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Thread: What forms are in your Shaolin regimen now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djuan View Post
    daily I try to do my top 5 favs at least 10 times each, and when I'm able to I do them weighted.

    18 luohan
    da luohan
    qi xing

    zhaoyang (recently added)

    baduanjin in the morning
    and Im working on yijinjing
    also I try to do ji ben gong a few times a week for a an hour or so.

    forms I want to get to a daily practice yet I dont now them well enough are mi zong quan, and da hong quan. surprisingly I havent had anyone to teach me these since Ive been training for 16 years. as long as Ive studied traditional songshan Shaolin hands, I have not learned da hong in its entirety yet. theres a couple other famous hands I dont know yet would like to learn, like Pao Quan for example

    I tried jiu Jitsu for a year, but always found myself coming back to Shaolin. Its what makes me feel the best and really keeps me in shape. My current regimen under a Shaolin master is this:

    Xiao Hong Quan
    Tong Bei Quan
    Liam Huan Quan
    Qi Xing Quan

    I always practice Wu Bu Quan as well to keep the basics.

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    Training Update

    it's been a harsh road lol and my WuGong always needs more work it seems , no matter how far I go.
    anyhow, I've refined my Da Luohan, just need some more guidance on the older version.
    and really looking into the applications of Xiao Hong and Da Hong, Xiao Luohan & Da Luohan, Zhao Yang Quan, Changhuxinyimen Quan, Da Tong Bei.

    every day I try to practice one or two forms, several times (10 to 50 EA.) with weight added. this is helping me with cardio, like actual fight stamina and agility with the the forms. it takes a long time. Recently I have been rotating the ones listed above.
    My strongest performance is with Xiao Hong, Da Luohan, .....weakest is with Xiao Luohan, and Da Hong.

    Also, to keep your Shaolin up to par, as annoying as this sounds, you really should just manage a vigorous JiBenGong every day, preferably weighted if you can, and do QiGong/ deep stretching every day. I still do this daily for sure. Even if I miss forms practice, I drill JBG. My fav drills are Wu Guluns style Ma Bu/Pu Bu/Gong Bu (& twisting root)
    ....... also the Xiao Hong sequence "10. press hand shrink body (yāshǒu suōshēn 压手缩身)
    11. upward kick, downward smash (shngtī xiz 上踢下砸)" , because within it you can practice, Ding Bu, Zheng ti tui, Ma bu, Gong Bu xie xing and keep looping it. I'll find some videos to share I know there are some good examples out there.

    with body condition its up to the fighter. if you are training for health, you dont really need the weights, or hard qigong, fight stamina, etc, still you will get some of the benefit naturally. if you are training to fight, then you should add weight, do more cardio, like trying to practice the forms at full speed and force as long as you can, when you get tired, add more weight.
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    Kung Lek Kuen
    Da Kuen
    Kwan Dao
    Wu dip dao


    Lin Bo
    Tan Tui
    Dun Da
    Moi Fah
    Mo I
    Bot Bo
    Chum Sam

    Yang TaiChi
    Yang sword

    Ba Duan Jin
    Iron Palm
    Iron Shirt
    Nei Gong
    Chin Na
    Various Chi Kungs

    Boxing / Kick Boxing
    Modern tactical
    Knives / Guns

    So, mostly Shaolin... lol
    Kung Fu is good for you.

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    Today's regimen was a change of pace, and good to get into a different rhythm.

    In the morning, I did Big 18 Luhoan Hands and some stretching. Then later in the morning, Xiao Hong Quan only (several reps). The afternoon, just a 25 minute workout mixing Ji ben gong with qi gong, borrowing the structure from Shi Yan Lei's short sessions, for instance, doing 36 push ups, 36 gong bu xie xing, drawing bow from baduanjin, stretch, ma bu dan bian, raising heaven from baduanjin, stretch, different type of push up, 36 Zheng Ti Tui, stretch, big bear turns to side from baduanjin, repeating for as long as you wish. I like this style of training because you can use one part to charge the other, and you dont get tired. this way also forces/trains you to start working with your breath directly as you work with your highest capacity of strength speed and power output. so in a half hour you get a good dose of what you need without exhausting yourself, and this can go on for a few hours without cool down if you pace it right.

    On a side note, if you plan on fighting long fights, this is the way to start measuring your breath and energy. before you can responsibly and naturally deal with your chi, you have to get a feel for measuring your breath and energy, directing it as you go. no spooky stuff, just basic, like pitching a ball (in the MLB), that simple exercise requires you to direct force in a single direction as hard as you can, with balance, and without gassing your arm out. possibly for 9 innings.

    at night, I did an hour and a half of 13 Luohan Qi Gong.

    for perspective, a good week of training might be mixed this way, unless you are honing in on certain Taolu (as I usually am). You can still do 3 days of this, and 4 days of pure Taolu with natural stretching/conditioning and sparring if you can. The past couple months I've been doing more stretching and qigong, with Taolu. Today was the first time I didnt do a bunch of Taolu and hard JBG in a while. and it felt good to balance myself this way.

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    been going double time on Xiao Hong Quan, Da Luohan and Zhao Yang Quan.

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    yesterday I did this ^ mixed drill session, building on the mixed drill format from Shi Yan Lei, and it took about an hour and 15 minutes to do, can bee done faster, as I stopped mid training to change a diapers/make a bottle for my son lol.
    also you can subtract/add to the reps, here is listed 36 reps for most of it, that works to get you going, however if you can do more, add more. you can add weight as well.

    all the drills are pretty easy to do for most, its pretty much Ji Ben Gong without the flying kicks.
    if you try it, let me know how it goes, what letter you get to and how you feel. for example "started sweating and barfing at letter m" lol (dont barf!)

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