Internal Arts ( has just been launched and we are offering the following weekly classes:

Taiji Ball Qigong with Joshua Craig (open to all)
Iliqchuan Spinning Hands with Steve Arboleda (for martial artists)

Classes begin Monday August 31 and Wednesday September 2.

6:30pm-7:50pm Taiji Ball Qigong
8:00pm-9:30pm Spinning Hands

6:30pm-7:50pm Taiji Ball Qigong
8:00pm-9:30pm Spinning Hands

Please note: Classes canceled Labor Day, Monday September 7.

Union Square
10 East 18th Street (Between 5th and Broadway)
3rd Floor

Single drop-in class: $20
Double drop-in class: $30
Unlimited classes per month: $120 Location

Taiji Ball Qigong

The Taiji Ball Qigong class is based on the teachings of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming and led by Joshua Craig. Applicable to all styles, Taiji Ball Qigong is a fundamental training used to release the spine, develop whole-body movement, open and strengthen the body, deepen the breath, and issue power. It is an ideal solo practice that requires a minimum of space and, for those times when a partner is not available, Taiji Ball Qigong also provides you with a method to test and develop your ability to root, listen, follow and lead.

Iliqchuan Spinning Hands

The Iliqchuan Spinning Hands class is based on the teachings of Sam Chin and led by Steve Arboleda. Spinning Hands is a two-person partner practice designed to train efficient movement while learning to feel the gaps in your opponent's structure and intent, as well as your own. Spinning Hands resembles Push Hands (Tuishou) but differs in that it begins with heavy pressure and, over time, is refined to light. Heavy spinning allows you to feel where your alignment is off and to feel the flow of force from the ground to the contact point. If practiced over time, Spinning Hands will help you to develop relaxation, structure, root, connection, intent & flow while under pressure.

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