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Thread: Busted MMA fighters and fights

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    Busted MMA fighters and fights

    This is sort of an offshoot of the Busted Teachers thread since our MMA & Violence thread got locked...

    "Austin Powers" Star Charged in Gang Rape
    Posted Oct 9th 2008 8:22PM by TMZ Staff

    Joe SonTMZ has learned the actor who played Random Task in the first "Austin Powers" movie has been charged with a vicious gang rape.

    Joe Son's arrest has been all over newspapers in the O.C., but no one connected the dots -- that the suspect is actually Dr. Evil's henchman -- until now.

    Here's how it all went down. Son pleaded guilty back in May to felony vandalism. The plea required him to fork over a DNA sample. Investigators ran his sample and found Son's DNA connected him to an unsolved gang rape back in 1990, where a woman was pistol-whipped, raped, threatened with death and eventually blindfolded and released naked.

    Son has been charged with five felony counts of rape, two felony counts of forcible sodomy, two felony counts of sodomy in concert by force, seven felony counts of forcible oral copulation, and one felony count of sexual penetration by foreign object by force.

    Son faces a maximum sentence of 275 years to life if convicted
    Keith Hackney vs Joe Son (nice shot to the boys... )
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    Personally, if it's true, I hope he gets the entire 275 years and then "some" if you know what I mean....
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    I saw the TMZ show where they talked about this. Funny stuff. Hackney didn't know it at the time, but he gave that guy what he deserved.
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    I added 'and fights' to the title of this thread.

    You know it's on when people start tossing pool tables...
    Four arrests as 'all hell breaks out' at martial arts event
    Published Date: 10 June 2009
    By Staff Copy

    SPECTATORS had to run for cover after a barrage of missiles including a full-size pool table rained down on them during a riot at a martial arts event in South Yorkshire.

    Hundreds of people packed into the Virtual Ice Inline Skating Arena on Chesterton Road, Eastwood Trading Estate, Rotherham, after being promised “an explosive night of entertainment” at the Retribution Fight Night.

    But they got more than they bargained after one of the mixed martial arts and kick boxing bouts was cancelled.

    Eyewitnesses say “all hell broke loose” when an announcement was made the fight was cancelled because a competitor had suffered a cut eyebrow shortly after 11.15pm.

    One spectator, who did not want to be named, said a gang of thugs thought to be following a fighter from Lancashire reacted with fury.

    He said: “They had been drinking heavily and started throwing bottles and, among other things, a pool table from the balcony at an innocent crowd including children and pregnant women.

    “The venue got trashed beyond belief.”

    Another witness said: “They were throwing bottles at a machine gun-like rate plus tables, chairs and every other item that was on the balcony.

    “Having chucked every other item they possible could off they then collectively managed to pick up and throw a pool table.

    “It ended smashed at the very bottom of the stairs.”

    Police arrived shortly after the trouble broke out on Saturday.

    A police spokesman said: “It is alleged members of the audience were unhappy a match was cancelled when one of the fighters was injured.

    “Four men from the Manchester area were arrested on the night and have been bailed pending further enquiries.

    “The investigation is ongoing with officers now viewing the venue’s CCTV footage and interviewing witnesses.”

    Rebecca Guest, who works at Virtual Ice, said: “There was quite a mess including damage to the pool table but this was quickly cleared up and the venue was open as usual the following day.”

    Phoenix Fights, which put on the event, says on its website it aims “to provide an arena for the amateur and semi-pro mixed martial artists and kickboxers to showcase their ability and hone their skills”.
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    981 doubt they were all black sashes from the Hooligans kwoon
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    after being promised “an explosive night of entertainment” at the Retribution Fight Night.
    LOL.... be careful what ya wish for!

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    Boy that guys got some wierd karma,he gets to be in a movie,gets his balls crushed in a fight and then spends the rest of his life in prison for rape.

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    Mixed martial arts fighter Wyatt faces murder charge in Northern California

    Court testimony outlines events leading to slaying

    CRESCENT CITY -- Witnesses in Del Norte County Superior Court on Wednesday laid out a chaotic series of events surrounding a March killing in Klamath, weaving a twisted picture of a drug-filled night that led to the alleged torture and slaying of a 21-year-old Crescent City man.

    The accounts of the night are clouded by statements made by the four people in the house at the time of the incident or leading up to it, all of whom are believed to have taken psychedelic mushrooms. The victim and the suspect, according to the testimony, became preoccupied with the idea that a tidal wave was coming, that the end of the world was upon them and that a struggle between God and the devil was taking place.

    Del Norte County Superior Court Judge William Follett ruled after hours of testimony that there was sufficient evidence to hold Jarrod Wyatt, 26, in the alleged murder of his friend Taylor Powell. Wyatt will also have to answer to charges of aggravated mayhem and torture.

    The prosecution called two Del Norte County Sheriff's deputies to testify about what they found at the Requa house in which the killing took place in the early morning hours of March 21. The prosecution also called a detective who interviewed Wyatt after his arrest. The defense, in a move to dilute the charges against Wyatt, called his ex-girlfriend, who was at the residence that night and witnessed some of the events before Powell's death.

    Under questioning by Del Norte County District

    Attorney Mike Riese, Sgt. Elwood Lee said he was dispatched to Requa on March 21 to meet a man who had reported a stabbing nearby. Lee met the man, later identified as Justin Davis, who took them to the Fizer Road house in question. When Lee entered the house, he noticed what he believed to be dried blood on some cabinets in the entryway, and broken glass on the floor. Drywall had been discovered on a wall, Lee said. He heard someone mumbling in the living room, and saw a foot sticking out from a couch.

    Lee testified that he saw a man, later identified as Wyatt, standing near a body on a couch, naked and covered from head to toe in what appeared to be dried blood. Wyatt said,

    ”I killed him,” Lee said.

    Lee was able to cuff Wyatt without incident, and then he proceeded to look at the body on the couch. The body had had the majority of its face removed, and an 18-inch incision in its chest cavity. Lee said that he did not attempt first aid because he could see the man was dead.

    ”At one point,” Lee said, “(Wyatt) asked if we were God, or if we were God coming to save him.”

    Lee said that Wyatt said he'd cut out Powell's tongue, and that he'd removed his heart. He also mentioned that there had been a “big fight” in the kitchen. Wyatt told him that when he'd looked at Powell's face he'd seen the devil, Lee said.

    Deputy Enrique Ortega, there with Lee, said that he took Wyatt to his cruiser and put him inside.

    ”He (Wyatt) said, 'Take me to the hospital, Enrique, I'm covered in the guy's blood,'” Ortega said.

    Ortega also testified that he cuffed Wyatt's ex-girlfriend Billy Jo Bailey, who was found in the bedroom of the house. Davis was also detained. Testimony later revealed that Davis had been at the house earlier, then left to go to Crescent City, after Wyatt tried to get him to stay and even jumped on his car as Davis left. Davis returned later to get his dog, according to testimony Wednesday, when he discovered someone straddling another person in the living room talking about cutting off a tattoo. That's when he reportedly went to call police.

    Detective Ed Fleshman testified that he interviewed Wyatt in a holding cell at the Del Norte County jail at around 6:30 a.m. on March 21. Wyatt was still naked and covered in blood, Fleshman said. Fleshman testified that he read Wyatt his Miranda rights, and that Wyatt understood them. Wyatt then told Fleshman that he, Powell, Davis and Bailey had drank mushroom tea earlier that night. When Davis went to leave Fleshman said, Wyatt tried to stop him because he was concerned that a tidal wave was coming.

    Wyatt went on to tell Fleshman, that Powell had held him down, saying he (Wyatt) couldn't be saved.

    Fleshman said Wyatt then began rambling at the jail, apparently mixing up the order of events, and said that he'd cooked Powell's body parts in the wood stove at the Fizer Road residence. Wyatt told him that he had been tormented by spirits in the house, Fleshman said.

    Lee said that in a second interview shortly afterward, Wyatt told him that Powell had told him that the world was coming to an end. During an altercation, Wyatt told him, Powell had him in a chokehold from behind and that Wyatt felt he couldn't get up. The two had trained in mixed martial arts together, Lee said Wyatt told him.

    In continued rambling, Lee said that Wyatt told him that “Satan was in that dude.”

    Lee said that Wyatt told him he'd done some bad things, and that he'd cut Powell's heart out and burned it because he felt that Powell was still alive and he was trying to “stop the devil.”

    Lee also said that he did not believe Wyatt was under the influence of a hallucinogen. But Bailey, who Lee said he interviewed after Wyatt, appeared to be under the influence, and had a difficult time putting any order to the events of the night. She also told Lee, according to his testimony, that she thought Wyatt may have been upset with her and was “taking it out” on Powell.

    Called to the stand by defense attorney James Fallman, Bailey said that the evening of March 20 started at a bar in Crescent City, where she met Wyatt and drove with him to the Requa house. Powell and Davis followed soon after, she said. Bailey said she had met Powell three times before, and had never met Davis.

    Bailey said that Wyatt was in a good mood on the way to Klamath. When Powell and Davis showed up, the three men began making mushroom tea, and they all tried it. Powell and Davis had a difficult time stomaching the concoction, she said, and Bailey said she was teased by Davis that she should drink the tea or be the only sober one there. She testified she drank some and then lay down on the couch.

    Bailey said that the three men went outside, and then Wyatt came to the door saying that something was “burning his eyes.” Davis was trying to leave, Bailey said, and Wyatt was trying to prevent him from going. Wyatt then yelled to Powell to get him his guitar. Powell's behavior had changed since he'd taken the mushroom tea, Bailey said, and he responded harshly to Wyatt's demand.

    He said, “You wanna f'ing die,” three times, Bailey said.

    She then heard what she believed to be Wyatt and Powell wrestling on the kitchen floor, then talking about surfing. Bailey then said that she saw Powell standing over who she believed to be Wyatt, and that Powell was spitting on him. Bailey testified that she heard sounds she thought were sexual in nature, though she said it could have been something else.

    But Bailey appeared to have a difficult time putting the events in chronological order. At one point, she said that the lights in the house were out and she'd covered her head with the hood of her shirt. Bailey said she felt “pressure” on her legs, and Powell's voice saying that he could see her face. She sensed that someone was pointing a sharp object at her.

    At that point, Bailey said, she heard glass breaking in the kitchen. She said she was afraid of Powell, and that she left the room and went to the bedroom, and that she felt she needed to be protected from Powell. At some point later she could see Wyatt curled up in a ball on the floor of the living room.

    Under cross examination by Riese, Bailey said that she realized something had happened to Powell when she saw Wyatt curled up on the floor with Powell on the couch.

    ”I didn't know what to think, what I even just saw,” Bailey said.

    Bailey said that while her initial recollection of the night had been disjointed, she later was able to put together the events after talking about it with her self.

    The first-degree murder charge that Wyatt faces hinges in large part on his intent. Premeditation, or acting with “malice and aforethought,” must be shown to uphold the charge.

    Fallman said that the evidence presented at the preliminary hearing showed that Wyatt was having a psychotic break and couldn't form the intent that would make him responsible for premeditated murder. Fallman also tried to say that Wyatt overreacted, trying to defend Bailey after he discovered Powell pushing down on her legs.

    ”My client was trying to silence the devil,” Fallman said.

    But Follett said that he had no evidence to support the claims that Wyatt had had a psychotic break.

    Riese said that the act of mutilating Powell's body itself took a substantial amount of time and showed evidence of intent, and that the removal of Powell's face showed extreme, callous indifference.

    Follett agreed that Powell's death did not occur immediately after he had reportedly put pressure on Bailey's legs while she was on the couch. Follett ruled that there was enough evidence showing Wyatt had committed all three crimes he is charged with -- and that he'd used a deadly weapon in committing those crimes -- to hold him to answer to the charges.

    Wyatt is scheduled to be arraigned on Friday.
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    BREAKING: Mixed martial arts fighter charged with murder
    By The News-Record staff
    Published: Saturday, August 14, 2010 7:19 AM MDT

    A mixed martial arts fighter from Gillette has been charged with second-degree murder in the beating death of a former University of Nevada, Las Vegas football player.

    Prosecutors formally charged 25-year-old Jason Sindelar on Thursday in Las Vegas.

    Sindelar was arrested in June in the death of 26-year-old DeMario Reynolds. Prosecutors waited for a toxicology report before filing formal charges.

    Police have said Sindelar was fighting with his girlfriend at the pyramid-shaped Luxor hotel-casino on the Las Vegas strip in June. Witnesses told police Reynolds tried to break it up.

    Sindelar then allegedly attacked Reynolds. Police have said the two men were friends.

    According to the arrest report, Reynolds told Sindelar he didn’t want to fight him and tried to calm him down but Sindelar wouldn’t listen and continued to fight. Police have said Sindelar was drunk.

    Sindelar began fighting competitively in mixed martial arts in 2007. While in Gillette, he trained at the Martial Arts Center of Gillette and was a member of a three-man fighting team called “The Wrecking Crew.”

    Sindelar attended Campbell County High School and moved to Las Vegas about two years ago, said Nick Carter, a Gillette attorney who has represented Sindelar in the past.
    Not as grisly as the Jarrod Wyatt case back on our BMA thread.
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    That sounds more than just drunk to me...steroids or other illegal recreational drugs probably played a part. Hard to imagine that a professional fighter would be that out of control with a friend just after being drunk...but who knows...maybe he wasn't trying to kill him.
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    ok, i see it was that guy who created "joe son do", i wonder who will be his successor???? maybe ashida kim??

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    Shut down in Iowa

    Epic Fail. The two cited injuries in this article are interesting.
    State officials shut down a mixed martial arts fight
    Blog post by Jennifer Jacobs • • August 24, 2010

    A mixed martial arts promoter failed to turn in documentation of new safety regulations, so state officials shut down its event in Bloomfield last week, state officials said this morning.

    Iowa Labor Commissioner Dave Neil issued a cease and desist order last week against Midwest Fighting Championship, said Kerry Koonce, a spokeswoman for Iowa Workforce Development.

    Midwest Fighting Championship didn’t turn in required paperwork – proof of medical insurance, proof each fighter had a blood test, and copies of each fighter’s contract – 24 hours before an event set for last Friday, Koonce said.

    “The laws surrounding mixed martial arts fights are there to protect everyone involved,” Neil said in a written statement this morning. “The required blood work and physicals ensure that fighters are in condition before the match and the required health insurance prevents Iowans from picking up the bill for medical expenses when fighters frequently end up in the emergency room following a match.”

    State lawmakers approved new legislation cracking down on unsafe practices in mixed martial arts. The changes took effect July 1.

    Mixed martial arts is an unarmed combat sport in which two fighters seek to achieve dominance by using a combination of permitted martial arts techniques such as grappling, kicking and striking.

    Industry insiders had told lawmakers that mixed martial arts is a popular and respected sport, but that the industry in Iowa needed to be cleaned up. Problems cited included mismatched fights between experienced and novice fighters, inside-the-cage rules that differ between sanctioning bodies, judges and referees who are related to the promoter, and judges being allowed to consume alcohol during events.

    A Waverly father told The Des Moines Register that no one stopped his 17-year-old son from climbing into the cage for a mixed martial arts fight even though he was underage, didn’t have a parent’s permission and had never fought before. An experienced fighter beat him badly, leaving him with a broken nose, a cracked eye socket and vision damage.

    And a 20-year-old Shenandoah man shared the story of how he was paralyzed from the neck down in an amateur fight. The promoter who staged the event didn’t offer to pay medical expenses — and wasn’t required by law to do so.

    One changes in Iowa regulations is meant to ensure all fighters – both professional and amateur – are at least 18 years old. Promoters must obtain a license from the labor commissioner before staging any fight. The labor commissioner can suspend the license of a contestant if the contestant fails a pre-fight physical or cannot produce proof of being at least 18.

    State labor officials have issued 37 fight licenses so far this year, Koonce said. Most promoters cooperate with the state officials and are following the laws, she said.

    “The few promoters who consistently try to skirt Iowa’s laws present an unprofessional image that affects everyone involved in the sport,” Koonce said in the news release.

    The Davis County Sheriff’s Department assisted the labor commissioner in delivering the cease and desist order in Bloomfield.

    The Register is trying to reach Midwest Fighting Championship for comment.

    An organizer posted this message on the Midwest Fighting Championship Facebook page on Friday: “YES FIGHTS ARE OFF IF ANYONE THINKS THEY CAN RUN A SHOW BETTER GO AHEAD AND DO IT CANT DO ANYTHING WHEN STATE SHUTS IT DOWN.”

    When a reader asked why the state shut down the event, the organizer answered: “the state served cease and desist papers thats all everyone needs to know.”
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    The state that resembles a middle finger.

    crazy russian cage fighter insane..

    haha you guys remember this guy? theres a link at the bottom of his fights. An article I found on bullshido about him.... This explains it now, yep explains a lot.

    RUSSIAN police are hunting an ex-cage fighter who escaped from a psychiatric ward by tearing through a fence with his bare hands.
    Vyacheslav Datsik, 33, turned to a life of crime after he was deemed too violent for the no-holds barred sport, RIA Novosti said.

    The powerfully-built Datsik was locked up in a high security psychiatric clinic in 2007 for robbing mobile phone stores but authorities moved him to a low security facility in St Petersburg in July.

    Datsik used his immense strength to escape on Saturday.

    "He tore a hole in a chain-link fence with his bare hands and fled. We immediately informed police about his escape," the hospital's shocked chief doctor, Leonid Yefremov, told the news website.

    Datsik's former cagefighting career was dogged by accusations that he endangered his opponents by being too brutal in the ring.

    The martial arts expert was repeatedly disqualified for being too violent before he threw in the towel after losing six straight bouts from December 2001 and February 2003.

    Datsik escaped criminal charges over his subsequent robbery spree because he was diagnosed as mentally ill.

    Authorities suspect the brawler has already re-offended.

    A salesman at a St Petersburg mobile phone store told police that a "hefty man" raided his business on Sunday, making off with about 7000 rubles ($227) and a Nokia phone.

    The assistant identified the robber as Datsik from a police photo, RIA Novosti said.

    For those who don't remember, Vyacheslav Datsik is the man responsible for beating Andrei Arlovski in his MMA debut, a man who became an internet sensation due to his extremely ****ed-up and mentally ill ring behaviour.
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    i am manly and strong. do not insult me cracker.

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    This is a movie in waiting, LOL !!
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    so he really is too 'd3@dly 4 teh ringz' ? quick teach him some tiger!
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