The Return of the Way of the Dragon ala Kung Fu Panda Hustle!
Stephen Chow to begin filming English movie 'Tai Chi' in June
Posted: 22 February 2010 1257 hrs

HONG KONG : Renowned comedy film-maker Stephen Chow will begin shooting his new film "Tai Chi" which features prominent Hollywood stars Jack Black and Anne Hathaway in the United States in June this year, said Hong Kong media reports.

The Hong Kong actor-director had been very quiet after releasing "CJ7" in 2008 and even pulled out from the high-profile "The Green Hornet" due to unspecified reasons, but his upcoming film "Tai Chi" looks set to make a splash in Hollywood.

The film will be Chow's directorial and acting debut in Tinseltown.

"Tai Chi", a co-production between China Film Group Corporation and an unnamed American film company will cost US$60 million (S$84.4 million) to make.

"Tai Chi" will be based on the 1972 film "Way of the Dragon" starring Bruce Lee. It tells the story of a Chinese migrant in the US (played by Chow) who works as a dishwasher in Chinatown and hides his skills as a Tai Chi master. He is forced to stand up to gangsters who oppress his fellow migrants and later gets invited to start martial arts schools to share his knowledge.

Chow, a big fan of the late kung fu legend Bruce Lee, reportedly went to great lengths to make sure the script was perfect. He continously refined the script for almost two years and pushed back the production date.

Columbia Pictures pulled out from the project after the film giant got tired of waiting, forcing Chow to seek a new Hollywood partner.

Chow is reportedly extremely nervous about working on this film as it is completely in English and features Hollywood stars. While his command of the language has greatly improved over the years, Chow is not taking any chances and is said to have engaged a tutor to help him with his English.

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