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Thread: Zheng Gu Shui

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    sultanpro Guest

    zheng gu shui

    Is this stuff like "jow"? Or more like Tiger balm??
    I see it on the market and always thought it was some type of back rub!!

    What is it used for? And how meny here use it at all?



    Its not what goes in a man that defile's him, its what comes out.

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    Johnny Hot Shot Guest
    Over the counter Jow. Used to reduce swelling and stimulate healing on bruised areas. I actualy like Wu yang bandages better.

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    Jacko Jackson

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    Turiyan Guest

    Its great for

    Jock itch... Seriously.

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    Kung Lek Guest
    Turiyan, you are a naughty boy, that is terrible advice.

    THere is too much camphor in it for my liking, it isn't your standard Jow, it is more like muscle stress liniment. Although the name would denote that it is for Bone bruises, it is my experience that it is not to strong and you would need to apply it a lot.

    It is one of the better over the counter jows though, all things considered.
    You can get better though in one of the shops on Spadina/Dundas Skar or even Chinatown in Markham (pacific mall) has lots of apothecarys, or, perhaps your teacher makes his own and would be willing to let you have some?


    Kung Lek

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    Paul Skrypichayko Guest
    ****......never let that stuff, or any ointment, get near your "boys". My friend had a groin pull once...sounded like he had his nuts in a C-clamp.

    Dont let it get near any mucous membranes either (mouth, eyes, genitals, etc...) I had a bruise on my cheek one time and the dit da jow stung like hell, made my eye all irritated.

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    IronFist Guest
    You put the jow on your face? strange. how does a cheek bruise? Sorry, I guess I've never seen that before :)


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    it is also good for tendons and sprains but do not use for jock itch!!!!!! why would people joke about that, some people take advice literally on this board and that would cause great pain that does not wash off well .......

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    Kung Lek Guest
    Actually Earth Dragon, I would be shocked if anyone took any advice from this board.
    With the intrusion of idiots, the clear lack of knowledge demonstrated by many and what not, i would think that one would have to be a bonafide fool to take 90% of this seriously.

    This board is only as good as what is put into it and there are very few members here who take martial arts seriously. The rest like to come here as a meeting place, to insult each other, to post inane garbage, make lame challenges and do a bunch of navel gazing while smack talking.

    Which is in my opinion a **** shame. This place could have been and still has the potential to be a wonderful resource where real ideas and thoughts can be exchanged and people can be enlightened to the arts and styles of others.

    Kung fu QiGong magazine is providing us the opportunity to use this place as a viable resource and instead the place becomes a rope and we all hang ourselves with it in our ridiculous actions and statements.

    People with many years experience are belittled by children with poor manners.

    People who challenge over the internet are just stupid to begin with as this is an empty action that has no value.

    It really is up to the membership here to make this place worthwhile, to stop responding in anger to those who are clearly seeking to agitate. And to start really thinking about what they post before they post it.

    Let's try not to have this place become a breeding ground for the unconditioned wildness of kiddyland antics that so many other places are.

    THere could be value here, but I personally will share nothing with those who act the way many do here. It wastes my time. Which is likely what I am doing now. But I feel like saying it this morning :)


    Kung Lek

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    sultanpro Guest
    Thanks guys, and NO i would not put it on the "babies" :D Tryian you joker.
    Kung- I got some great jow from a small chinese herb store at Midland and Finch, but i was looking for something more for every day aches and pains.
    I guess this would work.

    Btw- I used to date a chinese girl who gave me something when i was sick, she told me drinking it would make you better, thinking back, i think it was, zheng gu shui i was drinking, looks the same smells the same, anyways, what doesn't kill you only make you stronger.
    (or even more sick)



    Its not what goes in a man that defile's him, its what comes out.

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    Taomonkey Guest
    My teacher (an OMD) has his own herbal pharmacy.
    He sells a raw herbal jow formula. Which a teacher would mix with 1.75l of alcohol. who would then bottle it and sell it to his students. The herbs are pretty cheap, $20 for the formula. email me if anyone is interested.

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    kung lek

    I agree with you 110% however some people have taken my opinon on things and then it paid off in a good way for them.Like the guy I meet on here who had very bad bruises so I sent him some of my jow whiched helped him out greatly, so there is babes in the woods out here looking for genuine help who will take advice from people who they think have a honest opinon to share. It is unfortunate to have so many bad apples spoil this wonderful board as you and I know from our past expericene they can be dealt with accordingly. If someone asks I will give them my honest answer but I would hate to have someone ask the wrong person who gives harmful advice. That would be like the sick person who puts pins in hallowween candy to harm people and then ruin tricker treating for everyone so maybe we can have some more maturity on this board and grow up a little but I doubt it!
    skarboro mantis DO NOT drink zheng gu shui it is a topical medicine only!it contains some root extracts that are toxic when ingested so do not drink it! many herbs in chinese medicine smell the same, thats becuse most are made from plants which have simular properties, however when they are combined the can change properties and beome poisonous when used incorrectly. Your chinese girlfreind probably gave you a ginseing, safol oil,liquorice and astrallegus root drink that helps with enfluenza and the common cold called
    (gancao chaung xiong) I have used it before and although smells simular it is in no way the same as shui.

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    Kung Lek Guest
    Earth Dragon, I did say "90%" :D

    Skarbro, there are internal forms of Jow.

    Tieh Tah Yao Gin comes to mind. These need to be takenon the advice of a qualified TCM physician and not on the advice of anyone else.

    Unless of course, if you sifu is also a healer, in which case the use of them may be necessary.

    Generally, internal jows contain some pretty vile tasting stuff but they are excellent for things such as bruised or affected organs that have suffered strikes. As well for deeper tissue damage taht cannot be fully effected by topical substances.

    There are also a great variety fo teas and deconcoction herbal mixtures that have much efficacy and effectiveness.

    Just be as aware as possible before putting anything into yourself. If this means sourcing a few instances then do the footwork. Better a little pain for a few days than extended damage for the duration of your days.

    These days, it is quite trendy for people to recommend things that may have worked for them. But the deal with TCM is counters that thinkingfrom the start. Everyone is different in habits and everyone is therefore different in dosages and needs as far as herbal remedy is concerned. Any TCM prac worth their salt will develop a very close relationship with you and ask you a gagillion questions before they give you a single thing.

    Be honest in your replies to the Dr. If you have bad habits tell the Dr. these habits may counter the prescription in many incidences.

    Western medicine, at least preventitive western medicine lacks this aspect. It is thought that the efficacy of western drugs is the same from one person to the next and in a few cases that is true, but in many cases it is not.

    Anyway, be careful with any internally taken herbs, do your homework to the nth possible degree and avoid just taking someones word for it no matter how much paper hangs on the walls.

    Acute is one thing, Chronic is another.


    Kung Lek

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    sultanpro Guest
    E.D.-I know NOT to drink it, think im crazy? But
    i swear it was zheng gu shui i was drinking, not some ginseing drink, i remember by the bottle.

    Anyways guys thanks for the info.


    Its not what goes in a man that defile's him, its what comes out.

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    WongFeHung Guest
    the company that makes zheng gu shuie also makes other formulas, but the labels look similar-same red and white label on the little brown bottle. As for broken bones, the formula is used only after setting the bone, and most tiet-da yee combine it with another formula, depending on the type and severity of the injury. Usually it's a process: set the bone-ouch, reduce swelling, nurture the bone and tendons,and restore movement-more ouch.

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    WongFeHung Guest
    then, if you're like the bone, again and again, until you take up a safer hobby, like alligator wrestling

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