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Thread: Hung Gar

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    Thanks you understanding me, sorry my english. I call my Sifu tonight, he explain to me every. This Chiu Chi Ling tell him last year. I make mistake perhaps not everybody know this story? really, my Sifu not care this, his learning the medicine, learning the Hung Ga is say very nevermind! Sifu know Chiu Chi Ling from before long time. Sorry any problem, please dont angry with me. Southpaw you must know this story, or not interfernece before your Sifu name mentioned here. If this one true for the correct history then you must stand by your Sifu true words. This for the history. Also is make plan some body help writing book for him? Change the history little?

    Jan Seung hear such story other peoples tell to you? Lee Chan Wo?

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    Most of the time I cannot give you a reply, because of your english spelling.
    But I am all ears (and eyes).

    Your Sifu is teaching Hung Gar?

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    Thank you very much. It is not important how others people tell your history, but it is important to know your own history.

    It is the right of the people whose history is being attacked to defend it to the extreme. As I know my own personal history, one day someone may try to change it to what they want it to be. It then becomes the responsibility of the new generation to defend it to the fullest.

    I am not worried about what other people think my lineage history is as long as it is kept to them and their inner circle. However, it is not proper to publicly denounce someone else's truth.

    This same type of conversation cause a big debate not so long ago and it is up to us as martial family to learn from our past mistakes and to avoid anything that could cause a disturbance within our own system.

    I'm pretty sure that each any everyone of us that are a part of the hung ga history has solid foundation in their history as well as their skills. Being that things are the way that they are, it is best that we go along the grain and not against it. It doesn't matter what I may think of you or what you think of me, want is important is that we all are family and our surname is Hung.


    Je Lei Sifu
    The Southern Fist Subdues The Fierce Mountain Tiger

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    I read joint statment now, notice have some difference. This not woords of Chiu chi Ling, say he recognize Tang Fung Follow the Wong Fai Hung. Why writing like this here then go say is the differnce every where?
    I am not Chiu Chi Ling inner circle, I know this is then common, the for ever public knowledge he say, as others also can hear. I know

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    Yes, I'm from Mok lineage.
    But I have learned from others as well.

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    You can learn Mok Gwai Lan Si Tai Fei Tong? Please to e-mail me, find me here. I want discuses you Lam Sai Wing the book with you, yeas?

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    I haven't learned Si Dai Fei Tong yet.
    But I have seen my sifu perform several times.

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    Somebody try to promote himself bigger says the following Mok Kwei Lan, like him SO MUCH and give him only picture her husand,Wong Fei Hung.
    Like so much, then why this big talk guy then also not learn Fei Tong??!

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    The more I read you, the better I understand you.
    Here a reply to your questions:

    Chiu Chi Ling Sifu already stated what he had learned from Mok Kwei Lan. There is no mystery to it. He gave clear answers when people asked him what he actually learned from her. He also stated his relation to her. I know that he deeply respects Mok Kwei Lan.

    What I did understand is that Mok Kwei Lan and the Chiu Family were quite close. Attending eachother's parties, supporting one another, etc.

    I have seen photographs of Mok Kwei Lan in a ceremony at the Chiu Family dotting the Lion's eyes, attending birthday parties, or Chiu Chi Ling being present at the Wong Fei Hung memorial celebrations.

    Because there was mutual respect in those days I don't know why this is disgraced by you, or those you are representing.
    South Paw

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    Wah, really taking advantage the other, is it? Maybe not knowing such a character first. Very good. So believe such, you like?

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    Talking about pictures/photographs I just like to quote you:
    1 Single Picture Worthing 10000 Words.
    So it's not only words, but also pictures!
    South Paw

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    Best reason should no camera the pri vate ceremony. Who will know how kind hearts people is taking lousy advantage by such after word? This one is always taking advantage the others such.

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    New Hung Gar Book

    Shameless plug but I know a bunch of you were waiting...

    This is not a forms book. It's an insight into Lam Sifu's understanding of Hung Gar.

    If anyone has already got it, I'd love to hear what you think.

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    Hung Gar Forms

    anyone here studying HG ever hear of these forms?

    Teet Sao
    No Lick Kuen

    any information on these?

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    what's so funny, jerk? these are forms I just read about, but are not in my lineage...

    funny how you like to follow me around, it must be love...
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