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    No, not well traveled at all. All Wing Chun lineages are a combination of the southern Crane and Southern Snake styles. Yip Man's Wing Chun after he left the Mainland became the most streamlined, non-stylized version of the art. More Southern boxing and less animal-style in nature, like other schools, both North and South. I doubt if many of Ip Man's students identified with animal nature while learning the martial art or that it would be much of a consideration today. If you want to see what I am referring to , just take a look at the Snake and Crane styles individually as they are taught today. Very stylized (animal nature) and not so much Westernized boxing in appearance. That's all I'm saying.
    Not a video worth watching with the sound down lol, I'll need to watch it later when there's no one to annoy.

    was it ip man that westernized it? or maybe WSL? from what I read from practitioners of WSL's everything is based around the punch, though I don't really know much of the history of it all, but is there not 2 periods associated with ip Man's hk teachings??
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