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Thread: Wing Chun in the movies!

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    dzu Guest
    Prodigal Son is Leung Yee Tai teaching Leung Jan
    Warriors Two is Leung Jan teaching Chan Wah Shun


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    Shadowboxer Guest

    Preying Mantis scene

    Crazy Ivan,

    Yeah I know the levitating part was a stretch, but hey, it is a movie. I just meant that you get to see the PM style. My sifu also teaches PM and I get to touch hands with them on occasion. So, I like to watch their techniques to know how to deal with them.

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    jameswebsteruk Guest

    Better mantis

    There's a great mantis scene at the end of Jet Li's Shaolin Temple 3, where his teacher squares up to the bad guy in a bamboo greenhouse thing.

    Smoooooth. :p)

    "Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running
    around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music." ;)

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    Wongsifu Guest
    warriors 2 is the second part to prodigal son.
    I think in the same way that drunken master is the second part to snake in eagles shadow.
    Its not a sequel as such.
    but the wing chun in warriors 2 is so good, such beautiful application its what really made me realise how crappy 90% of wing chun out there really is.. including the 2 main lineages out there :D

    I wongsifu shall strike fear into the hearts of trolls and mma guys who **** me off on these forums oh and in real life.

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    Juan Alvarez Guest
    You know, I thougt Prodigal Son was produced after Warrior Two. But you're probably right Wongsifu, it makes more sense that way.

    Frank, is it the scene were the sifu and the bad guy square off and then Jet comes in and shows his mantis that he learned watching secretly his master? If it is, yeah it really rocks!

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    HuangKaiVun Guest
    Jackie Chan's "Rumble In the Bronx" is basically a Wing Chun movie from beginning to end.

    Check out his Mok Yan Jong demo in the beginning of the movie.

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    dzu Guest
    Warriors Two was made in 1978 I think and Prodigal Son was made in the early 80's.

    Obviously some creative license was used with both films regarding the history and the WC itself. I found them entertaining though.


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    Shadowboxer Guest

    Hey Frank...

    Does Shaolin Temple 3 have another name? I've seen it before from the collection at my kwoon, but I can't find it now, although ST 1 is there. I want to watch it again for the mantis scenes.
    -HKV, Yeah Rumble is good, especially that dummy scene. That reminds me, I was going to capture that scene on my computer and slow it down so I could see what is going on.

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    dzu Guest
    Shaolin Temple 1 = Shaolin Temple
    Shaolin Temple 2 = Kids from Shaolin
    Shaolin Temple 3 = Martial Arts of Shaolin


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    Juan Alvarez Guest
    Thanx for pointing that out Dzu.

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    dlew308 Guest

    DVDs fyi

    Either DVD is available from
    I bought The Prodigal Son DVD from them.

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    Slayer Guest

    Wing Chun Movies

    I am sure people has asked about this before, but what are some movies, with Wing Chun in it, I know of a few, but can you give me the run down?

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    dlew308 Guest

    not many that I know of

    Warriors Two
    The Prodigal Son
    Wing Chun
    The Descendant of Wing Chun

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    Universal Stance Guest

    One more thing...

    Warriors Two is the continued story of Prodigal Son.

    "**** it's cold out here to be practicing."

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    dlew308 Guest


    Seems to be a trend to put out the sequel before the prequel. Warriors Two, 1978, Prodigal Son, 1982.

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