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Thread: Uk subscription's

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    Question Uk subscription's

    hi dose any one know how long after the news stand date uk subscribers
    should recive there copy(via surface mail)?

    ie the march/april issue went on sale
    02/07/08 but i have sofar not recived it

    the last two issues also "Got lost in the post" has this one gone the same way ?


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    Ground shipping can be slow...

    ...slow boat from China and all...

    Seriously, the one to contact for subscription fulfillment is - Megan Hays is currently overseeing subscriptions. She'll be the one to follow up with on this.
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    thanks il try that


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    Update ...

    as of april 2 2008 the magazine arrived
    one day before the next is due on sale
    still it's a good read
    keep up the good work KFM
    i look forwared to the next issue
    [postal system pending!]

    // old post //
    Just an update to any one watching this ...

    still no signs of the magazine (27 march 2008)
    no responce to email ..

    so i made a phone call > it's being resent > no it's still not here !

    next phone call >> we have sent it >> ring back at the end of the month

    looks like the next one will be out befor i get the last one !

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