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Thread: Help with Gong Lik section of Siu Lim Tao

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    Help with Gong Lik section of Siu Lim Tao

    What part of this first section can be used for self defense I have it all memorized but I don't really know how to apply it. Some techniques are simple (Lap Sau, Jum Sau and Pak Sau used with a strike at the same time while stepping in), but what about the others Wu Sau, Bong Sau, and Tan Sau? Also do any of you know GOOD Wing Chun teachers in Northern Ohio; Akron, Canton, or Cleveland?

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    Buddy WU

    I don't know whether Buddy Wu is still teaching...used to be around Cleveland.

    joy chaudhuri

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    sorry but i dont know the chinese names. It sounds like the section after the slow bit. But anyway, wu sao is a back block when your other hand is forward. Bong is the only pure block in vt in that its not a strike, used when the elbow is closer to the attack them the wrist. Tan is blocking anything on the outside of the arm and is either turned into a strike on the way in or combined with a strike.

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    There is no blocking in Wing Chun, in all ways we strive to do
    卸力, meaning receiving incoming force then redirecting it.

    This is much much better than just blocking, think of punching a blade of grass
    or a block of wood.
    What the grass is doing is 卸力, what the wood block is doing is blocking.
    "In fighting, the hand you can see will not hurt you, the hand you cannot see, will hurt you." - Grandmaster Gary Lam

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    • tan & jum train the outside and inside of striking forearms...after the punching of the SLT in the beginning we follow them by doing a sequence of tan [out side part of forearm, elbow spreads off the line , not hand] then we do huen to jum [inside part of forearm elbow stay inwards as it strike] then relax elbow out a little and go back to the vu sao position, repeat 3 times in the system anything significant.
    • pak & jut are the main attacking hands to clear space ...used with rear strikes filling void..pak as all other energy moves objects laterally, jut wont leave the line if it misses as a lop sao will if you miss , offering a void to your center.
    • bong moves left to right to act as a lateral force shifter...anything touches it goes sideways, clearing space, strike into the void....strikes go forwards deflections sideways..
    • vu sao is a rear attacking hand coupled with lead man sao, dont extend both equally ...
    • the tut sao /shaving hands in slt teach to recover the vu-sao to be able to keep attacking with counter attacks...
    • The system teaches the basic punches to have a straight or linear force to the target along the centerline, while developing simultaneous lateral force to shift arms out of the way as the strikes go forwards...economy of motion. With motion and attack angles the combination of strikes and shifting allow mobility with continous attacking actions...
    • by developing the basic strike/punch in the beginning of SLT we gain the ability to strike with either arm using the outside [tan]or inside [jum] as we shift and angle to the side of the opponent we are facing....because each arm has the ability to 'shut' down entry as they strike out , they can be used individually at a basic level attack rather than relying on 2 extended hands trying to dominate one arm of the opponent. Using two hands ie tan left extended right punching extended, you create defense weaknesses iow you cant simply strike and deflect with alternating punches ...using outside inside as they swap out either side of the line ...
    • each arm is tan & jum energy , rotate them and move while angling and neither has to leave the centerline as they attack along the using 'facing' of blind sides we can use individual strikes to shut sown entry to our own centerline...if we attack their left we use outsdie left strike energy &/or inside right strike energy ...followed by the opposite energy for any given lead tan jum or jum tan etc... pak & jut clear the path ..bong clears the strike line if your lead striking arm is x-ed or bridged...iow how to recover the bridge by sinking the opponents bridge. Bong & vu allow the shaving hands idea to seamlessly recover the bridged becomes tan energy as it extends along the line striking , the forearm of the strike takes the bridging arm away from your center as the bong elbow drops in the same beat to become a following need to use lop sao if the bong works properly...."what no lop with bong ! crazy talk "
    • mobility with angles of attack , guided by tactical knife ideas, using % of attack rather than being attacked longer than the opponent can.
    • think of yourself as firing a rifle at the opponent while angling and shifting to their lead line of force entry, right or left sides coming at you...adopt a side stance , not a lead leg stance..the side stance allows quick shifts to face the side coming at you or attack it, without a lead leg entry easily countered...angle and shift, keep your distance at a perimeter as the dummy shows...shift laterally to chase the guy as he avoids your attack, dont charge in like a bull...stalk them, pressure, constant attacking moves, low straight kicks if you cant reach with a punch, if they cover up shove them back to striking range in front of you...crash on them like water on the rocks of a shoreline.

      sometimes a simple head butt works too ; )
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    Quote Originally Posted by -木叶- View Post
    There is no blocking in Wing Chun, in all ways we strive to do
    卸力, meaning receiving incoming force then redirecting it.

    This is much much better than just blocking, think of punching a blade of grass
    or a block of wood.
    What the grass is doing is 卸力, what the wood block is doing is blocking.
    Thats relative. Some call it blocking, others call it intercepting and some call it re-directing...

    But it is all relative. Sometimes you can redirect. Other times it may be a real block. Especially when a punch is coming for your face. You may pak the attack down. But you block the pathway to your face. Only way to truly be like sheet grass being punch is allow your whole body to move the "White Lotus" Then you will truly be like wind and water.

    Punch the dust.....Be like dust....Make your body like a spec dust. When force comes it goes with the force. If you can train your body to move like dust you will rarely get hit. But as for me. I am more comfortable with using my hands and arms to redirect and block incomming punches. I am not a spec of dust yet.
    The Flow is relentless like a raging ocean with crashing waves devasting anything in its path.

    "Kick Like Thunder, Strike Like Lighting, Fist Hard as Stones."

    "Wing Chun flows around overwhelming force and finds openings with its constant flow of forward energy."

    "Always Attack, Be Aggressive always Attack first, Be Relentless. Continue with out ceasing. Flow Like Water, Move like the wind, Attack Like Fire. Consume and overwhelm your Adversary until he is No More"

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    As a "whats the best self defense" action....go find a heavy bag to hit, swing it gently away from you so if you dont move out of the way it will hit you on the way back from the you can adopt a side stance as you shove it away and depending what side you imagine, you can attack it on the back swing from a side of your choice...dont go straight at it lead leg... or you can wait for it to come at you and angle back 45 deg /shift to the line of incoming force and place your feet so when you hit it you dont fall over....the heavy bag gives a good lesson in meeting force with no balance , no stance bad hips, elbow out etc....tighten the hips as you strike, drive the rear heel into the ground as the fist flies out...try to think of squeezing orange juice as you turn and drop your stance to face/hit.... I used this simple action in many self defense applications move - face/hit , simple really but hard to get precise in stressful moments like a bar fight, random violent event...cant think so you have to hit the heavy bag 1000's of drills that involve intuitive angling from your partner delivering random attack lines from left or right in chi-sao...then you have to see if your punch can stop him as he comes at you...use the inch punch to prove the moment to each other ...repeat 999 more times and some

    mobility [ float like a butterlfly ] strike [ swarm like a hornets nest ]

    just dont stand like a heavy bag waving arms in the air chasing incoming....

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