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Thread: Greetings from a student of Cheung Wah's

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    seung ga faat Guest

    Greetings from a student of Cheung Wah's

    Hello, my name Othal Thomas. I'm a student of Cheung,Sifu and a 7* Instructor. My Sifu is a left side disciple of Chiu Luen and well known in NY's Chinatown. Anyone interested in 7* training in DC area please contact me via email.

    Sifu Thomas

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    mikeW Guest

    Good news

    Hey Sifu, It's good to see you posted I'm looking forward to hearing more from you and about your sifu Chueng Wah? By the way while I'm here and "this is to all".I have not heard a lot about proper stances & footwork what if any is the take on these.Has anyone ever heard the term wa'saa bo - frog stance or strong posture?
    Sifu Mike Whetstone [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_rolleyes.gif[/img]

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    seung ga faat Guest

    wah sai or sek

    Mike, according to my Sifu (Cheung Wah)the correct name for 7*'s 50/50 step is wah sai or sek which means frog stronghold. According to Sifu the founder of the mantis style Wong Long added this frog foothold after viewing one jump near water. Wong Long was so impressed with frog's energy and pouncing ability that he added a wide frog-like posture to his mantis. The step is much to wide to be sitting on a horse. For a point of reference check WHF's book Bung Bo Kuen, it's LKY in most of the pictures. This information was relayed to my Sifu by his Sifu.

    Sifu Thomas

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