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    Jade Egg Master Kim Anami

    We ran an article on Jade Egg back in our NOV+DEC 2009: The Jade Egg By Selena Lu. Here's the resulting thread.

    Follow the link below to watch the embedded vid. You won't be disappointed.

    Vaginal weightlifting: Kung Fu for your fanny
    Surprising advice from a sexpert suggests Kegels are a waste of time and weightlifting is the way forward for our pelvic floors
    Yahoo Lifestyle
    By Kim Hookem-Smith | Yahoo Lifestyle – Wed, Feb 5, 2014 11:18 GMT

    Forget Kegels, lifting weights will do your pelvic floor more good, says the sex guru who's trying to tempt women to take up vaginal Kung Fu.

    But inserting a jade egg with an attached pouch for weights into isn't as easy to do over breakfast out with your friends (a la Sex and the City's Samantha) now is it?Kim runs webinars to explain how vaginal Kung Fu can change your sex life

    Vaginal weightlifting has made a resurgence thanks to a tongue-in-cheek video by "provocateur, innovator, illuminator, catalyst, quantum leap life coach, sexual muse., liberation master and pleasure savant" (self-described) Kim Anami, entitled '10 reasons to lift weights with your vagina'.

    Really only five are of any particular interest (unless you want to beat current Guinness World Record holder Russian gymnast Tatyana Kozhevnikova, who can lift a 14kg kettleball with her bits and officially has the world's strongest vagina).

    Watch with care (Probably NSFW, depending on where you work):

    If you can't be bothered ot watch the video, the benefits listed are:
    1. That Kegels (perlvic floor toning exercises) don’t work
    2. It will intesify your orgasms
    3. You could get in Guinness World Records
    4. Give your man stronger organsms
    5. Be the life of the party with the old ping pong trick
    6. Your vagina will be so strong you can sort your man out with just the power of your pelvic floor
    7. This means you can threaten him with the power of your pevis.
    8. It could make you a superhero
    9. It will increase your libido, making sex far more pleasurable thanks to your new 'sensitive and articulate vagina'
    10. Pickle jars are no longer a problem

    [How to get sex back into your relationship]
    [My resolution to bring back sex and intimacy hits a bump in the road]

    It might be new to us (not wanting to fire ping pong balls across the room or get ourselves into the record books), but the idea ha been knocking around for a while.

    US blogger and 'Social Acupuncturist' (no idea) Emelia SF tried it back in 2012 and described the experience in hilarious detail on her blog Trying to Be Good.

    She revealed how she attended a class designed to build pelvic power and make women feel empowered, all for $150 (£90).

    She doesn't say who ran the course or where she discovered it but in the class, she and her fellows were encouraged to connect with their sexual selves in what sounds like a fairly toe-curling experience.

    She says: "So you put the [jade] egg in your vagina and then you can put anything you like into the pouch [that hangs from it] to weight it - rocks, shells, a cellphone…she [the tutor] used a cell phone.

    "The pouches are just hanging and then you clench two three then relax, then clench."

    She continues to describe the dropping of eggs, the clenching of muscles and the general awkwardness of the class.Kim runs courses and e-workshops to help women reconnect with their sexuality

    It might seem a bit bonkers, but Kim explains that her life's work and obsession is to improve the sexual experiences of others, particularly for women, and that strengthening our pelvic muscles could make a huge difference to our experience.

    She explains on her website: "The truth is that your vagina can function like your hand: it can grip and articulate and pick up objects and throw them across the room. It can give hand jobs and deep throat and give you orgasms that totally change your life and help you to self-actualise as a person."

    (She's American.)

    "If your vagina isn’t doing these things, it’s not optimising its full potential."

    We're all for maximising sexual pleasure. But jade eggs, in there? We're not convinced. Let us know if you give it a go!
    Official website: vaginal kung fu
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    ttt 4 2015!

    I love when I get a news item to ttt this here thread. Thank you again, Kim Anami. Today is going to be a good day.

    Kim Anami: Vaginal kung fu coach can lift weights with her private muscles
    By Kabita Maharana
    January 22, 2015 06:28 GMT

    Kim Anami: Vaginal kung fu coach can lift weight using her private musclesKim Anami lifting a surfboard using her vaginal muscles.Kim Anami/Instagram

    Vaginal kung fu might sound weird, but not for sex coach Kim Anami who claims it is the best fitness regimen for women.

    Anami, who lifts weights using her vaginal muscles, started a world tour in order to "educate people about [vaginas] in a playful and provocative way which has many benefits for women."

    The sex and relationship expert has posted numerous pictures of herself lifting surfboards and rambutan fruits using her private muscles. She claims lifting weights this way is an ancient Taoist art.

    Click here to see the pictures.

    "In the ancient Taoist system of sexual practices, where sex was seen as medicine and a pathway to enlightenment—pelvic weight lifting was an essential part of their health regime," Anami claims on her website.

    "The regimen strengthened the pelvic floor, supported the internal organs and recirculated vital sexual energy throughout the system.

    Women practised the lifting with a jade egg. In the Chinese system of medicine, jade was thought to have healing and balancing effects on the female reproductive system."

    She started a hashtag #ThingsILiftWithMyVagina and claimed she wants "every woman to know that she, too, can shoot ping pong balls from her vagina. It's not just a skill reserved for some special Thai vaginas."
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    More on Kim Anami

    Kim Anami, practitioner of "Vaginal Kung Fu," lifts objects with her vagina to empower women
    MAY, 13, 2015 | 5:2 AM | Author : JOHN

    Kim Anami lifts weights with her vagina, and she would like to talk to you about that. Which is why she’s about to embark on the European leg of her “Vaginal Kung Fu” world tour. Anami, a life and sex coach, counts the ability to shoot ping pong balls from her vagina among her many vagina-based skills, and claims that the ability to do so is “every woman’s God-given right.” Just like using the vagina to open beer bottles.

    For the past few months, Kim has been on tour in other parts of the world, where she lifts objects local to each area–she’s sort of an organic farmer’s market of vaginal self-empowerment. In Bali, Kim lifted “coconuts, an array of tropical fruit, and a seashell.” In Los Angeles, it was a surfboard, plus donuts, and cold-pressed juices.

    Kim’s looking for new things to lift, and new places to lift them. You can help, if you’re on Instagram–simply share a photo of the item you’d like to see Kim use her vagina to lift, and use the hashtag #thingsiliftwithmyvagina.

    Barcelona and Venice are her first two destinations; you can get in on the contest through May 25th.And, if your idea is chosen, you’ll get complimentary access to Vaginal Kung Fu, which you can use to turn your “numb, under-functioning vagina” into something much, much more. Kim also offers “Sexual Mastery” classes for men, and a “Coming Together Couples” salon.Admittedly, though, it’s the vagina lifting that’s making her an internet phenomenon. (Photo credits: Kim Anami on Instagram)

    I gotta find some traditional weight to post to her Instagram. A stone lock perhaps?
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    numb, under-functioning vaginas

    'Most women have numb, under-functioning vaginas': says woman with weightlifting lady bits
    SEX COACH Kim Anami says a "masterful vagina ought to be able to move furniture, shoot ping pong balls and help you reach all types of orgasm".
    By Laura Mitchell / Published 18th May 2015

    PELVIC FLOORS: Kim is touring the world lifting things with her vagina [INSTAGRAM ]
    The vagina weightlifter, who is currently touring the world showing off her impressive pelvic floors, insists that all women should be working on their vaginal strength.

    Kim asks the question: "Can you shoot ping pong balls with your vagina?"

    She then claims that 99.9% of women haven’t mastered the "essential life skill" yet, but insists they should.

    Kim says: "Once you do, you’ll have more and better orgasms, and be able to cause your man to ejaculate (or not) with the power of your vagina alone.

    "You may even learn to ejaculate yourself."

    kimanami4 months ago

    The Bali Series
    Lifting rambutans with my vagina. In the rice paddies. "Rambut" is Indonesian for "hairy." This hot red fruit has little green hairs on the outside of it. Inside is a fleshy, sweet fruit.
    It all sounds like a sexual metaphor, doesn't it?

    The sex and life coach then goes on to list the benefits of vaginal kung fu and the things YOUR vagina should be able to achieve.

    She says: "It should be able to provide constant bliss and euphoria and be able to complete all types of vaginal orgasms possible.

    "This includes G-spot orgasms, AFE zone orgasm and cervical orgasms.

    "It ought to have the unique ability to enable a man to ejaculate or not ejaculate, simply with the ability to clench.

    "It ought to be toned and strong like any other muscle you work out at the gym."

    Kim, who has used her legendary weightlifting vagina to heave objects including coconuts, watermelons and even a surf board, says most women's lady parts aren't up to scratch.

    “You should be able to lift furniture with your vagina ”
    Kim Anami
    "Most women have very weak vaginas. Why is this? she says.

    "A masterful vagina ought to be able to move furniture and shoot ping pong balls."

    And when it comes to exercises for down there, the social media star says kegel exercises aren't enough.

    Kim, who has over 25,000 followers on Instagram , says: "Vaginal strength is highly underrated in our culture.

    "The art of vaginal ping pong shooting for example is unheard of in our parts.

    "Yet in a lot of South East Asian countries it is a quite a popular sport.

    "In the west there is some emphasis on building pelvic floor.

    "But kegels are useless. I have countless woman coming to me over the years telling me that there kegels don't work.

    "They have incontinence issues.

    "Women don't want to talk about these things because they don't want to be the only woman these things don't work for."


    #Things I Lift with My Vagina
    New year, new vagina.
    It’s that time you’ve all been waiting for: Vaginal Kung Fu 2015.
    The free video series is up, as a preview to the upcoming 8-week salon. If you haven’t watched them yet, you can sign up for access. Link in bio.

    In celebration of this year’s salon, and to raise vaginal power—and pleasure— awareness globally, I have embarked on a new campaign:

    This educational challenge features me traveling the world, lifting objects indigenous to various regions, with my vagina.
    Stay tuned for my vaginal adventures.

    This is me in Venice Beach, with my special new surfboard carrier: my vagina.
    434 likes493 comments
    But she claims that the clenching exercises don't work for "50% of women" and insists many don't know how to execute them properly.

    She said: "The way most people do them isn't very efficient.

    "If you do feel like you're getting benefit from it, let me ask you this – can you move furtniture with your vagina?

    "And if you can't then you have a lot further to go."

    Kim embarked on a world tour with a difference in January.

    She has been travelling the world taking pictures of her self lifting objects indigenous to various regions with her lady bits.

    The objects are tied to a jade egg, which she inserts in her vagina.

    And she has been sharing the colourful pictures along with the hashtag #ThingsILiftWithMyVagina.

    Kim has already shown off her impressive vaginal kung fu in Australia, Asia and the USA.

    In LA, she lifted a surfboard, gluten-free organic donuts, and cold-pressed juices.

    While in Bali, she lifted coconuts, an array of tropical fruit, and a seashell.

    And she is now embarking on the European leg of her tour and she needs your help.

    Kim wants suggestions for locations/backgrounds to be featured in lifting spots, along with indigenous items she might lift.

    To make your suggestions for her vagina snaps tag @kimanami and use the hashtag: #thingsiliftwithmyvagina. You can submit your suggestions until May 25
    How hard is it to lift a gluten-free organic donut?
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    Kim again

    Always newsworthy.

    Lifting items with my vagina has improved my sex life, claims sex and relationship expert
    17:58, 16 July 2015
    By Steve Myall

    Mobile phones, shampoo bottles, oranges, apples “anything you can tie a string onto” are among the items Kim Anami says she has lifted

    Exercise: Unusual technique to improve your life

    Sex and relationship expert Kim Anami claims lifting items with her vagina has improved her sex life.

    The mum of one says the exercises using household objects make better lovers of those taking part and promises they give an "emotional, mental, physical and spiritual reboot".

    Kim who calls her technique Vaginal Kung Fu because it is "the study and mastery of something" runs online intimacy tutorials and retreats all over the world for curious couples.

    The 44-year-old fitness instructor says her unique practice has given her own sex life a boost, adding: "My sex life has improved radically and when I started weight lifting with my vagina my partner noticed the difference immediately.

    "I can have multiple orgasms, I'd say ten or fifteen orgasms in a row.

    Kim Anami: Promises to improve sex life

    "I can have an energy orgasm, which means an orgasm with takes place without touch, meaning I can have sex with my partner when he's on the other side of the room or even on the other side of the planet.

    "So even hearing his voice or just thinking about him, I can have an orgasm."

    Kim divides her time between tropical beaches, boats and villas in Los Angeles, Vancouver Bali and Indonesia

    She has studied Tantric sex, Taoist philosophy, meditation and herbal medicine on her quest for greater sexual understanding.

    She is adamant there is nothing exhibitionist about her gynecological gymnastic fitness scheme and is passionate in her belief that practicing vaginal Kung Fu will boost even the most jaded of sex lives.

    Coconut: Lifting objects can improve your well being apparently

    She said: "I really want people to transform from the inside out and what I've seen over and over again is that how we show up in bed is how we show up in life and you can actually change a lot of about your life when you examine your sexual expression and you try to shift and change patterns that you have and reconnect to your sexual self.

    "Kung Fu is the study and mastery of something and in vaginal Kung Fu we're looking at it as a sexual martial art.

    "In my work I'm teaching women to have ultimate mastery over their vagina.

    "When you achieve a physically strong vagina you’re more emotionally attuned to yourself as a sexual being and you’re able to wield that power.

    "My programme is an emotional, mental, physical and spiritual reboot for the vagina.

    "When women reconnect to the vagina by strengthening it and waking it up, which is what we do in the vaginal weight lifting and Kung Fu practice, the end and more far reaching result is that they integrate more of who they are; their sexual being into themselves."

    Strength: Simple technique uses jade egg

    Her technique is simple and uses a jade egg with a hole drilled in it and loop of string attached.

    She said: "You can just put a jade egg into your vagina, attach a bag and off you go.

    "It's a brilliant domestic tool.

    "I'm telling you.

    "The sky is the limit.

    "I'm fond of kitchen appliances because they're easier to loop things onto and coffee tables are great too.

    "I'm looking at one in front of me that probably weighs about 60lb so I wouldn't be lifting that but there are a couple of smaller ones in the room and those would be fine.

    "The things I can lift right now are hovering round the 10lb mark."

    Kung Fu master Kim Anami

    Kim says she has no desire to a Russian vaginal weight lifting champion called Tatania Kosnakova, who claims she can lift 30lb.

    She said: "That's like lifting a two year-old child and I have a long way to go but to be honest it isn't a big goal of mine to actually overtake her.

    "I feel like I may let her retain the title and I'll just continue to focus on other things but I think it's great that she has held that record and she's a great inspiration for us all.

    "For me, I'm just pretty keen to have an extra way to carry my grocery bags and I have done that.

    "Anyone can with the right training so if you ever need help with your groceries you don't need the checkout person to help you."

    Kung Fu master Kim Anami

    Kim is keen to spread the vaginal Kung Fu gospel to as many people as possible and her instagram campaign #thingsiliftwithmyvagina - where she photographs herself lifting various indigenous objects with her vagina in glamourous locations all over the world - has thousands of followers.

    Her online photo album shows her lifting a dizzying array of objects with her vagina including surfboards, gym weights and amethysts crystals in LA and coconuts, shells and bananas in Bali.

    She admits it's a bit tongue in cheek and said: "I wanted to do something humorous and fun but still aesthetically pleasing.

    "It’s my way of being provocative and playful yet educational about the power of the vagina," argues Kim who admits that her Oscar-themed photo shoot on Hollywood Boulevard has attracted a phenomenal amount of attention.

    "That was great fun. It was Oscar time and we had the idea that it would be great to lift an Oscar and we eventually decided to shoot it over the star of Hedy Lamarr, who was the first performer to have an orgasm on screen in a 1933 film called Ecstasy.

    "I just thought, ‘this is perfect; Hedy’s got beauty, brains and a vagina.’

    "It had it all and the public in Hollywood didn’t quite know what to make of this women in a sexy ****tail dress and high heels with this Oscar hanging between her legs but I've had no problems with the authorities and people have embraced the idea wherever I've been."

    Kim's sexual adventures are going from strength to strength and she plans to bring the #thingsiliftwithmyvagina craze across the Atlantic this summer.

    She said: "I'm definitely planning a European tour this summer and I’ll be coming to Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK and I'm thinking of holding a contest for the best suggestions for objects indigenous to those countries that I can lift with my vagina and autographing the winning entry as a prize.

    "London is on my list too and I'd like to take a photograph of me lifting something in the Tate Modern – maybe a sculpture or something – or perhaps something to do with the British drinking culture.

    "I'm always open to suggestions so please get in touch."

    Details on Kim Anami’s eight-week online course which promises “a deep and comprehensive education of all things vagina” and consists of guided vaginal weight lifting routines that progress in difficulty each week, as well as techniques for better sex and orgasms can be found here .
    Energy orgasm FTW!
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    Kim again

    WATCH: 'Vaginal Kung-Fu' expert demonstrates how to lift WEIGHTS with your genitals

    THE WOMAN claims vaginal weight-lifting can give women ‘the best sex of their lives’.

    PUBLISHED: 13:40, Wed, Feb 3, 2016 | UPDATED: 14:21, Wed, Feb 3, 2016

    Forget bicep curls and squats, the muscular strength women should be developing is in their nether regions, according to a ‘Vaginal Kung Fu’ expert.

    Sex and relationship expert Kim Anami believes that the power every woman holds is in between her legs.

    The 44-year-old has proudly told of how she can lift coconuts, household objects and even a surfboard with her vagina.

    Vagina kung fu woman lifting surboard

    Kim believes the activity can not only empower women, but also cure depression
    Need to see it before you can believe it? Not a problem, she’s made a video to demonstrate.

    Kim believes the activity can not only empower women, but also cure depression and even substitute botox.

    She also claims it will give women ‘the best sex of their lives’.

    Kim said: “Having a strong pelvic floor and vaginal muscles helps with everything from increasing libido, orgasmic potential… and preventing pelvic organ prolapse—especially after childbirth.”

    Vaginal kung fu expert lifting weights

    Kim Anami believes the power every woman holds is in between her legs
    She continued: “The practice creates an overall lift in the body—even a face lift. I have had clients stop using Botox because they took up vaginal weightlifting…

    “Even depression can be eradicated by becoming more connected with your sexuality.”

    So what’s the technique?

    Kim ties a thin piece of string to a jade-covered egg, which is then inserted into her vagina. She attaches the other end of the string to whichever object she is lifting - be it weights, tropical fruits or even Oscar trophies.
    Is it her Oscar trophy lift that ttt-ed her? That's what I'm guessing.
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    Kim Anami again

    I should really track her down for an article, if for no other reason but to get some fresh photos.

    Say Hello To 'Vaginal Kung-Fu’ - The Latest In The List Of Things That Can Fight Depression

    Holistic sex, relationship coach and vaginal weight lifter Kim Anami has actually proved Betty White’s quote that went - “Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.”


    Kim is the first ever woman to introduce Vaginal Kung-Fu to the world and she can lift almost anything, including bottles, coconuts, fruits and even surfboards using her super-strong vaginal muscles. According to the 44-year-old relationship and sex coach, every woman should be able to shoot ping pong balls with their vagina.

    She believes the practice can even fight depression and increase sexual satisfaction.
    “Having a strong pelvic floor and vaginal muscles helps with everything from increasing libido, orgasmic potential and lubrication, eliminating incontinence, and preventing pelvic organ prolapse—especially after childbirth.” Kim's unusual technique is popular among women all around the world. In fact, thousands of them have even signed up to her online courses and 35,000 follow her directions on Instagram.
    Now, even sex therapists and gynaecologists are of the opinion that vaginal weightlifting has health benefits as long as you strengthen your pelvic and vaginal muscles little by little.
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    That time of the forum again...

    There's a 'time of the month' pun to be made here, but I'm not going to work at it that hard.

    "Vaginal Kung Fu" Could Be the Secret To Better Sex
    MAY 2, 2017

    Kim Anami/Instagram

    If Kegels just aren't cutting it for you, there's another way to work out your pelvic floor muscles: vaginal weightlifting.
    In her video on the subject, Lisa Masterson, MD defines vaginal weightlifting, which she calls "vaginal kung fu," as the practice of contracting the pelvic floor muscles that run from your pubic bone to the base of your spine in order to hold objects in place. The pelvic floor is essential for supporting several organs, including your bladder, uterus, and bowel.
    While there isn't extensive research on the area of the pelvic floor, studies have shown that vaginal weightlifting can treat a number of common conditions women experience due to weak pelvic floor muscles, including urinary incontinence, which affects roughly one in four women over the age of 18.
    Another attractive reason to strengthen your pelvic floor and try vaginal weightlifting is that it could lead to better orgasms. How? Dr. Masterson explains in her video that a strong pelvic floor gives women more control internally during penetrative sex. Experts say this allows for stronger grip during sex and more intense contractions during orgasm.
    How does vaginal weightlifting work? Often people will use insert objects like jade eggs, squeeze the pelvic floor muscle to hold it in place, and add more weight to the egg using the string attached to it. (Check out the Instagram account of vaginal weightlifter Kim Anami for some truly awe-inspiring snaps of this pursuit.) Dr. Masterson also recommends swinging any added weight backwards and forwards for even more of a challenge and clenching the muscles for 10 seconds at a time before giving yourself a break. Before you buy any weightlifting objects, though, do your research: Some doctors point out that jade eggs are porous, making them difficult to keep clean, and also advise people to never leave objects in their vagina for extended periods of time. There are options other than jade eggs, including vaginal weights and cones.
    Check out Dr. Masterson's full explanation of vaginal weightlifting below.

    Vaginal Kung-Fu is a new practice and it can help with intense orgasms
    Published May 2, 2017, 7:57 pm ISTUpdated May 2, 2017, 8:11 pm IST

    It helps women strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and eventually get a better orgasm

    The jade stone is supposed to be swung forwards and backwards like a pendulum regularly. (Photo: Pixabay)

    Women are always looking to have better orgasms and while there are many methods, they might most often not even work as desired. A new practice that is being adopted by many people involves a different kind of weightlifting and is known to be quite a game changer for women who want better orgasms.

    According to a report in Refinery29, there is a new method called vaginal weightlifting and is said to be an ancient Taoist practice that has been there for quite a while. The exercise also called Vaginal Kung-Fu uses an egg-shaped stone attached to weights with a string and inserted in the vagina to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. The jade stone is supposed to be swung forwards and backwards like a pendulum regularly so that women can get better orgasms than they ever had before.

    The exercise with the stone makes the muscles contract and hold on to it thus helping in the strengthening of the muscles. It also has other benefits like controlling pee while peeing accidentally in unwanted places and also helps with smooth labour.
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    Kim Anami

    Holistic Sex Coach Kim Anami’s ‘5 Laws of Orgasms’
    OCTOBER 4, 2017 by SARAH BAN

    Image via Kim Anami

    Kim Anami, holistic sex and relationship coach, is best known for her mind-boggling ability to lift objects—surfboards and chandeliers are two—with her vagina. (She inserts a jade egg, which is fastened to a string attached to the item of choice.) But she doesn’t do it for the shock factor, though it certainly inspires some jaw dropping. Anami, who’s online school offers salons such as Vaginal Kung Fu, Sexual Mastery for Men, and Coming Together for Couples, doesn’t think her vaginal prowess should be inconceivable. In fact, all women can lift with their vagina and maintain a sky-high libido and achieve multiple, g-spot-sourced orgasms. Every. Single. Day. We got the scoop on Anami’s does what many consider the impossible (along with her famed 5 Laws of Orgasms).

    Organic Authority: You live by your 5 Laws of Orgasms. Let’s talk about each. First is: “Every woman, every orgasm.” What do you mean by this?

    Kim Anami: Every woman is capable of having every type of orgasm: clitoral, G-Spot, cervical, ejaculatory. I guarantee it.

    OA: Second rule: “One is never enough.” This probably sounds daunting for a lot of women considering many don’t’ even have one period. Why are multiple orgasms so important?

    KA: The more the merrier. Prior to contrary belief women are naturally insatiable and multi-orgasmic creatures. Orgasms are powerful mechanisms of release and self-actualization for women. They ought to be part of every woman’s personal growth regime.

    Image via Kim Anami

    OA: What are some first steps you can take to reach multiple orgasms?

    KA: Breathing deeply throughout arousal and orgasm. Knowing that you can have several and they are good for you.

    OA: The third rule is “An orgasm a day.” What changes can you see when you prioritize daily orgasms?

    KA: Daily pleasure lubricates your life. When you are connected to your sexuality and own it, you are more powerful in life, love, and career.

    OA: Fourth rule: “Go deep.” Deep in what way?

    KA: “Go deep” means go deep into the vagina. The most pleasurable and life-changing orgasms—G-spot and cervical—are in the vagina.

    Gourmet sex combines emotional openness with sexual abandon.
    OA: And lastly, the fifth rule: Let it go. What do you think are the main obstacles to allowing yourself to surrender? What can we do to start letting go?

    KA: Opening up emotionally and letting down one’s guard is an ongoing practice even in healthy relationships. It’s important to do the inner work both as a individual and with your partner, to create an open, honest, and trusting space, where you feel safe to show up and be vulnerable.

    Many things can prevent this, like old defense mechanisms or wounds from previous relationships or your family of origin. Or just not knowing what it even looks or feels like to live from a place of open-heartedness. This is the work I do—showing people what is possible and helping them to get there.

    Image via Kim Anami

    OA: You talk about gourmet sex vs. junk food sex. What an analogy: eating fresh, healthy, high-quality food every day will keep your body strong and happy, while going to Burger King everyday will leave you lifeless and heavy.

    KA: Gourmet sex combines emotional openness with sexual abandon. Like a gourmet meal, it is a multi-layered experience. The meal that enriches you feeds you on every level: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.
    Instead of trying to force sex at the end of the night, when most people are exhausted, give yourself a huge neurotransmitter and hormonal boost first thing in the morning.
    OA: Speaking of — is there a food or habit you’ve decided to remove from your life entirely?

    KA: Alcohol, drugs, smoking, sugar, gluten, GMO, and non-organic food. I don’t touch any of them. I’m more in tune with my own natural rhythms and my spiritual guidance and intuition is strong.

    OA: Do you have any unusual or uncommon habits for the sake of health and wellness?

    KA: I refuse to eat GMO food. When eating out, this means going into the kitchens and speaking to the chef. I find out the trace ingredients in everything and what oils are used in the foods for dressings and cooking. Then I school them on why not to use GMO ingredients. I make myself a total pain in the ass when I go out to eat—on purpose. The more people who do this—demand non-carcinogenic food—the more restaurants will pay attention and think about their choices to provide food that nourishes, not harms.

    OA: Please describe your average morning.

    KA: Morning sex. I tell all my clients to set their alarm 30 minutes earlier and start their days off with a bang. Instead of trying to force sex at the end of the night, when most people are exhausted, give yourself a huge neurotransmitter and hormonal boost first thing in the morning. It’ll pack more punch than your breakfast smoothie.

    OA: What’s your natural pick-me-up for the inevitable 3pm energy crash?

    KA: A “coffee-break” self-pleasuring session. Using the Tantric and Taoist breathing techniques I teach, I gain energy through a five- to 15-minute self-pleasuring break and then go back to work!

    OA: Do you do anything unique or unexpected to maintain radiant skin?

    KA: Having lots of sex and ingesting lots of ejaculate, surfing and harvesting sunshine and Vitamin D between 12 PM and 2 PM every day (i.e. peak hours). This anti-sunshine myth has to go. Vitamin D, built up through progressive tanning, is an antioxidant and prevents cancer.

    OA: What’s your honest opinion on exercise? Love it, like it, hate it?

    KA: LOVE IT, NEED IT. Surfing is my favorite exercise. It’s cardio, endurance, and strength-training all-in-one.

    OA: What are the words you live by?

    KA: If you’re not scared ****less, you’re not aiming high enough.
    Kim deserves her own thread now. She has clearly risen to become the Jade Egg authority in the West.
    Gene Ching
    Author of Shaolin Trips
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    For anyone too dim to understand the applications of Jade Egg...

    Unwrapping the Beef: Kim Anami's Kung-Fu Vagina Vs. Dr. Jen Gunter's Medical License

    Joan Summers
    Thursday 3:00pm

    Screenshot: Kim Anami

    How strong is your vagina? Can it shoot bullets and shatter steel with the sheer force of its gargantuan, mysterious strength? It’s a question that bothers me daily—mine can do neither! Gynecologist Dr. Jen Gunter asked the same question when she shared a 2017 Instagram post on Tuesday from “Vaginal Kung Fu expert” Kim Anami. In the post, Anami challenged the internet’s favorite gynecologist to a “vagina-off,” claiming Gunter’s frequent challenges of the “Yoni Egg” (made famous by Goop) were absolute bull****. Predictably confused, I spent the better part of my morning unwrapping a beef too heavy to carry with my own vagina.

    January 2, 2014

    Nearly six years ago, an unknown sex expert posts “Vaginal Kung Fu Promo” on In a supposed three-part video series (which I could find no trace of) she makes the claim that “healthy vaginas” can topple mountains, unseat tyrants, eject torpedoes, and hypnotically control the brain patterns of the modern man. And despite asking me to provide an email address for full access to the “seminar,” the hyperlink appeared to be broken. Sad!

    January 9, 2015

    Image: Kim Anami

    Kim Anami posts a blog. She claims that her latest endeavor is a “global campaign to raise the awareness of vaginal superpowers.” Her plans include “traveling to different locales and shooting images of objects indigenous to the regions being lifted with my vagina.”

    March 11, 2015

    Buzzfeed posts a video in collaboration with Anami on how to be a “well-****ed” woman. In the video, which is the earliest mainstream coverage I could find of our pelvic powerlifter, she claims that her practice will strengthen a woman’s ability to “shoot ping pong balls across the room.” She repeatedly stresses that a “weak” vagina will “atrophy and go numb.” The video has almost 15,000,000 views. Buzzfeed added a disclaimer: “Kim Anami is not a medical professional. If you have questions, please ask your doctor before trying at home.”

    July 4, 2017

    Image: Kim Anami

    In a blog nearly two years later, Kim Anami takes her shot at Dr. Gunter. Directly addressing the gynecologist, she “challenges” her to a “vagina-off.”

    First things first. As the owner of the (second) strongest vagina in the world—you may have seen me and my vagina travel the planet, lifting objects and showing people what strong, empowered and happy vaginas can do—I need to school you in a few things jade egg. I’m a 20-year-committed practitioner and teacher of jade/yoni egg vaginal strengthening. You’ve come out with some correct and incorrect statements about jade eggs. Let’s “wield the lasso of truth”, as you like to say, and set things straight.
    The lasso of truth then targets Dr. Gunter’s many public statements on the effectiveness of jade eggs. Specifically, Anami’s blog attacked the gynecologist’s blog addressed to Gwyneth Paltrow and her wellness empire, GOOP, which helped launch her to the forefront of the internet’s attention. I’ve listed my favorite of Anami’s “comebacks” below:

    “I have Tantric sex for hours—and I mean hours—on end. ?? Am I at risk for toxic shock?”

    “Image: Me and my Oscar-winning vagina on Hollywood Boulevard, symbolically standing on the star of Hedy Lamarr—because beauty, brains and vagina are where it’s at.”

    “Does your partner sterilize his ***** before entering you?”

    “Wrong again.”

    “Most OBGYNs incorrectly tell their patients to randomly flap their vaginas in the wind, with nothing inside of their vaginas.”

    “Just because something hasn’t been “scientifically proven” doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.”

    “I am so confident of the phenomenal results that will be shown, I’m willing to bet $100,000- that my vaginas will surpass yours in all of these areas: Orgasms, Natural lubrication, Ejaculation, Sexual pleasure and sensation, Overall rejuvenation of sex lives and thus their relationships/marriages, Libido, reversal of urinary stress incontinence, Improvement in PMS, difficult periods and menopause.”

    July 5, 2017-July 22, 2019:
    Footage not found.

    July 23, 2019
    Nearly two years later, Dr. Jen Gunter discovers Kim Anami’s “vagina-off.”

    Jennifer Gunter
    This woman who carries heavy objects with her vagina has challenged me to a vagina-off and all I can say is that’s not how it works. That’s not how any of it works.

    As Dr. Gunter later admits,
    “Apparently, this person and her squad don’t know I am a doctor and think it is hilarious I haven’t responded. But as I wasn’t tagged, I am pretty sure my answer wasn’t really wanted.”
    Looking back at my time with her—I feel bad for Kim Anami! She spent the better part of a decade inserting decorative lamps into her vagina at various global hotspots and shouting at the void. But like most internet feuds involving an Instagram post and a “wellness” blogger, the results rarely satisfy. At least she had her ping-pong ball party trick!

    Kim Anami

    “I win.” ⁠

    Strength matters. ⁠

    Sexual skills matter. ⁠

    Get schooled at summer sex school. ⁠

    The Well-F*cked Woman opens for registration on July 17th. ⁠

    Are you coming?

    In hopeful news, the famous adjacent “sex expert” was last seem unscrewing bottle caps with her extremely large and muscular vagina. Thirsty, Kim?
    You must follow the link to Kim's twitter at the very bottom of the article above. srsly.

    Jade Egg Master Kim Anami
    Gene Ching
    Author of Shaolin Trips
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    KUNG FU VAGINA - The Music Video!


    "Everybody wants a Kung-Fu gina / It starts with a jade egg from China!"

    Two white women have created a racist music video to promote vagina eggs according to World of Buzz.

    Sex and relationship coach Kim Anami and director Shae-Lee Raven created the music parody titled ‘Kung Fu Vaginas’ based on Carl Douglas’ 1974 hit ‘Kung Fu Fighting’.

    Featuring an array of Asian clichés including chopsticks, kimonos and lanterns, the tone-deaf video is stereotypical at best and downright racist at worst.

    Lyrics include:

    “Everybody wants a Kung-Fu gina! / It starts with a jade egg from China! / No need for lube or saliva / To become a vag messiah!”

    “We don’t need a funky Thai Vag, to shoot ping pongs with pizzazz / We just build the muscle up to chop a board down!”

    “It’s an ancient Taoist art, of lifting weight with your parts! / Come on girls let’s flip and regain the power between your hips!”

    “You’ll become your own **** messiah / When your ejaculate puts out fires!”

    In other news, an Oregan bar has drawn criticism for using racist signs and for mocking a customer with a racist accent.

    Last year, Steven Crowder released a similar parody of ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ about Coronavirus.

    Gene Ching
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