JAN. 12, 2022 / 3:53 PM

By Ben Hooper

Ontario martial artists Silvana Shamuon and Hannah Wright set a Guinness World Record by completing a total 178 martial arts kicks in 60 seconds. Photo courtesy of Guinness World Records
Jan. 12 (UPI) -- An Ontario martial artist broke her second Guinness World Record by teaming up with a student to perform 178 kicks in 60 seconds.

Silvana Shamuon, 28, who previously set a Guinness record by kicking footballs off of people's heads in 2016, teamed up with student Hannah Wright, 15, to take on the record for most martial arts kicks by a pair in 1 minute (female).

Shamuon, an instructor at Shamuon Generation of Martial Arts in Waterloo and Hotshot Athletic in Cambridge, alternated kicks with Wright and the pair finished with a total 178, beating the previous record of 144.

"I'm always looking at Guinness for ideas, and I saw that one and was like 'Hmm, I think I could do this with Hannah.' It was honestly just the luck of the search," Shamuon told The Record newspaper. "Words cannot express the amount of pride that I felt for Hannah. For a teenager, she was amazing the entire way."
Congrats Silvana Shamuon and Hannah Wright!