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Thread: Mr.Bing Lee in Denver (?)

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    Mr.Bing Lee in Denver (?)

    I'm moving to Fort Collins shortly, and 'am looking up options to study the internal arts in the area. I'm looking for more information on one Mr.Bing Lee who I'm told is a skilled Tai Chi teacher.
    Recommendations, and contact information welcome.
    Thanks, in advance, for your time.

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    I'm sure someone here knows how to contact Mr. Lee.
    If you are up in Boulder, feel free to pay us a visit!!

    Best of luck!
    Chris Haynes

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    Mr. Bing Lee in Denver

    I have studied with Mr. Bing Lee before and will probably return to his school if he will have me back now that my work schedule has changed to accommodate classes again if he is still teaching. He is a very skilled teacher with a great school and reasonable prices. His school is located somewhere on the 1100 or 1200 block of S. Bannock St. in Denver behind the breakfast king restaurant next to some railroad tracks. Hope that helps.

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