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Thread: Re-incarnation - anyone told you yours ?

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    prana Guest

    Re-incarnation - anyone told you yours ?

    DISCLAIMER: If you do not believe in reincarnation, and you find the topic offensive, then please do not waste your effort to read this post.

    I was just told what my past life was yesterday. I have never bothered to check, believing that one day, I will be able to see it for myself.

    Have you ever been told yours ? And if you would like to share your story, who told you, how and why they said so or anything else you may wish to add, and of course, anything that suports whether you believe or are skeptical of it, and how it may affect you.

    As for me, I have been told before that I must visit Tibet, that many things will come back to me. This from a complete stranger 2 years ago.

    And a related story from a totally different person yesterday. I am very curious. *more cravings* not good. hehehe

    Puzzled, a little amused.

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    Xebsball Guest
    I've never had any past lifes experience, but i would like too.
    I guess when you become Buddha you remember all your past lifes.


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    Fish of Fury Guest
    i was told i was a soldier and killed lots of people. least i was good at it i guess :confused:

    __________________________________________________ _________________________ "I'm just trying to lull you into a genuine sense of security!"

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    prana Guest
    They must have been wrong Fish, you are in the human realm ! ;)

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    origenx Guest
    I've been told I was a monk, a samurai and an Egyptian who helped build the pyramids - basically a very old soul. I am actually planning on getting a past-life regression from my reiki massage therapist. She first got into it when she participated in a group regression and later on actually confirmed her previous life (name, date) at the actual site (a boarding house from the 1800s that apparently still existed).

    PS - Interesting trivia - They were not allowed to speak about reincarnation in the original "Kung Fu" TV series due to Christian censors. Despite the fact that it is a key tenet of Oriental spiritual philosphy. And nevermind the fact that certain ancient Christian sects also believed in reincarnation, until they were branded heretical and killed.

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    joedoe Guest
    Portugese sailor, Mongol warrior, feudal lord. Haven't been told about any others.

    You're fu(king up my chi

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    prana Guest
    I was also told I was a young monk, but she emphasised that I was a "young" and "naughty" monk, as in I like to check-out and touch strange things.

    She never said anything about growing up. I wonder if I died young ?

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    Nexus Guest
    Who did you go to for you to find out about such interesting past lives?

    Do you think that they can tell me about mine through email :P j/k

    - Nexus

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    origenx Guest
    I would check your local new-ager community - reiki massage therapists are always a good entry point...

    I wonder if perhaps our soul genealogies matter a whole lot more than our genetic genealogies... This could bring new meaning to the term "family tree" - what about our "soul family trees?"

    prana - Sounds like u might have been a Catholic church boy... Say, what do u think about this guy who proclaims himself to be Buddha Maitreya?

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    old jong Guest
    I prefer to leave my past lives where they are and live that one,doing the best as I can.
    Have you seen how many Cesar and Cleopatra are found at these Hollywood reincarnation partys? ;)

    Les paroles s'envolent.
    Les écrits restent!...

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    Nexus Guest
    I am waiting for my next life to ask them so I can see what funny things they have to say about the one i'm living right now :)

    - Nexus

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    harry_the_monk Guest

    Hmmm yeah old jong.

    :) I really don't know what my past is, but why can't we remember our animal re-incarnations, why is it just the human ones, and to sort of go along with what old jong said, most people who have found out what they were in a past life have normally been someone famous, or cool. Knowing our true past lives is something really amasing though maybe it is as xebsball says and when we reach nirvana we will finally remember it all.

    Btw, sorry I'm not on here daily as before, got so much college work, and had to practise for a grading, now I'm practising all my new stuff, so computer is just home to loads of dust-mites at the moment.


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    Scott R. Brown Guest
    I remember my first life. It was about 4 million years ago. I was a rock. It was a particularly boring life. I didn’t accomplish much; I didn’t have much motivation back then. All I did was sit around and watch the grass grow. I think that life is where the expression, “As dumb as a rock” comes from. I lived a long time though; I think it was somewhere around 3.8 million years. You tend to lose count after the first million years or so. One time this guy named Og picked me up and tied me to a stick and used me to bash the brains in of this bunch of guys with red hair. Og didn’t like guys with red hair. (No offense intended to those that have red hair. I didn’t have much choice in the matter.) I did develop a taste for blood. I think that life is where I got my interest for the martial arts. Before Og found me I spent sometime in a river. I was a State class swimmer in high school so I suppose that is where that came from, I am also fond of “rock and roll” music. It all kind of makes a weird sort of sense. I get the “wanderlust” from time to time and every one knows “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. I wrote that one myself when a sexy stone tried to get me to settle down one time. She was too flat though so I lost interest pretty quickly. She was always skipping out on me anyway. I’m still buried in southern France somewhere. I have been thinking of taking an expedition to find myself. It would be quite a reunion, although I am not sure I would have much to say.



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    prana Guest

    Nah, not catholic priest, little Tibetan mischief hehe. About the site, Padmasambhava is a very accomplished Tibetan Buddha in the past, prior to Lama Tsongkhapa. Padmasambhava wrote the "The book of the dead", you really should read it. It contains incredible detail on the death process, the resolution of the body, the different realms and how to avoid them, and the appearances of the cycle of life.

    He is a GREAT teacher.

    Scott R. Brown

    That is one of the most interesting re-incarnation story I have ever heard.

    The mind is like a candle flame, blown by the 5 winds of distraction, to the past and future.

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    old jong Guest
    What's the big deal if,in our long story we have to wear out a few hundreds physical bodies?... ;)And I don't even mention rocks!... :D

    Les paroles s'envolent.
    Les écrits restent!...

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