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Thread: Lower Back Ache

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    Cyborg Guest

    Low back exercises, anyone?

    I injured my back some years ago and was wondering if anyone could give some ideas on how to strengthen it. The low back is especially sensitive to workouts. I'd like to avoid weights if at all possible. Thanks!

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    Brian_CA Guest

    re: your post

    What are your choices? your post only reads y under the categories.

    However count my vote for Yoga.

    San Francisco, CA

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    Kumkuat Guest

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    Brian_CA Guest

    re: the website listed


    Do all the exercises on the listed website except the lower trunk rotation stretch. All the others are fairly good to strengthen and stretvh your unhappy back.

    San Francisco,CA

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    Cyborg Guest

    low back pain

    Thanks for the help guys.

    Any body wanna spar?

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    anerlich Guest

    see a pro

    Go see a physiotherapist.

    They can give you a tailored exercise program to deal with your specific problems.

    I have a spondyliolisthesis with L5 slipped anteriorly over S1, and after quite a few chiro's I found the physio's treatment gave me permanent (i.e. as new) improvement.

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    anerlich Guest
    By the way, I voted "y" in your poll. :D

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    Nexus Guest
    Lower Back Exercise: Lie on your back, scrunch your knees to your chest, hold them for 5-10 seconds, then let them go back down straight. Repeat exercise 5 times. This works the lower back and abs.

    Go to a chiroporactor, they usually have exercise manuals for getting the lower back back in shape. After a car accident I was in, they basically got me back to 100% with their exercise gym and constant readjustments/massages.

    - Nexus

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    bearpaw Guest


    Looked at that page. Most of those we do in class.

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    GunnedDownAtrocity Guest
    best one i have heard of is frog kicks.

    you hang from a bar (best if you have someone to hold you and keep you from swinging at first or get on one of those circuit stations designed for this exercise if you have access to one) and simply raise your knees to your chest as many times as you can.

    great for your lower abs and lower back.

    i know people say there is no difference between lower/upper ab exercises but i feel the work concentrated in the upper and lower when i do the exercises so poop on them. i know that you cant get one working without the other, but the logic i heard behind this is that your lower abs are naturally weaker and exhuast more quickly than your upper abs. so its best to do exercises that target this region and then move to ones that target the upper.

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    Sharky Guest
    Do the "Prone Lumbar Extension" from that site, but lift your legs up as high as possible too. Have your legs and arms straight. Hold. Niiiice.

    Used to do that when i was little n used to do gymnastics.

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    IronFist Guest
    No one's said Deadlifts yet?

    Deadlifts are perhaps the ultimate lower back exercise.


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    dumog93 Guest

    i was going to say it...

    But then i thought i'd have to change my handle to Deadlifter or something as much as i preach them:)


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    inyo Guest
    yoga :) :) :)

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    Cyborg Guest
    Well, the verdict appears to be yoga! Actually I was a little confused and clicked the wrong button when I posted those. But thanks for all the help.

    Any body wanna spar?

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