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    FIRE HAWK Guest

    Kung Fu in Vietnam and Vietnam martial Arts List with Kung Fu styles listed that went

    Vietnamese Martial Arts

    This list was improved by the kind assistance of the following individuals:
    Le Tan
    Brian Sherman
    Marco Taglietti
    Anatoly Tokara
    Reto Turnell
    (Any remaining shortcomings and idiosyncracies are solely my responsibility !)

    This is from Kai Eric Witts website the Vo Pages

    Contemporary styles

    Style Head Founder Roots
    Bach My Phai (Baimeiquan) (several lineages) Zhang Liquan (1880 - 1964)?
    (attributed to Baimei) Nga My Phai(?)
    Bach Ho Quyen (Baihuquan) (several lineages) ? (Shaolinquan?)
    Chau Gia Duong Lang Nam Phai
    (« Nam Phai Duong Lang) (several lineages) Zhoufamily (Hakka) Zhoujia Tanglangnanpai
    (« Nanpai Tanglangquan, Wuzuquan?)
    Con Luan ? ? ?
    Dai Bang Phai Le Van Than ? ?
    Dau Vo Dai ? ? ?
    Dong Viet Dao Dong Vu Dong Vu (1943-) Thich Tran Thu
    (buddhist lineage, which??)
    Hac Ho Quyen (Heihuquan) (several lineages) ? (Shaolinquan?)
    Han Bai (several lineages) ? ?
    ---> "European branch" Farid Belkessa Tasteyre Tran Phuoc () (Han Bai: Thach Nam lineage
    via Wu By Oai ?)
    Hau Quyen Trung Dung Dao Tran Van Ut(?) unknown buddhist lineage (which??)
    He Phai (Kejia) (many lineages) "none" (collective term for the
    Hakka families' arts) Thieu Lam Nam Phai, Nga My Phai,
    Nam Phai Duong Lang, Long Qing
    Hiep Khi Vo Dao Nghiem Toan? Tran Huu Ha ?
    Hoa Long Vo Dao Le Vinh Long Le Vinh Long Vo Trung Hoa & ?
    Hong Gia (Hongjiaquan) (several lineages) Lu Acai and Tie Qiaosan?
    (attributed to Hong Xiguan) Shaolin Nanpai?
    ---> Dinh Tri Dung ? (Hongjiaquan)
    Huynh Long Phai Huynh Duc Tho Huynh Duc Tho? Vo Binh Dinh
    Kim Ke ? Nguyen Lu (1754-?) Vo Tay Son, Thieu Lam Nam Phai
    Kim Long ? ? ...
    Kim Long see entry under Vo Binh Dinh
    > La Han Quyen (several lineages) ? originated in Fujian: Shaolin Nanpai?
    La Son Phai ? ? Vo Quang Binh?
    > Long Ho Hoi - Vo Viet-Nam Nguyen Manh Son
    (aka Hong Sac Kim) Nguyen Manh Hung? "Sino-Indochinese style"
    Long Qing Phai (Longxingpai) (several lineages) Dayu? Shaolin Nanpai, Nanpaiquan?
    Mei Hoa Quyen (Meihuaquan) (several lineages) (Feng Keshan?) Emeipai / Emeiquan
    Minh Long Louis Marion? Tran Minh Long (1925-1977) ?
    Nam Hai Vo Dao Nghiem An Thach Nghiem An Thach (1937-) Vo Lam Son, ?
    Nam Hong Son ? ? ?
    Nam Phai Duong Lang
    (Nanpai Tanglangquan) » Chau Gia Duong Lang Nam Phai (Zhoujia Tanglangnanpai)
    » ... Duong Lang Nam Phai (Zhulin Shi Tanglangquan)
    Nga My Phai (Emeipai/Emeiquan) (many lineages) "none" (collective term) Emeishaninhabitants
    Nga My Son Phat Gia Quyen see entry under Vo That Son
    Nom Tong ? ? ?
    Qwan Ki Do
    (Vietn.: Quan Khi Dao) Pham Xuan Tong Pham Xuan Tong (1947-) Thieu Lam Nam Phai, Nga My Phai,
    Chau Gia Duong Lang Nam Phai,
    Quan Ky, La Son Phai, Vo Binh Dinh
    Sa Long Cuong Le Van Van (1954-) Truong Thanh Dang (1895-1985) Vo Binh Dinh
    Tay Son Nhan see entry under Vo Tay Son
    Thieu Lam (many lineages) "none" (collective term) ?
    ---> Nguyen Van Nguyen ??? (Thieu Lam, which lineage?)
    Thieu Lam Nam Phai
    (Shaolin Nanpai) (many lineages) "none" (collective term) ?
    Trung Son Vo Dao ? Mai Van Phat (1917-1997) buddhist lineage (which??)
    Truong Vo Thuat Truong The Ngoc ? ?
    Vat Lieu Doi ? ? ?
    Viet Vo Dao quite recent, collective term for Vietnamese Martial Arts
    (more traditional terms are: Vo Thuat, Vo Ta or Vo Co Truyen)
    Viet Vu Dao Nguyen Van Luong Pham Van Tan Vo Dat Do?
    Vinh Xuan Quyen
    (Yongchunquan) (several lineages) ??? (No, don't ask for my guess... )
    ---> Huynh Ngoc An (1954-)
    (aka Ho Phi Ho) Nguyen Te Kong (1877-1960)
    (name in Cantonese Yuen Chai Wan) (Yongchunquan,
    YCW studied with Leung Jan)
    ---> Nam Anh (19??-) Nguyen Dui Hai (aka Ho Hai Long; 1917-1988) and Nguyen Minh (1884-?) (Yongchunquan)
    Vo An Vinh ? ? ?
    Vo Bac Ninh (many lineages) "none"
    (collective term for provincial arts) ?
    Vo Binh Dinh (many lineages) "none"
    (collective term for provincial arts) ?
    ---> Kim Long Tran Ngoc Dinh Tran Ngoc Dinh Sino-Vietnamese lineage (which??),
    Vo Binh Dinh
    Vo Cuu Long ? ? ?
    Vo Da ? ? ?
    Vo Dao Vietnam Cuong Chu Tan ? ?
    Vo Hoang Nam ? ? ?
    Vo Lam Dai Huynh? ? Thieu Lam Nam Phai, Hong Gia?
    Vo Lam Son (several lineages) "none"
    (collective term for regional arts) ?
    ---> Lam Son Vo Dao Jacques Tran Van Ba Quach Van Ke (1897-1976) (Ba Cat, Bay Mua, Han Bai)
    Vo Nha Chua ? ? ?
    Vo Nhat Nam ? ? ?
    Vo Quang Binh (many lineages) "none"
    (collective term for provincial arts) ?
    Vo Quang Nam (many lineages) "none"
    (collective term for provincial arts) ?
    ---> Ma Vinh Trinh ? (Vo Quang Nam)
    Vo Song Be (several lineages) "none"
    (collective term for provincial arts) ?
    Vo Tan Kanh ? ? ?
    Vo Tay Son (several lineages) "none"
    (collective term for regional arts) ?
    ---> Diep Bao Sanh ? (Vo Tay Son)
    ---> Ho Buu (Ho Ngan & Diep Bao Sanh?) (Vo Tay Son)
    ---> Phan Toan Chau ? (Vo Tay Son)
    ---> Tai Vinh Minh ? (Vo Tay Son)
    ---> Tay Son Nhan Nguyen Van Deu
    (aka Hong Nhan) Le Van Khoi (Vo Tay Son)
    Vo Thanh Long Nguyen Dan Phu (1912-) Nguyen Dan Phu? ?
    Vo That Son (several lineages) "none"
    (collective term for regional arts) ?
    ---> That Son Than Vo Dao Phuoc Gia Phan? ? Vo That Son,
    Sino-Vietnamese style(s)?
    ---> Nga My Son Phat Gia Quyen ? ? Vo That Son? (name may indicate Emeiquan origin)
    Vo Tong Hop ? ? ?
    Vo Trung Hoa (several lineages) Nguyen Trung Hoa Vo Binh Dinh, Vo Quang Binh,
    Vo Bac Ninh, Thieu Lam Nam Phai
    ---> Vo Dao Trung Hoa Jean Quy Jean Quy Vo Trung Hoa, ?
    ---> Vo Duong Cay Lau Bernard Vo Dinh Quang Bernard Vo Dinh Quang Vo Trung Hoa, some influence from Quan Khi Dao
    Vo Viet Nam Nguyen Duc Moc Nguyen Duc Moc ?
    Vo Viet-Nam see entry under Long Ho Hoi - Vo Viet-Nam
    Vovinam Le Sang (1931- ) Nguyen Loc (1912-1960) Vo Bac Ninh & many other styles
    Vu Dao ? ? ?

    Please note that this list is far from complete!

    (In public, many styles are only known under the collective name of Viet Vo Dao).

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    reneritchie Guest

    Vinh Xuan


    There seems to be quite a lot of variety in Vietnam Wing Chun Kuen these days. Yuen Chai-Wan (Nguyen Te-Cong) is generally credited with bringing the system to North Vietnam in the 1930s when he was hired by a local expatriot (Shunde and Nanhai if memory serves) to teach. These were his first students, ethnic Cantonese, and sound like they received instruction very similar to what his Foshan students (Yiu Choi being the most well known) received, and simiar to his brother, Yuen Kay-San (Nguyen Kai-Shon) system.

    After this, he began teaching Vietnamese students in Hanoi and later Saigon. These teachings seem further afield from Foshan Wing Chun, including extra weapons (tiger fork, straight sword, kwan-do), "5 animal" forms, and 5-animal Qigong. The basic Wing Chun seems also limited to Siu Nim Tao which does not look much like his ethnic Cantonese students or Foshan students.

    It's also said a student of Chan Wah-Shun name Lui Yiu-Chai (Luong Vu-Te) moved to Vietnam at roughly the same time and indeed some of the Wing Chun in Vietnam seems to match that lineage more closely.

    One interesting puzzle remains Yuen Chai-Wan's lineage. His Foshan students and ethnic Cantonese students in Vietnam seem to record he learned from Fok Bo-Chuen (some of his Vietnamese students also record this, though it may be a recent adaption). Many Vietnamese students, however, maintain he learned from Fok's classmate, Leung Jan. What makes it interesting is Yuen Chai-Wan was the 4th son of the Yuen family and known as Dou Pei Chai (Pock Skin Chai). Some people in Gulao village (Leung Jan's home town) claim Leung Jan had 5 sons, the 4th being Leung Chai, known as Dou Pei Chai.

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    Hungmei Guest

    Vietnamese WC Lineage Holder

    Hello Fire Hawk:

    I'm in the process of helping the Vietnam lineage holder for the WC system immigrate to America. As you're probably aware the WC line split geographically and this person is the "Patriarch" of Wing Chun for all of Vietnam.

    If you are interested in assisting me in bringing him into country you can post on this forum.

    He is currently in Russia, married to a Russian research physicist. The primary hurdle to overcome is having something set up for him so that he can enter country permanently.

    His Wife is easily employable but his sole “job skill” is teaching WC.

    I'm thinking along the lines of having either a Wing Chun school "sponsor" him or perhaps a collective effort by the local WC community.

    I've been in contact with several of his former students who are in the Washington, DC area and they are willing to help in any way. They are, however, worried about potential repercussions with regard to family members who reside in Vietnam. Therefore, they're kind of in the shadows but should be helpful with the financial burden. John

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    reneritchie Guest

    Vietnamese Wing Chun Patriarchs?

    Hi John,

    Is patriarch used in a similar manner to Jeung Moon Yan (Center Gate Person)? I've come across four different groups who use that terms for four different people (two in Vietnam, one in Russia, one in Canada). Are these differentiated by georgraphy? (ie. is there one for the ethnic Cantonese students, one for the Hanoi, one for the Saigon, and perhaps others for different lineages like Luong Vu-Te?)

    One of the Vietnamese (ethnic Cantonese descent) seemed very similar to Foshan WCK. Another was very different (closer to Chan Wah-Shun lineage but with a lot of other stuff) and had a really beautiful wall mural with animals, weapons, and poetry on it. The Russian and Canadian group sounded roughly similar in content (lots of 5 animals material).

    With the turbulance in Vietnam throughout the 20th century, its nice to know there are people working on preserving the Wing Chun that survived.


    Rene Ritchie

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    Hungmei Guest

    WC in Vietnam

    Hello Rene:

    I found your post after my original post or I would have included you in the "invitation to help" post. Good to see you on this forum.

    As for your questions let me just say this: I have a copy of what his Wife sent me regarding the lineage, as well as a video tape (VHS, NTSC format) of her husband performing WC. I could provide you with copies of both, provided you are willing to help me get these people out of Russia and over the North American continent :) Yeah I know, sounds kind of like bribery but I really need some help getting this thing done.

    All my correspondence over the last couple of years has been run through the filter of translation from Vietnamese-Russian-English. Hell of a "rough read" if you know what I mean.

    Since you're well established in the WC community if you are interested in helping me get this guy into country, and Canada is just as good as America, post on this list and I'll contact you off list. Just let me know if you have a Web Page up and I'll use the e-mail address noted there.

    Robert was helping me on this thing, but the California based company that specialized in immigration assistance folded up so I never got anywhere. John

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    reneritchie Guest

    Contact info

    Hi John,

    I have a webpage up at and can be reached via email at Canada, to my knowledge, is happy to accept Russians (or anybody) but only with specific special knowledge (advanced mathmatics and/or computer programming skills). Otherwise it seems to work off a point system (speaking English so many points, speaking French, level of education, other skills, etc.)

    If his wife is easier, you may want to consider bringing her in and then having her bring him in. I've seen that done in reverse (Russian programmers here bringing their wives over from a few weeks to a year later). It can be difficult, but seems less difficult than trying to get both in.

    Anyway, please feel free to contact me via email.


    Rene Ritchie

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    yik-wah-tik Guest

    choy lee fut in vietnam


    i am sifu jew hung loong from the american hung sing kwoon in san francisco, ca. our style is the hung sing choy lee fut style of the jeong yim aka jeong hung sing branch of clf, which was founded
    in fut san.

    within my lineage of clf, my di-sigung's teacher was named yuen hai. i have heard that master yuen hai originally came from vietnam. he beat someone up so badly that he had to escape and he fled to fut san china where he met up with hung sing choy lee fut founder jeong hung sing.

    my question is that i know there are clf schools in vietnam, but i was wondering if there is anyone out there that may have knowledge of master yuen hai. he originally was a hung gar student and worked as a bodyguard/bouncer and was a very tough man.

    is there anyone in vietnam that can help me try and trace his lineage back to vietnam?

    anyone here from a choy lee fut school :rolleyes:

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    reneritchie Guest

    Yuen in Foshan


    I've heard of Choy Lee Fut sifu Yuen Hai of Foshan before and always wondered if he was related in any way to Yuen Kay-San and Yuen Chai-Wan, two prominent Foshan Wing Chun practitioners.

    Yuen Kay-San was born in 1889 and was the fifth son of the owner of the Zhanbei (Chang Bak) Street Fireworks store. He was known as Yuen Lo-Jia (Yuen the Fifth). Yuen Chai-Wan was his elder brother, the fourth son, and known as Dou Pei Chai (Pockskin Chai).

    Yuen (Ruan) is not a common surname in Guangdong, but is quite common in Vietnam, so there have been rumors that the Yuen's came to Guangdong from there (or in some rumors, from Guangxi) though I believe they had an ancestral hall and had lived there for generations. Wealthy, they lived on an estate on Song Yuan (Mullbery Gardens) Main Street, neighbors of the Yip family.

    Their father might have been named Yuen Chong-Ming (though I have heard Yuen Ming was the name of one of Yuen Kay-San's two sons instead.)

    Is there any other information on Yuen Hai?


    Rene Ritchie

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    yik-wah-tik Guest

    yuen hai from fut san hung sing kwoon


    hey thanks for responding so quick. i don't know if yuen hai would be related to yuen of the wing chun school, but from what i know is that yuen hai
    was a bodyguard bouncer from vietnam that protected gambling houses, and after beating someone up he was wanted by the police. he fled and escaped to china. he landed in fut san and came across the hung sing school and challenged jeong hung sing to fight. after 3 fights and being tossed out of the studio each time yuen hai then bowed to jeong hung sing and pleaded to become a disciple. it is said that he is either the 1st or 2nd of jeong yims original students.

    the government tried to arrest the hung sing students and most escaped including yuen hai who fled to hong kong. he set up a school in kowloon and taught longshoreman and did quite well.

    then chan sing-jeong yims student- visited yuen hai in hk then started a fight and beat up a couple of police. then one day 4 gung fu masters approached yuen hai and challenged him to fight. he was armed with a pair of butterfly knives and killed those 4 masters.

    yuen hai had to close his school and he didn't know where to go so he asked his classmate lui chun-tam sam's sifu- where to go since he didn't have a clue. lui chun told him to go to canton and hide and also teach hs clf there.

    it was there that prof. lau bun approached yuen hai and asked to become his disciple. Professor lau bun was yuen hai's last student.

    another of yuen hai's students was a master name
    fong yoke she!

    comments,opinions, etc please!

    sifu jew hung loon :cool:

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    yik-wah-tik Guest

    yuen hai


    you said that you have heard of yuen hai from fut san, can you tell me what you know?

    hung loong :D

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    Unhappy Vietnamese martial arts???

    Is there a Vietnamese ma??? I mean Japan,China and Korea have one but what about Vietnam???
    Go Surf!
    Train hard and work hard to gain mastery.
    Do not train and you gain nothing.
    Spread good karma!!! Because if you dont, you get hit by bad karma!!!
    Then you will step in dog crap!!!=)
    Karate's better!!!

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    Ace Tomato Co.
    Vo Vin Nam- I know nothing about it.
    Monkey vs. Robot

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    New York Tri State Area

    Question err

    Viet Vo Dao..or something similar? i really don't know anything about it except for what i've heard, that it's a mix of different chinese/korean/japanese styles, depending on which teacher learned what...i could be way off base though...
    In mildness is the strength of steel

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    I think they are both legitimate,I cannot remember which one is the mish-mash of various other styles (or they can even be one and the same)
    There are also Vietnamese versions of tai chi,snake style (sorry,mediocre definition) and "Vietnamese kickboxing".
    I do not think Vietnamese MA is any (or that much) smaller than,say Korean but only much less known to public (for an example,how many burman arts do you know?)
    The sunsets setting down.Lay me on the forest floor.

    I do not necessarily stand behind all of the statements I have made in the past, in this forum. Some of the statements may have appeared to support a biased view of reality, and may have been offensive. If you are a moral person and were hurt by comments that I made, you can PM me about it and I will apologize if I find your cause reasonable.
    -FC, summer of 2006-

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    check out

    The head guy is tough and has legit experience in the ring and in combat. He teaches a few Vietnamese styles, I think.
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