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Thread: The whole China shakes

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    millions' people are scrambling for clean water and food in Cheng Du.


    if people want to help.

    red cross is a good place to donate.

    I donated all my pocket money to red cross for Tang Shan big quake in 1976.

    I also donated money this time for si chuan big quake.


    it is almost unbearable for me to read the news from the disaster zone in China.

    I wish I could do more.


    biting my teeth, moistures in my eyes.

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    Good to hear you're ok Andy!

    Keep bringing us reports. They are fascinating.

    My school is O-Mei so we have a lot of ties to Sichuan. Master Tony Chen is from Chengdu as is our wushu coach Ding Wei. Tony's immediate family are all here already. Ding is trying to get his parents here now. I helped him with a letter. He reached them on cell phone and they are alright.
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    according to the most recent reports'

    1. Army engineer corps are clearing the roads, and build some makeshift bridges, they are only 18 kilometers away from wen chuan, the epic center. once the roads are cleared, massive help will be arrived.

    2. Taiwan's search and rescue teams are going in along with search and rescue dogs or k-9 teams.

    3. 4 charter flights from Taiwan are approved, they will evacute Taiwan residents from Cheng Du.

    4. one of 6 guest workers is from Si Chuan. they are calling homes to see how families are doing, so the guest workforce or labor market is paralysed thruout China.


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    a relief clip.

    to help, donate via red cross.

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    1. the "lifeline" to wen chuan is now opened. it is the national highway 317 connecting Cheng Du-> Ya An-> Wen Chuan. now cranes and big equipments may be moved into the area. Army engineer corps built 4 bridges and cleared roads 80 hours later after the quake first struck.

    2. Japanese search and rescue teams arrived. South Korea and Singapore search and rescue teams will be next to arrive.

    3. Major US corporations made contributions for relief.

    4. Tuan Tuan and Yuan Yuan panda are missing. They are selected as gifts for Taiwan.

    5. International communities worry about nuclear facilities and chemical plants in Si Chuan.


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    update from CCTV-09.

    some info about the quakes;

    1. dragon gate faults are due to the colliding pressure from 3 land plates.

    the tibetan plate, kun lun plate and yang zi plate.

    these faults were tought to be dormant, now active again and causing the recent quakes. these faults would create big quakes every few thousand years.

    2. Himalaya mountains rose for a few meters after the recent quakes.

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    ok, i am starting to really freak out. my friend has not contacted me to let me know she is ok. she is in chengdu and i have been told that the area is mostly ok but i am starting to worry.

    andy miles was able to post from chengdu so maybe he can let me know if interwebs are down. or what the situation is.

    i am not the kind of person that worries easily but i have to admit i am very concerned.

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    I think people in Cheng Du would just be alright.

    however the nearby villages and county townships are 60%, 80% or 100% collapse.

    Hong Kong reporters on site Wen Chuan, this is the epi center.

    only satellite phone works.

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    people do not give up hopes for their love ones.

    as search and rescue efforts continue.

    in the face of horrible earth quakes,

    Chinese from all over the world including Taiwan are all united for relief efforts.

    the greatest side effects/results.

    are melting of icy relationship between mainland and Taiwan.

    no direct contact, no direct talk since 1949.

    PRC secretary of state Hu Jin Tao invited KMT chair Wu Bo Xiong to visit China.

    This is the highest level of contact from CPC and KMT since 1949.


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    Thank all of you for the updates

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    please help by donating via red cross.

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