On August 16th 2008, Certified Circular Strength Training® and American Kettlebell Club Coach B. D. Tran will be holding one day basic Kettlebell Fitness workshop in Midtown Manhattan, NYC. The workshop will focus on the kettlebell fitness system developed by the American Kettlebell Club, the leading fluid style kettlebell lifting organization.

Here you will be introduced the most sophisticated health and fitness kettlebell system and protocols ever developed by two internationally distinguished coaches Valery Fendorenko and Scott Sonnon. To ensure high quality control over the subject matter which required detail coaching and assessment, Coach Tran will limit the workshop’s attendance to just 10 individuals.

What will you gain from this workshop?

* Joint Mobility exercises developed by Coach Sonnon, the first leader in joint mobility and wellness. You learn a series of joint mobility designed exclusively for kettlebell athletes. Your joints will be primed and ready for kettlebell training.
* Kettlebell exercises for fitness selected by Coach Fendorenko. Instead of teaching 101 kettlebell movements, you learn to “MASTER” a few basic exercises such as clean, snatch, and jerks, and more… It is not how many exercises you know, but how well you can perform them.
* Prasara Yoga™. You will learn the yoga that Coach Sonnon developed for the Kettlebell athletes. You will learn to restore your natural poise and flow and remove excessive tension so you can become a better kettlebell athlete.
* You will the RESET™ program, which is a series of breathing and biofeedback exercises that help you to reset your target heart rate zone. The faster you can recover the more you can do and longer you last. This is amazing program have been used by many professional mixed martial artists. Now you can benefit too.

The cost of this workshop is 300$. You will also receive a one pair of Kettlebell (12k/blue) or (8K pink) if you sign up by July 31, 2008. For more details on payment and location of this event, please email me at BaoTran@CSTCOACH.COM. I look forward meeting you soon.

PS: The First who sign up within first week will have access to online coaching with me for 30 days. I want to make sure that you will be successful and achieve your goals after the workshop.
aude aliquid dignum*,
B. D. Tran
Certified Circular Strength Training® Coach
* 16th century Latin: "Dare something worthy"
" You cannot teach a man anything; you can help him find himself." Gaileo