Luohan Quan,

Everyones favourite Shaolin sub style.

Here is a video, please watch it;

Who is this man??

Can anyone give me a name or ANY information regarding him?

This is from an 80s Documentary called 'this is kung fu'. It was this exact performance that inspired me to learn Shaolin Kung Fu in the first place... However I have now lived in China in Henan for nearly 4 years and none of the Shaolin masters I have encountered know who this guy is. If he was from Shaolin, many of my past teachers would know who he is, after all his level is high.

So this must be Luohan quan from another place... Everyone I have asked Knows the video, they have all seen it before, but no one knows the man. Some people have suggested that it is Luohan from Wu Tai Mountain. I realise the voiceover is in Cantonese, never the less this style is certainly from northern china.

Can anyone help me? Does anyone know where this quan is from, who this guy is or anything at all about green monk robes?