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Thread: The 7 Lomg Blows / Punches / Strikes of Northern Mantis

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    Ericsepishii Guest

    The 7 Lomg Blows / Punches / Strikes of Northern Mantis

    Hi all,

    Just wondering if one of you out there
    in cyberland has the definitive listing of the 7 longs (re: 7 long blows / strikes)
    that is found in Northern Praying Mantis ?
    Specifically the Lo Kwon Yue / Wong Hon Fun
    lineage of Mantis.

    I believe that these are mainly made up
    of some of the basic punches / strikes.
    re: 1/2 turn straight punch = Tung Choi
    Upper cut style punch = Cho Choi
    Rolling Backfist strike = Bung Choi

    I use to have this listing a long long time
    ago, but seem to have lost it during some
    moving around from one state to another, etc.

    Would really appreciate someone posting this
    not only to this listing but also to any other mantis chat / lists.


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    MIA Guest

    1. ‡•*´’·

    2. —h•*“üŽè

    3. “Z••‘o¶

    4. Œ}–Ê’¼x

    5. ™–Žè”j¶

    6. ”½gŽ¾“ü

    7. ŠØ’Ê’Êä]

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