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Thread: Bad Day for Wannabe Bruce Lees

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    nunchucks vs. hypodermic needle

    Nunchuck attack defendant makes her case
    By Kyle Perrotti Mar 1, 2019

    Westwood apartment
    NEIGHBORS — The distance between Gentry’s and Smith’s apartments, seen here, is only about 30 feet.

    Neighbors sometimes feud, but since Kathleen Smith moved in next to Janet Gentry, it’s been almost constant.

    The Mountaineer wrote last week about the women’s latest feud, which ended with Gentry being charged with assault with a deadly weapon for using nunchucks on Smith during an altercation. But not long after the story, which featured quotes from Smith, ran in print, Gentry reached out to tell her side of the story.

    Much of what she wanted told appeared in the incident report, which was filled out by Deputy Kevin Brooks, who first responded on the scene.

    “Upon arrival, I observed five individuals arguing amongst themselves and posturing like they were going to fight,” Brooks noted in the incident report. “I gave several commands for everyone to separate. It took several attempts of this to get compliance.”

    Gentry said the incident began when she observed Smith, along with her boyfriend, Bobby McCollough, who had recently moved into the apartments after being displaced by the Suyeta Park Apartment fire, embroiled in a heated argument with her son. At one point, she was afraid McCollough was going to assault Smith’s son. That’s when Gentry called 911.

    “She was standing in the yard when she said, ‘you need to go on down the road,’” McCollough said.

    Smith said her altercation with Gentry escalated because she was frustrated with what she perceived as her neighbor’s intrusion into a personal matter.

    “I told her, ‘you need to quit putting your nose in other people’s business,’” Smith said.

    Gentry said that when she became the target of the heated language from McCollough and his son, who was also on the scene, her son stepped in and told the them “don’t talk to my mom like that.”

    Although it isn’t clear who pulled out what first, before long, Gentry’s son had a knife out, while McCollough and his son had a baseball bat and tire iron.

    “Clayton (McCullough) was trying to get my son to hit him, and Bobby told me ‘we’re going to make your son bleed,” Gentry said, a claim that McCollough firmly denied.

    That’s when the altercation between the two women occurred.

    “She hit me from behind,” Gentry recalled, a fact Smith didn’t deny. However, what’s more unclear is whether Smith brandished a hypodermic needle as a weapon.

    Black Nunchaku isolated over white

    “At some point, Mrs. Smith pushed Mrs. Gentry down and was waving the hypodermic needle at her,” the incident report reads. “Mrs. Gentry received a set of nunchucks and hit Mrs. Smith in the back several times.”

    But Smith denied that happening.

    “I showed them there wasn’t no needle,” she said.

    While the back and forth between the parties involved in the altercation paints an unclear picture of who might be to blame, at the end of the day, it was Gentry along with Smith’s son and daughter-in-law who were hit with misdemeanor charges.
    weird story.
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    A two-fer for a Tuesday

    Knives, nunchucks, large snow globe found at Charlotte Douglas checkpoints
    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Transportation Security Administration agents have confiscated knives, nunchucks and a chainsaw from passengers at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

    Items such as those can bring checkpoint lines to a grinding halt.

    The moment travelers roll their suitcases through the doors, they all have a common goal – making it to their plane in time.

    “You need to be on time,” traveler Silvina Giammarra said.

    But some travelers don’t always inspect their bags beforehand, which creates a problem for everyone else at TSA checkpoints.

    TSA Federal Security Director Kevin Frederick said his agents run into the issue every day.

    From a replica gun to real guns, people walk into airports with plenty of items that won’t fly.

    “Flabbergasted – we’re talking about explosives on board an airplane. What would make you think you can bring it onboard an aircraft?” Frederick said.

    Agents at Charlotte Douglas have stopped brass knuckles, nunchucks and even part of a chainsaw from going onboard.

    “They are working really hard,” airline attendant Deandrea Gadsden said. “I never thought a bowling pin could be a weapon.”

    Channel 9 learned 65 guns have been found so far this year at the airport and 75 were found in total last year.

    Any weapons, especially guns, can wreck travel plans.

    Officials said the average time in a security checkpoint at Charlotte Douglas is just over 9 1/2 minutes, but, if a gun or other dangerous weapon is found, the wait time can more than double.

    Even a snow globe can get travelers in trouble because what’s inside it.

    “If it is larger than a tennis ball, you cannot and, reason for it: That’s not water in there; that is glycol alcohol,” Frederick said.

    This holiday season, more than 32,000 people a day are expected to roll through Charlotte Douglas, and agents will be screening everything.

    Agents suggest travelers do themselves and everyone else a favor: Double-check your bags. They also said that if you happen to get stuck in line, always remember it is your safety they are trying to protect.

    “It is the responsibility of the passenger on what you can carry and what you can’t carry,” Giammarra said.
    Those are the foam chucks carried at MartialArtSmart. Here in Cali, chucks with chains are illegal, even if they are foam padded.

    PD: Man attacks ex-girlfriend with throwing knives and nunchucks
    Posted: 1:46 PM, Nov 21, 2019 Updated: 1:53 PM, Nov 21, 2019
    By: Joe Enea

    TEMPE, AZ — A man in Tempe has been charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault for attacking his ex-girlfriend with knives and nunchucks.

    Tempe police report that on the morning of November 16, they responded to a call at an apartment complex near Rural Road and Apache Boulevard after a woman pounded on a neighbor's door asking for help.

    The woman reportedly told police that her ex-boyfriend Tomas Salinas, 51, attacked her after consuming one-liter of vodka. Salinas allegedly dragged the victim from one room to another by her hair, before grabbing a throwing knife from his 10-piece throwing knife kit and holding it to her throat.

    According to the police, the woman also saw a noose hanging from the ceiling on a hook. Court records show that Salinas has used the knives, a sword, and nunchucks to attack and threaten the woman in the past.

    Salinas remained in the apartment after the victim escaped for about two hours as police and SWAT team members evacuated nearby apartment units.

    He eventually surrendered to police. Inside the apartment, investigators reportedly found the throwing knife kit, multiple sets of nunchucks, and a green rope hanging from the ceiling.
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    At Tel Aviv?

    Tens of thousands attend Pride parade in Israel's Tel Aviv
    Friday, June 25th 2021, 6:10 AM EDT
    Updated: Friday, June 25th 2021, 10:56 AM EDT

    Associated Press

    TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — Tens of thousands of people attended a Pride parade in Tel Aviv on Friday in one of the largest public gatherings in Israel since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

    The vibrant parade and beach party are held on the seafront promenade in the Israeli city, a rare hub of gay culture in the conservative Middle East. Elsewhere in the region ****sexuality is widely considered taboo and is outlawed in many countries.

    Some 250,000 people attended the Tel Aviv parade honoring the LGBTQ community in 2019, before it was called off last year because of the pandemic.

    Organizers estimated the turnout at Friday's event at 100,000, saying it's one of the largest worldwide since the pandemic struck.

    “Pride events in Tel Aviv-Yafo are a long-standing tradition, centered on a message of equality, acceptance, and human and civil rights," Mayor Ron Huldai said. "This year, more than ever, we will celebrate together, march together, and fight together for equality.”

    Israel fully reopened this spring after carrying out one of the world's most successful vaccination campaigns, but a recent outbreak driven by the more contagious delta variant has raised concerns.

    Authorities are once again requiring people to wear masks in indoor public places starting Friday, and are advising mask-wearing at large outdoor events like the Pride celebrations.

    Several marchers said they were sad to have missed the parade last year.

    “It is not just a celebration, it is also a demonstration for our rights, for our existence, so it feels really good to be here again to march with everyone,” said Noam Klar.

    Nina Korolev said it was the first time she attended a Pride parade.

    “It is so delicious, it is amazing," she said. "I’m very proud that I can be here in a free country with free people together. All humans must have the same rights.”

    Thousands of people marched through Jerusalem earlier this month in a much smaller Pride parade, celebrating LGBTQ rights in the conservative city amid heavy police security.

    Pride events in Jerusalem, home to a large ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, tend to be more subdued. A radical ultra-Orthodox Jew stabbed a 16-year-old girl to death at a Pride event in Jerusalem in 2015, an attack that was condemned across the political spectrum.

    Police said they arrested a suspected attacker in Tel Aviv after tracking him ahead of the parade. The man in his 30s was found carrying nunchaku, an Asian martial arts weapon, as well as an electric shocker, chains and other “means of assault,” the police said.

    The police later also said they arrested a husband and wife who assaulted police officers while trying to enter the parade area so they could heckle the event.

    Support for gay rights is increasingly widespread in Israel, where gay people serve openly in the military and parliament. Yet they haven’t attained full equality.

    Jewish ultra-Orthodox parties, which wield significant influence over matters of religion and state, oppose ****sexuality as a violation of religious law.


    Associated Press reporter Shlomo Mor contributed to this report.
    If only it was a rainbow chuck.
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    trail of blood from the register must be chilling at 3:45 a.m

    3:45 a.m gas station watch sucks.

    Man assaulted with martial arts weapon at Olympia gas station
    UPDATED SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 2:09 PM

    Stock photo P. WEI GETTY IMAGES

    An employee at a gas station in Olympia was assaulted early Monday with a martial arts weapon known as “nunchucks,” according to Olympia police.

    Nunchucks typically are two short wooden sticks, connected by chain or rope.

    About 3:45 a.m. Monday, police were dispatched to the 3200 block of Pacific Avenue Southeast after a witness discovered a trail of blood that ran from the cash register to outside the convenience store at that location, Lt. Paul Lower said.

    After police arrived, they found the employee returning to the store, bleeding from his head. He was taken to a hospital where he was believed to have been treated and released, Lower said.

    Police reviewed video at the scene and it showed the employee and two other people arguing near the gas pumps. The argument escalated into a fight, then the employee was struck in the head with the martial arts weapon.

    The incident is under investigation, Lower said.

    This story was originally published September 20, 2021 10:27 AM.

    Rolf has worked at The Olympian since August 2005. He covers breaking news, the city of Lacey and business for the paper. Rolf graduated from The Evergreen State College in 1990.
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    Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu

    Nunchucks Master From The Oranges Invents New Martial Arts System
    Eldridge Hawkins Jr. is the founder of Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu. He's also a former New Jersey mayor – and a hall of fame martial artist.

    Eric Kiefer,
    Patch Staff
    Verified Patch Staff Badge
    Posted Thu, Dec 15, 2022 at 8:04 am ET

    (Photo courtesy of Eldridge Hawkins Jr.)
    Eldridge Hawkins Jr. (in black), the founder of Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu, demonstrates a takedown technique with the aid of student, Gage Knopf.

    ORANGES, NJ — When he was crafting his new martial arts system, Eldridge Hawkins Jr. had a simple-but-tricky vision: it needed to be “realistic.” Apparently, this Essex County master of the nunchucks has nailed his target – and then some.

    Recently, the North American Nunchaku Association, one of the most respected nunchaku organizations in the world, became the latest group to recognize Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu as an official martial arts system.

    Hawkins – the system’s founder – is a former West Orange resident who served as mayor of Orange from 2008 to 2012. He was inducted into the USA Unified Martial Arts Hall of Fame earlier this year. Read More: Ex-Mayor In The Oranges Earns Spot In Martial Arts Hall Of Fame

    According to Hawkins, Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu is a “complete” style that aims to combine the iconic martial arts weapon with more traditional striking techniques.

    He writes:

    “Specifically, this new nunchaku style fuses various elements of competition katas and swinging strikes of the American-style nunchaku system (as taught by founder Grand Master Michael Burke, 9th Dan), with the close quarter fighting of Chinese Kenpo Kung-Fu/Fusion Kenpo (as instructed by Professor Harry Baker, 10th Dan), Ed Parker’s Kenpo Nunchaku teachings, Jujitsu, and [my] own original techniques. More specifically, several of the strikes, locks, throws and more of Kenpo and Jujitsu have been augmented where appropriate to facilitate self-defense techniques utilizing the nunchaku and everyday objects in conjunction with the standard empty hand techniques.”
    Because most people don’t usually walk around town with a pair of nunchaku, Hawkins’ system teaches students to strike, trap, choke or otherwise control an attacker with common items such as sticks, belts or even socks. It’s a style that’s realistic and meets national and international training standards of established martial arts organizations, he said.

    Several of his peers in the martial arts have backed up his claims.

    “I enjoyed the [Ken-Fu] self-defense and thought it was very useful and practical,” said Chris Pellitteri, president and founder of the North American Nunchaku Association / American Kobudo Association.

    “Most nunchaku systems don’t focus on self-defense – it was refreshing to see,” Pellitteri said.

    There are several other groups that have agreed with the North American Nunchaku Association on this point, including the American Style Nunchaku Federation, Independent Karate Schools of America, and the United States Martial Arts Federation.

    Hawkins, now 42, began his martial arts career at Red Iron Dragon Karate Academy in East Orange when he was 7-years-old. He earned his first black belt in 2001 in Chinese Kenpo Kung Fu. Over the years Hawkins placed in and won several tournaments while studying different forms of martial arts, earning a master-level rank in different styles including Fusion Kenpo, U.S. Ju-Jitsu and American-style nunchaku.

    The former politician, who is known to his students as Shihan E. Hawkins, is the senior international rank examiner in charge of training for the American Style Nunchaku Federation, a member of the United States Ju Jitsu Federation Senior Masters Caucus, and has recently been appointed to the role of vice president in the United States Martial Arts Federation.

    Despite multiple knee surgeries, Hawkins has used teaching and his work with Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu to remain active in the sport – and lifestyle – that he’s come to love. And his fellow martial artists say it’s good that he did.

    “I congratulate Master Hawkins on the new Ken-Fu recognition from NANA and thank him for his ongoing contributions to the martial arts community and American Style Nunchaku Federation,” said Grand Master Michael Burke, president of the American Style Nunchaku Federation.

    The Ken Fu Nunchaku Jutsu technical committee – which helps ensure the quality of training standards – includes Professor Harry Baker, 10th Dan of Baker’s Red Iron Dragon; Grand Master Michael Burke, 9th Dan; Hanshi Bruce Bethers, 9th Dan, as well as other black belts Ashanti Shakir, Rodney Armstrong, Sabu Rashidi, and Hawkins’ father, Eldridge Hawkins Sr.

    See current Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu system rank requirements here. Interested students or any dojo sensei interested in learning more can visit the UFC Gym, 498 Main Street in Orange, or visit the following websites: or

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    I do like those police issue chucks...

    Denver deputy suspended for breaking inmate's wrist with nunchucks

    The City of Denver banned the use of the nunchucks six months after a deputy applied too much pressure to an inmate’s wrist, causing a break.
    How to send tips to 9Wants to Know investigators

    Author: Jeremy Jojola
    Published: 4:55 PM MST January 10, 2023
    Updated: 4:55 PM MST January 10, 2023

    DENVER — Newly released discipline documents reveal that a Denver Sheriff Department deputy working at the city jail was suspended for three days after injuring in inmate with nunchucks in April 2021.
    According to the Denver Department of Public Safety documents that were dated Dec. 27, Deputy Daniel Rodriguez applied too much pressure to an inmate’s wrist using a device called the Orcutt Police Nunchaku (OPN).
    The documents describe an out-of-control inmate who was attempting to bite officers. The inmate might have been high on drugs, according to the records. The records also indicate the discipline decision wasn’t made until December 2022.
    “Deputy Rodriguez failed to exercise good judgment in applying increasingly greater pressure on the OPNs, despite being met with no indication from [the inmate] that he was sensing pain,” the documents say.
    A former law enforcement officer from Denver invented OPN devices in the 1980s, and since then, dozens of agencies across the country have used them as pain compliance tools.
    The devices look similar to traditional nunchucks; however, they are not usually used to strike or hit, but to gain compliance by applying pressure at the joints.

    Credit: Kevin Orcutt
    Approximately six months after the inmate was injured, Denver’s head of public safety banned the use of the nunchucks by police and deputies, according to a departmental directive in 2021.
    The directive cited injuries and incidents in which “OPN has snapped or otherwise failed” and said “other options are available to officers and deputies for the purposes of arrest control or pain compliance.”
    The creator of the OPN device, Kevin Orcutt, told 9NEWS over the phone there has never been a death associated with their use and that they can be safe if used with common sense.
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