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Thread: Swelling & Heat

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    Swelling & Heat

    Herb Ox et All
    Has any one ever tried Huang Bai (Cork Tree Bark) in any of their Jows
    to reduce the heat in the leg channels and the swelling in/around the knees??
    Any and all info would be greatly appreciated. My herbalist suggested that I add
    the Huang Bai to assist (increase ) the anti-swelling properties of Mo Yao??
    Just wandering about this, he (the herbalists) is over 80 yrs old and still in
    remarkable shape.

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    A number of jow recipes use Huang Bai. You might consider also adding something like Han Fang Ji, which has downward-bearing action and is excellent for pain and bi-zheng in the lower body. While it doesnt clear heat specifically, it is bitter and cold, so will help address heat conditions. Or Mu Gua...

    Huang Bai and Ze Xie are also sometimes combined for synergy.

    Du Huo and Du Zhong are other herbs to look into--neither are cooling or treat local excess heat, but both are used for weak knees. Also, check out Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang.

    Mo Yao is combined with many things, the most cliche being Ru Xiang. Although, Im not famliar with any special pairings between Mo Yao and Huang Bai. However, you might also consider pairing it with Achyranthes or Wu Jia Pi...So many others from other categories....Be careful not to get caught up in a mess of choices....
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    Huang Bai is good stuff - it has an antimicrobial action, so it's good for external use as well as internal. As for the combo with Ze Xie, I've only seen that pair for internal use, for draining damp heat (like a urinary tract infection).

    For the knees I'd certainly include Niu Xi (achyranthes). Depending on where the swelling is (i.e. along the liver channel, or along the GB channel, etc...), you could add herbs to 'guide' the actions of the others to a specific organ/channel.

    Furthermore, it sounds like the complaint is of 'Hot Bi', rather than your usual traumatic 'Bi', so an internal formula may work better...

    best of luck

    herb ox

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