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Thread: Origins of Wah Lum Kung Fu

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    Origins of Wah Lum Kung Fu

    While in Guangzhou, China, I happen to come across a Wah Lum Temple in the city. I know that Lee Kwan Shan studied mantis at the Shandong Wah Lum temple, then eventually moved to Guangdong and taught Grandmaster Chan. Is there any relation between the Guangzhou Wah Lum Temple and the origins of the Wah Lum Kung Fu system? Or are the names just coincidence? Also, Sha Cheng village where Lee Kwan Shan is claimed to have finally settled seems to be quite difficult to locate in Guangdong. Everyone I asked in Guangdong have no knowledge of this village. Where exactly in Guangdong is this village? Does it even still exist?
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    If my old memory is correct, when we visited the village we stayed in Shenzen, so i am not sure if the village is in Shenzen or just very close to it.

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