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07/24/09 Iranian woman wins gold in World Games Sanshou

TAIPEI, July 24 (Mehr News Agency) -- Zahra Karimi claimed a gold medal in the Wushu Competition's Sanshou [combat] event of the World Games 2009 on Thursday.

The Iranian woman defeated Mariane Mariano from the Philippines 2-1 in the 60 kg category in her first game. Karimi then beat KAO Yu Chuan from Taiwan 2-0 and won the gold.

Farshad Arabi, another Iranian athlete, won the silver medal of the Taolu Nanquan & Nangun on Friday. He finished second with 9.75 points behind Peng Wei Chua from Taiwan who scored 9.80.

The World Games of 2009 takes place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, from July 16 to 26.
July 23, 2009 23:31 PM
National Wushu Athletes Start Competing In World Games

KUALA LUMPUR, July 23 (Bernama) -- Hopes are high on four wushu athletes selected to represent Malaysia in the 2009 World Games currently taking place in Kaoshuing, Taiwan.

When wushu opened in the Kaohsiung County Stadium today, Malaysia were represented by two male and two female athletes.

A report taken from the championship's official website, www.worldgames.tw stated that for the women's category hopes were on World Wushu Championships gold medallist Chai Fong Ying and Diana Bong Siong Lin, while Lee Yang and Ho Mun Hua were due to take part in the men's category.

In today's events, Fong Ying finished in fourth place in women's Taijiquan discipline with 9.60 points behind Cui Wenjuan from China, who scored 9.89 points.

Fong Ying, who is making her debut in the World Games, will continue competing in the Taijijian discipline tomorrow for a medal.

Like Fong Ying, Diana Bong, Lee Yang and Mun Hua received a similar fate after each finished their disciplines at fourth place.

According to the report, after the women's Nanquan event, Diana Bong had to settle with 8.92 points, which was three steps behind Lin Fan from China, who obtained 9.87 points.

In the mens category, Lee Yang obtained 9.75 points through the Taijiquan discipline while Mun Hua received 9.61 points in the Nanquan event.

Tomorrow all the athletes will continue competing in one discipline in their respective events.
Taiwanese Opera performer wins gold in World Games Wushu event
Central News Agency
2009-07-25 04:00 PM

Kaohsiung, July 24 (CNA) Peng Wei-chua, the 2005 World Wushu champion and a prominent performer of Taiwanese Opera, thrilled the home crowd by winning a gold medal in the World Games in Kaohsiung Friday.

Peng works for the popular Taiwanese opera troupe the Ming Hua Yuan Arts and Cultural Group (MHY) as a leading actor and became its action director 18 months ago.

Holding a master's degree from Taipei Physical Education College, Peng was also a silver medalist in the Wushu competition at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games, where it was a demonstration event.

On Friday, crowds of people packed Kaohsiung County Stadium to watch Peng perform in the men's Nanquan (southern fist) round of the Taolu Nanquan and Nangun (southern staff) category, and they were not disappointed.

Peng's routine wowed the judges for its many difficult mid-air movements -- clinching the gold medal -- and won warm applause from the crowd.

His coach Chang Shih-po said he was not surprised to see Peng bring home a gold because he knows Peng is a true Wushu master.

The coach said, however, that he was disappointed that China did not enter a competitor in the event because he had looked forward to seeing Peng compete with a Chinese athlete.

Iran's Farshad Arabi won silver in the event with a 19.51, and Malaysia's Ho Mun Hua scored 19.25 to grab bronze.

In the other division of Wushu, the Sanshou, which involves barehanded physical combat, China's E Meidie beat Vietnamese competitor Nguyen Thuy Ngan in the woman's under 52kg class to win gold, while Mary Jane Estimar of the Philippines took bronze.

In the women's under 60kg category, Iran's Zahara Karimi Vardanjani had already clinched gold Thursday after winning her two bouts in the three-women competition. On Friday, Mariane Mariano of the Philippines beat Chinese Taipei's Kao Yu-chuan to win the silver. In the men's under 56kg. division, China's Duan Hansong defeated his only competitor, Russia's Sait Khayrulaev, to win gold.

Russia's Murad Akhadov secured the gold medal in the under 70kg weight class after knocking down South Korea's Kim Deuk Su. Chinese Taipei's Chou Ting-yuan won silver by virtue of his victory over Kim Thursday, while Kim took bronze.

Meanwhile, Iran's Hamidreza Gholipour defeated his only competitor, Russia's Muslim Salikov, in the under 85kg division to win gold.

The two-day Wushu event, one of five invitational events at the 2009 World Games, ended with China the big winner with eight golds, followed by Russia (two gold, two silver and one bronze), Iran (two gold, one silver and one bronze), and Chinese Taipei (one gold, three silver and one bronze).

Because Wushu is an invitational event, the medals do not count in the official medal standings.