong Fei Hung's 10 techniques are concerned, you have. Ching Ji Sao (thousand shape hands), Wu dip Jeung(butterfly palms), Fu Jao(tiger claw) Hok ying(crane shape), Mo ying geuk(shadowless kick) Chut sing lin wan kuen faht(seven star connecting fist technique). I apologize, at this time my memory has failed me. When I have the chance, I will get the info for you. Once again I apologize.

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    blade Guest
    Thanks Je Lei

    No need to apologise as you have posted very usefull info here.
    Regarding the daggers, as far as i know dagers are not original hung gar weapons, however it must have been added in hung gar and as i recently found out now its practiced it by only couple of different lineages of hung gar. Saying that i still havent seen or heard anyone practice a sole dagger form. Only as two men form. illusionfist has pointed out that dagger techniques can be done by the butterfly swords. I agree with this to a certain point but not completly. Butterfly knives are alot heavier and are used in a diffrent way then the dagger which are alot lighter and flexible than the butefly knives.

    got to go now. I ll post more ifo next time.


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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest
    Regarding daggers; I think that Chan Hon Chung lineage has daggers in form practice, and 2 man form practice. I'm not 100% sure though. Lai Ng Sam lineage also uses Mok style dagger.

    Butterfly swords may be a bit similar to daggers, but I think it is also close to double broadswords.

    There are two main types of dagger as well, one is like a "do" the other is like "gim". Both are used very differently.

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    illusionfist Guest
    If you ever get to see the ha say fu butterfly sword set, you will see what i mean. The swords are flipped very much like the double daggers, and in some instances the swords are held in a reverse grip utilizing elbow techniques that coincide with upward cuts.

    Peace [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif[/img]

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    molum_jr Guest
    And don't forget the "Tiger Shields" Set and the "Sai" Set...

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    hasayfu Guest
    Hi all,

    Just got back from visiting my Si-Gung Chiu Wai. It was a great trip.

    Regarding the daggers, he has a single dagger form. It is definitely not an adapted butterfly knive set. It has many moves similar to the bei shaolin dagger form but is a hung gar form and taught by Lam Sai Wing. I did not ask about a sparring set with daggers.

    In line with Paul's comment, these are double edged daggers and the set involves two daggers. Si-Gung had a pair that was like the double Gim where the handles fit with each other.

    I'll address other topics in a seperate thread.

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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest
    hasayfu, how was your trip to Calgary? I haven't met Chiu Wei yet, can you tell me about him, like personality, kung fu, etc.


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    hasayfu Guest
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Paul Skrypichayko:
    hasayfu, how was your trip to Calgary? I haven't met Chiu Wei yet, can you tell me about him, like personality, kung fu, etc.


    What can I say. He is 69 years old and moves like he's 20. He is buff and looks like all his pictures. He is a very caring guy and gives to the community.

    The one thing is wary of, is so many people try to visit him because they hear of him on the internet. He doesn't speak any english so usually has his son do most of the interaction with outsiders.

    Any specific questions?

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    What makes Hung Gar?

    What characteristics makes Hung Gar good (or bad) (i.e. how do you see if someone is a good master or not)?

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